New world tree cannot be placed in centaur zone

I hope, that it wont be placed in dragon isles? Why new world tree can not regrow instead of Teldrassil? Or in Mount Hyjal?

I really like dragon isles, but ohn’ahran plains and zone with centaurs were there literally just no forests but plains does not fit as good place for a night elves new world tree.

Also, it must and has to be same world tree with a night elf city on top.

comment from wowhead, actually very nice idea.

How about we keep the tree in the Emerald Dream and it just “bleeds out” through the Emerald Dream portals? Like the one in Duskwood, Hinterlands, etc.?
Keeps it safe, accessible and not on the “wrong place”.

Yeah, put the new Capital in a version of the Emerald Dreamway, the the Nelfs get a capital that is connected all over the map through the Tree portals; Ashenvale, Feralas, Duskwood, Hinterlands and additionally Grizzly Hills, Moonglade and Val’sharah. Would make it a valuable capital since it would have its own portals all over the map and you can add a starting zone within the Dream for them.

Would be protected, have a stronger connection with the Green Dragons, linked with all the major night elf locations in game.


Frankly, I kinda doubt that it’ll be a real city anyways. They have only been adding “addon hub cities” for ages now. If we’re not getting a second addon on the dragon isles, I don’t see us getting a second grand city there. If that’s where the Night Elves go, expect nothing more than a partial Dungeon with a few flavour NPCs, just as the allied races got with Suramar, Mechagon, Shadowforge, etc.

Lorewiese? Sure, moving to the Dragon Isles and leaving the rest of their empire behind sounds pretty :cow2::poop:. But as long as they aren’t actually letting new stuff happens in older zones (which I really wish they did), I find it hard to actually care.

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That emerald tree idea sounds really cool to be honest, especially the connections with grizzly hills, etc.

The Dragon isles sounds really bad especially considering that if they put it there it will be completely abandoned forever by the time of the next expansion.

Yes it can. And you will like it. Kalimdor belongs to the Horde.


I guess you have no choice seeing as how the Scourge ate all your people.


If the alliance is about to get all of the EK then the Horde deserves to have Kalimdor.

Let’s be honest here who the hell cares, where some tree is it just a tree mate.


It won’t be a city or even a small village anyway. Blizzard doesn’t make those anymore if it isn’t the main hub for an expansion. Only exceptions are Boralus and Zuldazar but those playable races became playable later on. Even Suramar is hardly useable as a city for the nightborne.
Night elves are the Tauren of the Alliance. Mostly there to get their *ss kicked.


Be thankful Tyrande isn’t a pushover like Baine is.

She tried to choke an undead. Not exactly a step up from Baine.

Baine sat in the corner in Oribos and then failed to save Bovan. At least Tyrande was able to give the punishment to Sylvanas.

Kind of like how you failed to save more Thalassians from all the zombies?

Except everything points towards the Forsaken eventually getting Undercity back.

I did that questline with the slime creature clearing up the plague there, eventually they’ll just move back into Undercity, or get a new place, so the Alliance isn’t getting anything there.

Would we really want anything there? I say we tie Erevien to the front of a siege tank and break down the Orgrimmar gates again.


The Western plaguelands were cleaning up quite nicely until “OMG Val’kyr! RUN!” (That was such a lame ending to the questline…), but i wouldn’t be averse to patching up that border wall on the west edge of Arathi and just leaving what’s to the west of it to the Forsaken, let them stew in their own green goop and all that…


who mentioned the alliance getting all of Eastern kingdoms? is there a source for that?

because if i recall correctly, i remember my alliance character helping the Forsaken take back Lordaeron. which now belongs to the Horde.

and in exchange, they promised they will “consider” to give back Gilneas. :rofl:

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Just Tirisfal. We lost control over Silverpine and Hillsbrad.

And don’t you forget it.

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Can’t wait to kill Ivar and his pack.

Not sur if anyone looked at the Azeroth map .
If you check the map you will even see that the Eastern Kingdoms is in the shape of the letter of the flag of Lordaeron .
On the other side Kalimdor has a big horde logo stamped on it in the form of “Azshara” .
You can guess the authors hinting at which belongs to who .

On the topic of the tree being put in the Centaur zone … As the lest favorite zone of all wow for me , which i personally want to cast a cataclysm on and turn into a crater along with all those centaur … Yea not a big fan of that decision .

Why not put the tree in the Azure Isles ? Or in the Maelstrom . The later would definitely make for more sense being a world tree in the center of the world .

Heck even Silithus would make more sense , where it “feeds” on the azerite and wraps itself around Saregras’s sword . That would make for a cool interaction , great quest zone and give explanation as to why it would grow fast .