Night elves did not get their revenge, this is unacceptable!


Felt like posting this post from the NA forums here:

First off, I know that there have already been topics about this, but I just can’t let this be forgotten. So let me get into it:

From an interview with a wow dev: “I think she had her moment where we told some of her story and she got her revenge for the Night Elves.”


So, where do I even start with this whole thing? Well, let’s see here:
Sylvanas has planned an attack on the night elves because “they could think about attacking the horde in the future”, so if the horde attacks first, this won’t be able to happen.
For this reason, Sylvanas took her whole horde army, marched from orgrimmar to Darkshore and slaughtered every Night elf they could find, not even civilians were spared and just brutally murdered.
To end the whole thing, she commited genocide against Night elves that were still in Teldrassil, knowing that only innocents/civilians remained in there.

She even made shamans empower the flames to make sure that those people all die, she didn’t want to destroy the tree, she wanted to destroy the race.

I can’t remember that such an atrocious event has ever happened in WoW.
She almost wiped out the Night elves, knowingly killed thousands of civilians and all that just to minimize the chance of getting attacked by the night elves in the future ? There are barely any night elves left in Azeroth now, the race is basically going extinct at this point (according to official lore).

This is not even the shocking part though. Sylvanas and her followers have commited a horrible atrocity and she must pay for it… right?

Well, apparently, the devs see it otherwise: Tyrande has gained new powers with the few people left of the night elves, but the only thing they managed to do is kill 1 of Sylvanas Val’kyrs.
They did not manage to kill Nathanos or even hurt him. He even mocked Tyrande for what happened with Teldrassil and him raising 2 of the Night elves former commanders as undeads.
They are so weak in numbers now that they did not even manage to conquer Darkshore (or what’s left of it) back. The horde hasn’t even gotten a slap on the wrist for what happened, and the devs call it revenge?

I find this sick, just awful hearing from a dev that Tyrande already avenged the thousands of innocents that were killed in Sylvanas genocide and that the story with the night elf (in relation to Teldrassil) is about over. Do they think that killing 1 Val’kyr makes up for the intentional murder of thousands of innocents and the loss of their home?
And before people come up with the battle for lordaeron, how many innocent civilians that had a life expectation of thousands of years were killed in the battle for lordaeron? If the answer is less than thousands, then it’s not revenge.

Why does Blizzard write a story that has horrible consequences for night elf fans, but then doesn’t finish it properly? We will probably end up siding with the horde and forget about the whole incident.

I think this is just wrong on so many levels I can’t even find the right words for it. If any Blizzard Story Devs stumbles upon this, please reconsider your decisions and give Night elves atleast some compensation for what happened, don’t just leave them to die out and pretend like it has never happened. Atleast in WoW, the night elves always seemed to be a pretty peaceful race to me (not in WC3 but let’s talk about WoW here) and they definitely deserved better than that.

Sorry for all the complaining, but I think it just had to be said. I hope I’m not the only one that sees it this way. I know that not everyone might not agree entirely, but even as a former horde main this questline just felt horrible and so wrong to do, killing innocents and being unable to act against sylvanas. It just felt like it’s so next level evil that even the savage horde should never get away with such an act.

What bothers me the most is that the devs already confirmed that they’re done with Tyrande as she “already got her revenge for the night elves”. This is also why I thought I should make this post. It’s not likely to change anything, but I just wanted to draw atleast some attention to this topic.

TLDR: Killing 1 Val’kyr is not revenge for aiming and succeeding to kill thousands of innocents, wiping out the majority of a race and making all of them die a slow, painful death. All of that completely unprovoked

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Why did you felt like to post it here? I mean we already “discussed” this topic several times already here.

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Oh ffs enough.


Stop talking about Night Elves, STOP TALKING ABOUT NIGHT ELVES.


And? I mean everyone has it bad. Gnomes are waiting for 15 years to take back Gnomeregan. Humans have lost Lordaeron, Gilneas, orcs now squat in Alterac and claim it’s their “ancestral land”, Stromgarde was ruined for 15 years as well and from now on will probably be stuck in eternal limbo and, on top of it all, Dalaran was made neutral even though forsaken and their horde friends have attacked Kirin Tor since the start of WoW.

There was absolutely no revenge for Southshore, the rest of Hillsbrad, Ambermill or Gilneas. Hell, except for Gilneas, they are barely mentioned, and Gilneas is still Horde after a war we have (supposedly) won. Remember that time when Theramore was bombed in all dimensions and we got updated Duswallow from which we could obtain Theramore themed sets? No? Do you know why? Because it didn’t happen.

That’s something only night elves got. No semblance of revenge for the rest of us. And yet, do you see human or gnome fans making threads all the time? You know the answer.


The only thing that would satisfy the radical Night elf fan would be the continents being glued together, with the Kaldorei empire being the most powerful civilisation.

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Don’t worry. I’m sure once Sylvanas is down Tyrande will push Genn out of the way and exclaim “We have all suffered! My people, more than any other. Let her stand trial in Hyjal.”

Then there’ll be a huge court case where Maiev has to defend Sylvanas in court and the Ancients decide to let Sylvanas live but she escapes into an alternate reality where Arthas conquered Azeroth, killing him and becoming the lich queen, building a new dark portal to invade all Azeroths.

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Without delving much into the whole thing, and even if I understand the feeling behind these sort of threads, the way the linked post seems to try and argue that the Night elf players are entitled to have a story that punishes further a different playerbase as a compensation for their slights, disgusts me profoundly.

Sorry, but you aren’t the only ones that have been mistreated and been forced to deal with it. And I’m talking about the whole game, not only this expansion.

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I ended up fully agreeing with Zarao on something…F you nelves, look what you have done.



Can’t wait for the next race to get tragically focused on so they too could have a whirl on this grievous spamming of threads as if it were some sort of sacred duty to incessantly remind everyone - not just blizz - but everyone that their story is a pile of steaming manure.

The only thing this whole link from NA hasn’t done is vehemently say how bad being a horde player is and how they must all love being genocide activists or some inane stuff that i’ve seen common in these kinds of threads.

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For the love of all that is holy don’t give them ideas!

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I think, this would have been an interesting story than WoD.

  • Hey Sylvie, another nelf complain thread full of tears

  • BURN IT!!!

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Worry not!
Призраклеса came up with the perfect solution to this problem in Wimbert’s Thread:

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I think the interview that everyone links about ‘‘Tyrande got revenge for the Night Elves’’ is related to patch 8.2, it was before they launched and they said that they gave Tyrande the spotlight and wanted to focus more on Azshara in 8.2. There are plenty of unreleased/unused cinematic, and voice overs. Let us wait and see fellow Kaldorei.

As for all the people who are claiming outlandish nonsense, we are passionate about our race, and we were disatisfied with how they got portrayed for while, so we express ourselves. Sorry to annoy you with our threads but you can simply not read or participate this way you won’t be annoyed and we won’t have to endure your original sarcastic remarks, no one wants your negativity.


See we have a way of bringing everyone together, now thank us by supporting our revenge threads.


If only you guys would have kept it strictly in your tear-bait threads, that would have been really great.

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What is this thread titled?

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almost exactly the same like this one So no revenge for Night Elves, I guess so why creating a separate thread for a topic that is already ongoing?

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Perhaps the person did not now? why is it such a big deal? it’s not like the story forums has thousands of active threads lol.

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Well this subject was one of the trending topics - hard to miss it. I’d understand if it was sone new confirmed stuff. But that is repost of opinion from us player, that could’ve been posted on the tread I linked.

This is how spam is being made.