New to Horde RP

Hey all, recently made a switch to try Horde RP but don’t really know what and where things take place. Is there any guilds out there looking for more people?

My Troll is a merchant/explorer who sells strange and unique items but is also interested in travelling the world and finding a new group to call home.

As stated I am new to Horde side so help with lore and things I should look out for his very much appreciated!


from what i gathered in the time i’ve been seeing horde RP, it’s mostly guild/ Event focused.
(Edit: Ghormisa put the link i wanted to put ^^)

Look to The Crossroads. There is an RP hub happening there.

Blood Howl are good too.

Have fun!


Most horde RP is simply guild focussed. I’d recommend finding a guild! Just go scour the forums! I’ve also heard that there’s RP happening in the Crossroads, but I’ve never personally seen anyone there.

Unrelated, but I think I saw your character when I was customizing my Dracthyr at the barbershop, and they look very cool!


Thanks! I have reached out to guilds but kind of got ghosted which makes things more difficult when trying to find RP that is sadly very guild based :confused:

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Red Venturers might be a fit for your character if you’re looking for a guild.


I can highly recommend Red Venturers! They’re a great guild!

These guys might be a good fit for you if you’re looking for the guild RP experience - which is the kind of RP the Horde side of the realm usually caters to.


There’s not people there 24/7 but there’s definitely stuff going on if one asks. They’ve got a thread, a discord and an in-game community people can join to get a heads up on anything bring organised. Fridays and Saturdays are the usual days last I looked.

On topic, Horde is guild focused certainly but between this and Org there are active efforts to break away from that trend and be a more broad community. Hope you find something suitable OP.

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As a few people have mentioned, much of the Horde RP does tend to be guild-based, though there have been efforts to revitalise some RP hubs such as the Crossroads.

Guild-wise, depending on what you’re looking for, we could possibly be a fit, as the guild is based on exploration but also has a mercantile branch! Though, we are in practice neutral ICly, but on friendly terms with the Horde.

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I can safely recommend

As well.

As mentioned the Crossroads are a good place to make new connections too and in fact it might be the better option than fishing on the forums, most guild threads do not properly show the unvarnished picture of what you’re looking at, always best to try in game first.


See I actually got in touch with the GM on the 22nd and he said we could set something up recruitment wise. Been waiting since then with no interaction since, only to check their recent forum post to see they stopped recruitment two days ago.

Would have been nice to have been told they stopped two days ago or actually not been ghosted by the GM with said recruitment.

Thanks for the suggestion anyways, going to be dodging this one o7

Heyo! Said GM here. My sincerest apologies, I got a little inundated with newcomers looking to join the guild and lost track of who I had spoken with/arranged things with over time, so that’s totally on me! I will say you could have given me a poke in the meantime. There’s a difference between losing a DM chat due to many others compared to not replying/ignoring/ghosting someone, after all!

As for alternatives (as we are closed currently) then there are the Red Venturers as previously mentioned, as they run with the adventure theme so I imagine there’s some overlap.

Also, though it’s on hiatus currently, I’d recommend reaching out to The GM of this lovely bunch to see if they have any upcoming events you could join in with. If high energy, action adventure (with some comical antics) is a thing you’d enjoy, I can’t recommend anyone more!

Again, apologies for not getting back to you! It was just a case of a big pile of DMs and my forgetful head. Woops!


Bless you for the shoutout gamer! <3 As said, we are currently on a bit of a hiatus at the moment due to my (horrendous) work life balance (or lack of!), but due to some of the pressure lifting from me in the near future, I’ll be running a few events next week and the week after if you’d like to try one out! You’re very welcome to do so! :smiley: And hopefully we should be back in the game for good soon after, depending on how things go

But I can confirm; Hugy is a solid GM, if he missed your application OP, it’ll certainly not be through malice on his part! Honestly I can reccomend any of the guilds above, even the Red Venturers, despite W*trus being my oldest and greatest enemy…

(joking watrus love u really <3)



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You should have a look at Red Venturers buddy. They’re your standard ragtag group of Horde adventurers.

Dust Devils are fun too for more wacky, less grounded adventures.

Hello,glad to hear you’re trying out Horde RP!

If you’re interested there is a discord server created to help people find Horde RP outside of guilds (Casual Horde RP Community & Discord Server) and I personally recommend the Crossroads wholeheartedly!

Outside of that try heading the Valley of Honor on a Sunday evening,its growing as an RP hub once again!

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