New Realm Connections are Underway

@Tanathos: Could you provide a bit more detailed info? Do you get any error messages? Does the problem affect all your characters? A specific realm? Forum has plenty of helpful people about and as Jånek noted, all realms are online.

No new connections this week?

Haven’t seen any info anywhere, not even american connections so far, and normally monday is quite a hot day for connection announcements, give it until tomorrow: if tomorrow at this time there’s no announcement, they’re gonna miss this reset, normally they announce them within tuesday and do them thursday.

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Maybe gamescom interfering with the usual schedule.
Doubt it is to revise their original plan after people complained.

It would really be good to know what their plans are even if it’s not going to be a while; to know if i should level my alts on a different server or wait for a transfer or just go for it.

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True that, they’re being very aggressive with connections, so I’m absolutely sure chamber will be connected, but there are a few options they might pick: they might connect it to 1 or more medium realms, or maybe they might connect you to a single high or full realm, so depending on where you’d want to transfer, you might or might not end up in that server thanks to the connection.

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There will be a special maintenance for the realms below at 9:00 p.m. CEST on 27 August, ending at approximately 5:00 a.m. on 28 August.

  • Darksorrow, Genjuros, and Neptulon will join Bladefist, Frostwhisper, and Zenedar.

We are planning more realm connections for low-population realms, and we will post further notifications like this one in the coming weeks.

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Hello blue I hope you can read this question.

I’ve seen lots of rumors on the eu es forum. For the realm connections in EU, are you only going to merge English (tagged) realms?

Because blizz has been forgetting about C’Thun since MoP…

Hello ?
Doomhammer and Turalyon been “new players” since end of WoD that means a server is basically dead . You were told in MoP that the connections back then not enough you let 2 servers bleed dry for 7 years .

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In MoP C’Thun had middle population, what did Blizz do to solve that? FREE MIGRATIONS FROM C’THUN TO ANY OTHER REALM.

2020, the realm has less than 50 alliance players and less than 1000 hordes (in active)… A pvp realm not linked to anyone.

From what i can see so far from connections made, i dont believe a single low pop realm will be without a connection when they are done.
Not even the language is a barrier, so its pretty much anything goes.

No it doesn’t,

The new player tag actually has nothing to do with a realms population… only 1 realm cluster (per language/locality) can actually be tagged with this and all it means is that when a new player logs in to wow for the first time, unless they are invited through RAF this is the server the game will redirect them to… Most new player realms have a pretty average/middle of the road population though.

This would probably be announced in the Spanish forums whenever it does get connected, blizzard has not generally announced other language connections in the English forums.

Language is a barrier, they aren’t going to merge a Spanish server with an English one lol.


Yes it does and always has the realms are dead .
You are not even on my server si please dont tell me how my server is thank you .

US-Aegwynn for example is anything but dead, some are sure, but usually thats a result of there not being many other options (Pozzo Dell Eternita) but its not generally a rule. Im not saying Doomhammer is high pop it isn’t, but its not that low either compared to some other servers.

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I repeat you are not even on my realm so please dont talk down to me thank you .

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How about Neptulon?any plans for a “dry” server?dry?you got it?cause Neptulon is a water lord?

US gets a lot of connections, English realms only one.

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I dont understand the point of this merger, i play on frostwhisper, this server cluster is horde dominated, but so few players that raiding mythic is massivly difficult, whats the point of merging it with an alliance dominated cluster, that is also clearly severly lacking in players? this literally helps no one, not one faction is gonna benefit from this. the only slight upside of this is gonna be the AH, but barely so, this isnt math, you cant add to negatives and expect to get a positive, give us bigger merges with servers that have actual players instead of this.


I’m curious: what makes you think turalyon-doomhammer is low pop, aside from the new players tag?

You say you play there, do you ever check the activity on who and see how many players are on each zone?

I play there on an alt (blackstalker-doomhammer if you’re wondering, on horde) and the numbers seem very decent, similar to my main realm, and I noticed on wow progress it also has 100 guilds, several of which mythic, including 4 who cleared nyalotha.

Is there anything that you see when you’re on that clearly indicates it’s a low pop?

merge kazzak and outland, and disable all sharding
would be the best realm ever :grin: