New WoW Classic Realms Enabled


Due to extremely high demand, we’ve established the following new WoW Classic realms in this region:

Stonespine – PvP - EN-EU
Noggenfogger – PvP – EN-EU

We suggest that players choosing a realm consider one of these, as the other realms currently marked as “Full” population will experience queues.

Thank you!


First. Hell yeah.




great i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

(Windy) #5

well ok but world server is down lol


Can I use in game shop thing - move my char to another realm ?


if only one was spanish


GERMAN SERVER gogo both server 10k que wtf useless


And same as gehennas 80% loading screen and thats all


MATE firemaw has a 25k queue get out of here with your 10k

(Vaelish) #11

Got in, was kicked out and put in back of the queue. Great launch.


Why was it left so late? Noggenfogger would of been a mvp full realm??? Disaster


You’re gonna need more than that Thyvene if you want people to be able to play the game at all

(Xaen) #14

It says Stone spine is pvp.


Has Blizzard ever had a clean launch? Not that I remember…

It’s a total S**TSHOW!


Stonespine is pvp

(Powershell) #17

you think you know the demand for classic but you dont


Great job Blizzard, some friends are already playing on Firemaw, while me and 2 others are in queue to enter, and you launch a new server at this moment and expect people to move. /golfclap


We need a Spanish PvP server, please Blizzard, just one!


Spanish server pls!!!