New Services Advertisement Policy

Yes, because blizz allowed that.

Now that one also from tomorrow banned on old trade chat.

As for the lfg advertise, i have nothing to say.

All i know they cleaned up the boosting community spammers from old trade chat, and i think the same will happen those who dont spam the new channel instead.


The same spammers were the ones doing it under the guise of being a guild. They still acted as an organisation.

It didn’t clean them up at all, they just rebranded themselves.

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So, is this coming to Classic too?

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Pppfhh, it’s going to be used but it’s not going to reduce the amount of spam in the other locations.

The thing about advertising is that it’s put whereever people who would’t look for it themselves lurk. The whole idea is to get people interested, not to allow people to browse for competitive prices. That’s still got a place, but advertising is still going to be the same issue it’s always been.

The only way you’re going to stop this is to remove the rewards that casual players love to get from raids, PvP, and M+ - and I don’t think that’s a good idea, so the only real way to get rid of this spam is to BAN IT. And you say you are but it just keeps being here. You’re not really stopping it.

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+1 for you Blizzard!

You’re being too literal about it. The channel was made for boosting spam. It should be called the Boosting channel really. When you see it say “services” read boosting instead.

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If they enforce it.


World of Boostcraft

What Blizzard is doing is actually not that dumb.

Its the same with drugs. If you try to ban drugs, people will even more try to get their hands on it. But if you control the drugs, offer guidance for safe consumption and proper medical care and equipment for it, you can force changes on the sellers and consumers.

Same principle can be applied to WoWboosters. Give them their own niche place to advertise and prohibit it in every other place and they will naturally go to the offered niche place because its easier than avoiding chat bans or creating alts all the time.

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Yes, since that allowed, still they number dropped.

Some of them surely were boost community spammers.

But they also removed from old trade chat today onwards.

Just logged in, and i see zero booster spammers on the old trade chat.

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The issue is they cannot prevent it from happening as long as there is peoples who uses the services.

As i see it they had 2 options:

  1. Only give loots / rewards to the players who did xxx% of the dmg/healing/dmg taken(as tank) / interrupts / mechanics during a key / raid etc. And to track that would require ton of server capacity i am afraid. So that option would be extreme for them but prolly the best option they could implement if it was possible :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. The solution they did with a seperate chat channel, so now they can also ban them if they get reported for using any other chats for the spams without any issues.

Classic also needs a GDKP channel to remove that spam as well.

This would also hurt “normal” raiding guilds too, so nope.

Now can we get the same treatment for the premade groupfinder? And an interface option to disable all things connected to boosting (chat +groupfinder pve/pvp). Would be really handy to get rid of anything boosting-related. Better yet, have the boosting switch be disabled by default.

Is there anything being done about people advertising in group finder? With the 9.27 patch there has been a huge increase of people advertising for KSM and Raidboosts. For raid this means that around 50% of the groups listed are actually boosting advertisements, for m+ its a lot less but still significant. I report like 10 groups at any given point during the day. You can log on right now and there’s at leas that many advertising.
Also in Raidadvertisements it is clear that these adds do not come from individual groups but from the old boosting groups. Since they have the exact same text in them.

Overall I see that Blizzard is doing some things, but not enough to get rid of boosting.
And they have to walk a line here.
On the one side boosting is heavily affecting the enjoyment that you can get from the game because achievements you accomplish just mean less. It also affects how people invite you to raidgroups or dungeongroups. At some point is was almost impossible to fine a normal raid run without posting the heroic clear achievement Curve. And then people would not be able to kill the 2nd or even 1st boss because clearly they did not achieve any understanding during the sellrun.
On the other hand, blizzard sells gold, and sellrun buyers need gold. So while Blizzard probably does not want rampant boosting that affects that community in a way that people would stop playing wow, they still want enough boosting so they can make money off it.

Personally I am completely against boosting. I think it does nothing for the community in any good way. And if there is one case where you could make an argument for it, the reality is that for that one case there is a thousand in which there is no good argument for it. But I get that its 2022 and people want these kinds of things, and okay lets just allow some of it.
But the business side of boosting is unhealthy. I think we can agree on that. And blizzard actually agrees on this because this are groups that sell gold for money elsewhere. And they do not profit off this. To stop these people we need more bans and probably more restrictions to who can use group finder.
For someone who makes money of selling boosts its a calculation whether to advertise in trade or in group finder. If their account doing that gets banned once a month it might be worth it for them. If it gets banned daily then it might not be worth it because in that short time they might not get enough customers to cover the investment they put into the account.

Overall I think there just needs to be done more. while for M+ its just not aesthetically pleasing to see the boost groups, with raidgroups it’s really annoying to filter out the groups that are actually looking for players who want to play the game.
And my fear is just that when Blizzard gets a bit lax about bans in trade chat it will be the same old all over again. Because trade chat just has more reach from an advertisement standpoint. and like I said, for the guys selling gold on the black market it is a calculation and not an ethic decision whether to advertise there or not.

just as an addition. you see anything wrong with this?

it’s like 80% of the groups for the heroic raid

i can now easily tick off the services channel and keep the orignal trade channel ticked .for most people that solves the problem .
but that will not solve the problem of people spaming group finder with ads .

Guys i have bought TBC deluxe edition last month and when i check my gifts to receive shadownlands base edition free i dont found anything can someone help me pls

Wanted to try and find a raid yesterday and had like 2 pages of advertisements there, reported them all reloaded and they all were back in the list …

It is so annoying, because it makes it so hard to see the real raids forming…
also the filtering for groups is still so bad … why can I not filter for fresh raids and such?

It is a hot mess that tab…