New specs ideas

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You are right if im thinking about it more i agree with you.

It was just an idea i think people taking this thread too seriously.

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It’s a bummer because I have ideas for new classes. Anyway, I don’t think individual addition of new specs to some of the classes is a good idea. Because it leave some of the classes with no new implementations to them. I’d rather have class/spec combinations such as:

Warrior + Mage = Spellbreaker or Mage + Warrior = Battlemage.

Monk + Hunter = Hermit or Hunter + Monk = Shepard.

DK + Warlock = Demonic Acolyte or Warlock + DK = Necromancer.

You get the idea. Also, I used the Classes you left out for the examples.


Ranged monk

Some sort of chi type of caster or longbow master. Everything mixed with some close combat martial arts and overall theme.




I think a better idea would be to offer way that they can improve / balance the specs we already have access to. Imagine the time and creativity that goes into creating something new that could be used to make what is already there a little better. Seems like a waste to be asking for more.

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This I would like to see in game to be honest.

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Yeah great idea…i used to play runes of magic where something like that worked.And it was great. One class active (all spells) second class passive few abilities and passive you can chose from other class. But its to complicated for wow.


Just give me the DoT based Survival spec of old. I miss it so much!


For some reason i cant reply as lock.

Why not ranged dh? There are plenty of casters but only hunter is physical ranged dps. Only problem is to came with something original and fun to play.

Actually tinkerer as new class is probably what we will get new expansion and i think its cool and definitely i would like to play it. I had great time as engineer in gw2. I would like to see turrets, flamethrowers, mechanised spiders etc.

Rogues tanks - why everbody instantly think that you will be using stealth to drop aggro why would you do that.? Its pretty common to have dexterity/agility tanks in other games. You just dodge.

Why you think locks are closer to being some sort of vampire class then priests? Imo blood priest seems seems better for me but Maybe im not looking at it from wow lore perspective but from general.

Mages tanks - yeah i dont think mages tanks are great idea also :slight_smile:


i hope the wont add any new specs and classes to the game. they already dont manage to balance the game. please only focus on class design and balance until 9.0. we dont need no freaking tinker


Dh ranged spec can be dots based i think there isnt chance they rework survival again.

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No you don’t. I stopped reading there.

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Well you posted reply so …


I still hope that they change unholy DK and one of the warrior’s/rogue’s specs into range by making their AAs and abilities all usable on range with new animations.
Ranged dps suffer from the fact that you have 8 specs in 3 classes. No matter how “balanced” range and melee specs are, in most cases you will only see the actual strongest spec. Arcane mage for example could at this point be removed from the game and most people wouldn’t notice.

With 6 out of 12 classes for tank and 5(6specs) for healer there are enough for both roles. What’s the point in adding 1-2 other tank specs with all the flaws bears have? Blizzard should focus here more on making the existing tanks and healers more balanced for every part of PvE content. Buffs like the Resto shaman got recently shouldn’t even be mandatory after half the expansion.

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Honestly, it’s not really that complicated. Especially if you are into MMORPGs. Take WoW, for example, I used to love it from WotLK to MoP, then the pruning came and it changed everything. Most classes and specs lost their flavor and palettes of choice in combat, most specifically in PvP. I can’t bring myself to play Ret paladin in its current state, and it used to be my favorite class and spec before WoD Pruning. I mean actually even during WoD when they introduced Empowered Seals I was able to have a bit of fun. Then with Legion rework, they’ve turned it into a mere Crusader, this killed it for me. Now, we’re in BfA and it’s even worst.

It broke heart when I saw WoD Pre-patch for the first time when I logged onto my Ret and I saw that half of my abilities were gone. I kept hope though from the end of MoP up to now. If you people think flavor and choices to spec and classes, is too complex. Maybe the people who tell the people who talk about this issue to leave, are right. Maybe it is time for me to just give up on WoW and leave to search for another game.

Leaving 10 years behind is not easy but if I keep hoping things might someday go back on the right track, of course, this subjective, I’m sure the “right track” is not the same for everyone, but anyway, if I keep these hopes alive when I can sort of predict where the game is heading from reading the posts on the forums of “Retail WoW” (Modern WoW), I’ll be delusional. Thank you for freeing me from this delusion, dude. I get it now!

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I guess it’s too complicated for WoW. So…


I’d love a low cast time/movable/action based caster to compete with BM hunter in ranged mobility, would fit the DH narrative


Well DH currently use fel magic and warglaives to fight, and the only way i see a ranged spec make sense would be a caster but i’d be too similar to a warlock theme (well, a lock that sacrificed everything) The D3 demon hunter is but a WoW hunter with a few Magic trick, there’s no real point in adding it to the DH class as it’s too close to the Hunter theme.

Because you talked about the vanish spell in your post, and it - at least imo - can’t be part of a tank kit. The rogue class fantasy is also mostly focus on speed, combo and low defenses. Pretty far from a tank gameplay but that’s just my opinion.

Wasn’t really thinking about that but how you detailed the class just made me think of older iterations of the warlock kit (curses, dots, shadow spells ect). A Blood mage could maybe work as a new class but using a similar kit to warlocks but adding a few melee spells don’t really fit for priests imo.

New specs should imo fill a void in the current classes. Tinkers could summon turrets, minions, use weapons traps or even mecha. That’s somewhat different gameplay wise than what we currently have.

But a DH with similar gameplay than D3 DH ? That’s a hunter with few more tools and no pet. Same with necromancer (how could you make it be different than Warlocks and DK ?) or your vampire priests (at least from your OP).

If i had to suggest a new class around Blood it would be something like a hemomancer. Use Blood (HP) to attack your ennemies and protect yourself.

Warning : i went all out on that idea, that’s a pretty Big post so here’s the TLDR : high risk high reward spec using your own HP to increase your range and dmg. The lower your health, the faster and more resilient you become.

Something like :

  • melee dps => form blades out of Blood to cut your ennemies, close range with very limited ranged tools. Use HP as ressources but increase your range based on missing HP or if you sacrifice a bunch of it with a cd. Self healing is also based on missing HP.

Take the numbers i wrote with a pinch of salt.

Main mobility would come from a passive, increasing your mobility when running toward an ennemy, increased with both your target and your own missing HP.

Attacking an ennemy slowly invade their body, allowing you to use special abilities on them (stacks on the target working as the class secondary ressource)

Idea of spell :

Blood loss : on a 0.5s CD, sacrifice 10% HP to increase your next spell range by (50% ? 10m ?) and increase its strength by 50%. Stackable up to 5 times. (Can’t kill you)

Madening Blood : set the target in a Blood craze, increase its dmg dealt by 30% but increasing its dmg recieved by the same amount and reducing healing recieved by 10%

Parasiting Blood : spells and melee attacks put a stack of parasiting Blood on the target. Each stack increase the damages dealed to the target from your spells by 2% and may trigger additional effects from your spells

Iron maiden : immobilise the target in a tomb of Blood, blinding him (reduce chances to hit/heal other targets by 100%) in the process for 3 seconds plus 0.2 second per stack of parasite Blood (up to 6 seconds)

Blood Scythe : form a Scythe out of Blood and cut down all targets in front of you (10m range). Use up to 5 stacks of parasite blood on each target, dealing ? dmg and healing you for ? HP.

Parasitic Bond : form a Blood vessel between you and your target. If it’s an Ally, for 1min you will share 25% of all dmg and heals recieved. If it’s an ennemy you’ll transfert 15% of the damages you recieve to the linked ennemy.

Gameplay wise it should be high risk, high reward. You’re hurting yourself in order to kill the ennemies and heal you back.

This post is already far too long, but i Guess a tank spec would make sense


No no NO! Not tinkere as hunter specc! Big stinky BAD! SHUT UP!
No half measures! New class goddamit!


Make Outlaw rogue a ranged pistol dual wielding spec. Make sub a bursty, MM - type spec, that goes in stealth for a sec after finishing moves.

Make demo warlock use only one powerful pet. Make affli a durable drain spec again, and less green and more Fiery for destro.

Make Mage specs more diverse, maybe even restrict by school. No frost nova for fire for example, blast wave instead.

DH just needs huge nerfs to either damage, mobility, or survivability. Let monks be moblilty kings, and rogues be evasion kings. Adding Ranged spec to DH as well seems like a good idea.

Remove all bubbles from all Paladin specs, except for 1 self bubble for Holy.

Improve class mechanics overall, implement “if X happens, then Y” into rotation for more skillfull play. Like mechagon rings for example.

There, i fixed the game.