Night elves did not get their revenge, this is unacceptable!

  • Hey Sylvie, another nelf complain thread full of tears

  • BURN IT!!!

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Worry not!
Призраклеса came up with the perfect solution to this problem in Wimbert’s Thread:

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I think the interview that everyone links about ‘‘Tyrande got revenge for the Night Elves’’ is related to patch 8.2, it was before they launched and they said that they gave Tyrande the spotlight and wanted to focus more on Azshara in 8.2. There are plenty of unreleased/unused cinematic, and voice overs. Let us wait and see fellow Kaldorei.

As for all the people who are claiming outlandish nonsense, we are passionate about our race, and we were disatisfied with how they got portrayed for while, so we express ourselves. Sorry to annoy you with our threads but you can simply not read or participate this way you won’t be annoyed and we won’t have to endure your original sarcastic remarks, no one wants your negativity.


See we have a way of bringing everyone together, now thank us by supporting our revenge threads.


If only you guys would have kept it strictly in your tear-bait threads, that would have been really great.

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What is this thread titled?

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almost exactly the same like this one So no revenge for Night Elves, I guess so why creating a separate thread for a topic that is already ongoing?

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Perhaps the person did not now? why is it such a big deal? it’s not like the story forums has thousands of active threads lol.

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Well this subject was one of the trending topics - hard to miss it. I’d understand if it was sone new confirmed stuff. But that is repost of opinion from us player, that could’ve been posted on the tread I linked.

This is how spam is being made.


It’s called Another Unnecessary Nelf Tear Bait Thread as far as I’m concerned. You wanna count how many of those are up right now? How about the non-related threads where nelfs spill their tears, go ahead, check it out.

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They post when it is related, you guys are posting tears/whining on Night Elf tears’ threads as well.


Honestly you have a bigger chance of being noticed if you have a thread of 500 replies than 3 with 30-50

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I’d rather not support spam, thanks.


No, I don’t think so. But since you got me started, let’s be frank, nelf players make all these separate threads with the same old stuff, never actually offering any viable solutions to the causes of their distress. And note, making such threads is not a bad thing, making about 3 a day however, with the same theme, no viable or concrete solutions, tends to attract attention, just not the type you fellas seem to want.

I don’t get it. If it was anyone else talking about the same things, only concerning any other race, then I might get it, but as far as nelfs are concerned I have no clue what you guys are really after when every damned thing Blizzard did involving nelfs is an insult to you. I see no viable solutions for improvement, I see no attempts to make things works, just tears. Only tears.

Let’s take this tread. It nitpicks ANOTHER NELF RELATED story which has become some kind of ritualistic act by this point following ANY story involving nelfs. Offers no solution, requests non-specific compensation. Cry and ask for stuff.

So at this point I’m not sure what NOT an insult to nelfs, I’m not sure what kind of “compensation” you want, what I am inclined to believe is that a lot of you seem to have a thing for acting like every Nelf story is an insult.

Guess what? Everyone gets crapped on from time to time and they just stand up and brush that scat off. Where are the forsaken threads since their race has a very probable chance of getting their whole race “reinvented” by force. What about the orcs after WoD?

If it were up to me I’d 86 nelfs from the proverbial story bar, because whatever happens that involves nelfs there is one constant and that is that nelfs are insulted and must be compensated in some way.


I understand why many people feel this way, and it’s fine to be engaged and compassionate about a story and the way it develops, but we need to draw a line here.

I too was quite horrified about the Burning of Teldrassil and many of the lore decisions that were made in the aftermath, such as raising Night Elves into Dark Rangers, etc. My favourite race is also, surprise surprise, Night Elves. So I know where it’s coming from, and from one person to another: the Night Elves aren’t the only one’s who have suffered and been screwed over in the game and the story. There’s only so many times people can scream about this before it becomes old news, and quite frankly, annoying.


That’s not really true, because here we are and already gave the person more than 20 replies. You don’t get noticed in a thread with 200 replies because the most don’t want to read that all and just read the start or end.


And how many of those were actually replies complaining about another thread? If you don’t care to read a big thread, then people should really consider how important this issue is to them.

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To an extent, that’s true, however, if we look at WoW’s history itself, the night elves lost by far the most people and territory. Humans lost quite a lot, but they had by far the most territory and population to begin with, and are still going strong. Gnomes and Blood elves were screwed over earlier, yes, and worgen had their introduction to WoW with one gigantic loss. But from any race’s introduction to now, no other race has as many losses.

On the contrary, the forsaken had victory after victory from the very beginning, nearly tripling the zones under their control since vanilla (and by the way, using the dirtiest methods, never being called out, until now I guess?) and exactly one loss, if that valkyr thing with Sylvanas and Genn in Stormheim even counts.

(Zarao) #30

That doesn’t seem right. What did they exactly lose in WoW’s history? Mind expanding?

This sounds about as inaccurate. (Much like the Human and Gnome problems and how you handwave them, but let’s focus on the obvious mirror within the current setting for the sake of parity).

I would also want some clarification regarding whether you are talking “meta” losses or story ones.

I’m not saying Night elves have not lost things throughout years, but reading this comment of yours, I think you are grossly distorting things (don’t know if intentionally or not).

(Lysende) #31

That doesn’t seem right. What did they exactly lose in WoW’s history? Mind expanding?

Azshara, for starters, then Stonetalon Peak, also half of Ashenvale in Cataclysm, and now with BFA also Darkshore taken and Teldrassil destroyed.

This sounds about as inaccurate.

In vanilla, the forsaken basically had Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine Forest, and one settlement in a still mostly human-controlled Hillsbrad. In Cataclysm, their reach extended to Western Plaguelands, all of Hillsbrad, and up to Arathi Highlands and even The Hinterlands. Basically almost the whole northern half of EK, minus the top northeast corner.

I don’t know what you mean by “meta” losses, the story happens and the phasing of the areas since Cataclysm reflects that.

And yes, I know the point of the horde winning everything (except Taurajo) in Cataclysm was so we have parity between how many areas each faction controls.

(Zarao) #32

I don’t think that qualifies them to be the race that has “lost by far the most in WoW”.

Both Stonetalon and Ashenvale were contested territory (both ingame and in the story), since Classic, by Tauren and orcs respectively. And remain that way to this day (Ashenvale was even completely reclaimed after SoO).

Azshara never had a sizeable Night elf population to begin with.
And Teldrassil might be the first and most relevant loss they had…which puts them at both the Gnome and Blood elf cases, level.

And regarding the Forsaken example…they have gained hardly anything of relevance.
Specially given recent story and how pretty much everything they have is now contested territory.
Western Plaguelands was already mostly under their control. Nathanos lived there.

In short, I don’t think that Night elves, of all people, are having it that bad when compared to a whole set of other races that are at the brink of extinction, refugees from other planets, or displaced nomads.

They have issues of course, but so does pretty much everyone else.