So no revenge for Night Elves, I guess


After the horde has commited genocide against Night Elves, even aimed at innocent civilians and wiping out about 90% of the whole race, they literally get 0 payback?

The devs said that they have already gotten their revenge, have I missed that? This was actually shocking hearing that the story is basically over for night elves now.
Darkshore is still conquered by the horde, sylvanas is still alive, teldrassil still destroyed and the horde has barely suffered any losses after one of the worst acts of cruelty in WoW history. And to top all of that, Anduin doesn’t even want to support the night elves with getting their revenge.

Remember when Varian said that if the horde fails to uphold honor again, the alliance would end them? They commited genocide mostly aimed at civilians and they will get out of that without any consequences ?

This just feels like an insult as a night elf player, telling them that their story is basically over with nothing to compensate

Night elves did not get their revenge, this is unacceptable!
Zandalari topic. When will the Alliance pay for their crimes?

And to top all of that, Anduin doesn’t even want to support the night elves with getting their revenge.

Yeah. Maybe because his army is busy fighting in Lordaeron and Kul Tiras and has supposedly started recruiting farmers (so it has taken considerable damage). There’s this thing called “overextension”. You want to avoid that. If Anduin could have helped the night elves, he would have done so. When he heard about the War of Thorns, he immediately resolved to send his fleet west. Perhaps if the goats had used the Vindicaar, his troops would have gotten there faster.

Remember when Varian said that if the horde fails to uphold honor again, the alliance would end them? They commited genocide mostly aimed at civilians and they will get out of that without any consequences ?

That was Varian. You know, pretty much the most respected leader on Azeroth. They had to kill him off because if he was still alive the Horde wouldn’t have dared lay a finger on the Alliance (partly because the Horde itself respected Varian for the part he played against Garrosh 1.0).

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I am reading into that interview in the following manner: The night elves will get no further appeasement beyond whatever bone Blizzard throws to the entire Alliance at the end of BFA.

Depending on the bone, it might not end up badly…


By Ara’s request:


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I was just thinking we hadn’t had a Night Elf pity-bait thread for a while, and then thankfully one is started by a level 20 HM Tauren. Of Course. I mean doing it on an Alliance main would have looked petty, wouldn’t it…

People throw this word around a lot, but I am not sure they really understand what it means. The Horde -attempted- Genocide, in the same way that Humanity -attempted- Genocide, or the Night Elves -attempted- Genocide. You don’t get to pick and choose the definition, it either applies to all, or it doesn’t.

It would be a pretty rubbish attempted genocide if it didn’t involve civilians…I mean it wouldn’t even -be- genocide in that case, just a crushing military defeat. Also 90%? Where did that figure come from?

No. They Literally get 0 payback. This is most likely because they ‘Literally’ get nothing. In fact even that is not true, they do get payback, but ‘Literally’ is not the word you are looking for. ‘Figuratively’ is the word you are looking for. They quite patently do get payback, but not enough to appease the ‘pity balance’ that some people insist upon championing, showing a woeful misunderstanding of how Wars work. They love being the Good Guys, but hate it when the Bad Guys are Bad…
Childish reasoning, to be sure, but unfortunately there we are.

This will come as news to the Horde forces regularly being slaughtered in Guerilla warfare, I mean even Malfurion climbed down off his fence for goodness sake.

Well, she rather famously -isn’t- But yes, the Baddie is still alive before the credits have rolled on the finale of the film…Shocker, said no one ever. the original ‘Star Wars’ must have been crushing for you to watch.

Careful, your Bias is showing a little, might want to cover that up if you are continuing in the pretence of asking an honest question.

Probably because he is smarter than Tyrande and Malfurion put together, they combinedly seem to reach 0.75 on the Garrosh Scale, where 1 Garrosh = the tactical nous of a stunned Kitten.

Well maybe if he had done his job at Broken Shore instead of grandiosely showboating and letting Gul’dan monologue and summon demons, Vol’jin would still be alive, and we wouldn’t be in this mess now. Cheers Varian!

You’re repeating yourself. It is not possible to commit Genocide without civilians being involved, we’ve already covered that, and if you think that such things have to have an immediate response, then my word, our real life history must be a vast disappointment to you. Not everything happens with a fast forward button you know…

Still, a good attempt at re-igniting an argument we had just about gotten out of our system, all the better done for having posted on a starting Horde character

Frankly this could all have been avoided if that freakish embarrassment to the Kaldorei, Malfurion, had just had the decency to die.


you trying to justify this is actually funny. I’m however not biased since I’ve been a horde main since wotlk but I have swapped over to alliance a few months into BfA.
You can be as biased as you want but you still should have some sense of moral


Smart as a rock. Actually as a pebble. A rock would remember to bring gas masks when going to Plague Central.

And as a boy raised by the man killed by plague at Wrathgate, you would think he will remember to bring gas masks on any encounter with Horde.

You really like to see yourself writing, aren’t you?
Of course somebody who was stupid enough to buy this expansion (it “will make you proud of your faction”) and hoped until now that Blizzard will keep their word. And now realized that she waited for nothing. She realized that we will get the " We gave you raid of Dazar’alor, your fist bump. So shut up".

And she is complaining aboutt Blizzard bias. And before you start telling about some philosophical win of the Alliance and the high moral ground, explain me why all Blizzard press releases looks like they are made by a Horde player.


A shame Greymane, Alleria, Turalyon, Malfurion, Tyrande, Velen, Muradin, Moira, Falstad, and Gelbin did not remind him to bring some form of protection against the blight.

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I need a good Capital city and children models with a Message from Blizzard that Night Elves start to restore population and they are not dying race Much Much Much more than revenge !!!


I think “restore population” shouldn’t be their biggest problem if they literally live on a farm.


But Blizzard loves their “elves are a dying race” trope.


Now that you mention it, I think I have never actually seen a Night Elf child. Would be a good time to give them a model already. ( and Trolls too pretty please )


No! Please! We musn’t let that infestation get out of hand.


Come on! Lots of super cute little Nelfies. You will love them!


And I hope you will love those cute little vulpera who will infest Orgrimmar. For the true Horde! OwO


I don’t care, I plan to request asylum in Dazar’Alor.


Vulpera UwU

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So essentially what you are saying, is that I was right. This is yet another Kaldorei ‘Woe is me’ thread, just when we thought we had seen the back of them.

That sentence needs taking out back and shooting. On a more serious note, yes, I do like a crafted phrase, or string of words, I’m more into narrating other people’s words for audiobooks than writing my own these days. This said, if I saw myself writing, that would be some sort of weird Out of Body Experience. I mean I write, or Type, I can’t actually visually watch myself do so as a third party…

Why are you investing in this, it is yet another “The Horde Is Eeevull!” thread, it adds nothing, tells us nothing, and feigns ignorance of what has occurred in the game whilst seeming to be very clued in to certain aspects of it. Come on, I thought we had moved on from this kind of bait.


I feel the issue is lore vs meta.

In game the horde should be punished for the devastation done to the Night Elves (it was actually not attempted genocide, but w/e). And this is how Alliance players are arguing - from the persepctive of their characters. For in game, reparation for the damage done as the story would dictate. A perfectly reasonable and justified request imo.

However, from a meta perspective, Teldrassil was actually a loss for both sides.
Arguably more so for the Horde. This is because the ‘revelation’ that Sylvanas burned the tree was a catastrophic moral blow to Horde players (made worse by the fact Blizzard seemed to be trying to convince players that it wasn’t her and therefore giving false hope before the inevitable reveal) that managed to villain bat their warchief, their faction and their own players in a single foul swoop. Conversely, it was an enraging call to Alliance players that not only rallied them together, but also served to justify any action their forces would take against the Horde forevermore.

Coupled with the fact that the Alliance are generally regarded as more powerful than the horde to begin with, through their god-tier characters, overpowered equipment and (at least equivalent) military, (which already had Horde players on the defensive), it becomes a little easier to understand why Blizzard are tip-toeing around Teldrassil as much as possible, lest they completely alienate an entire faction.

As it is, even if we ignore BoD, the war campaign on Horde side is a continuous series of failures, most of which come at the hands of the Alliance, or their sympathisers. Whilst the Alliance campaign is one of compounded progression.

In this respect Alliance players have had their revenge simply because they have not had to see their faction turned into episodic cartoon villains where every plan has to a) be dastardly and b) fail within 30 minutes, in time for the next show. For suffering a single big loss, they have had countless minor victories, both moral and physical.

At least that’s how I feel Blizzard see it. They look upon Teldrassil and see the impact on the faction. Similar to how they look at the war campaign and see all Alliance advances over the Horde faction. The problem is they are failing to appreciate (or, perhaps more cynically, intentionally ignoring) the effect Teldrassil had on Night Elf players, in particular.

(As a side note - don’t forget the poor Forsaken Players too, who have have also lost their capital and seem to have been placed in a situation where they are going to be ostracized by every other race in the game, even their own faction’s.)

Anyway, I ultimately believe Teldrassil will not be forgotten. It will come up again. It will be mentioned in some way and some reparation will be enforced, but I doubt it will be felt too much in game. Blizzard need to be careful not to further crush Horde Players underneath the heels of Alliance Righteousness. It will be something like an agreement (horde sending supplies to Night Elves for x hundred years or something), rather than ceding territory/demilitarisation. Assuming the factions remain as they are after BFA.