[news] wow classic: arathi basin now available!

The gates into Arathi Basin are now open in this 15 vs.15 resource battle. Do you and your crew have what it takes to take control and win? Read more about this battleground in our article then share your tips and advice on how to be successful in this fast-paced battleground.

Buff warlocks

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I’m pretty tired but I can have a game I guess:p

R.I.P AB premade vs pugs
Thx Blizz


impossible as a solo player, only play vs virgin premades in voice coms

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Well I just played as much of a regular game as you can expect. few people were clearly grouped up but not full premade.

Was one of those close games where anyone could have won up til the end, luckily horde don’t have any chip on our shoulders keeping us down;)

Edit: Did as much as I could to help the win, repeatedly bashed my face against 3v1 or 4v1 just to keep people occupied. Almost didn’t pay off

Best BG in WoW. Glad it’s finally out !


Battleground are still dead, because it’s full of premade vs random pugs full of solo player.

Match premade vs premade and pugs vs pugs, otherwise Battleground will continue to be dead and queue time will be longer and longer, thriving PvP player out of this game. Especially when there’s better PvP game like Endless (TBC private server), and Warzone (Battle Royal).

This is the first time there’s an announcement of something in Classic, and I don’t care. I’ll not upgrade my reputation in AB, nor I did in WSG. It’s a waste of time. There’s no room for solo player in Classic Battleground except in Alterac Valley.

This is sad, but it’s the reality. I like Classic PvP, but outside of WPVP and Alterac Valley, it’s just horrible. Most player want to chill with music, tag solo, and face opponents that play mostly in same condition. It’s not the case ? We don’t go into Battlegrounds, especially when lot of us are already done with R14 ranking.


Stopped reading after bf are still dead

One of the downfalls of classic wow will be the impossibility of playing pvp with a random group. People are forced to try to join a premade of tryhards or get wiped across the floor by premades.

There’s absolutely no way of playing pvp spontaniously when you feel like it.

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Finally, new content for bots :slight_smile:

Where to get the full changelog outside of the launcher ?

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