No low ranked soldiers lore figures?

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Greetings and good evening. I’ve been checking the books and story sources in general lately and… I just cant seem to find a notable lore figure that is not a political leader or a king, (or an adventurer, good lord) which really bugs me because - I - as a common man i’d like to see the story from the perspective of a common footman who rises up through hard work, heart, balls of steel and experience! Now aside from Tyrathan Khort (who is forgotten again) I cant seem to remember a character that fits the description, is that blizzard policy ? No crown no story?
Note: When I say simple character he doesnt have to be weak in body, heart nor mind, on the contrary i’d love to see another badass! But ‘simple’ in terms of social status. He can grow to become greater than Varian for all I care

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Hm, you can go with Thassarian. He was a farm boy before enlisting.

I don’t know how much he fits your criteria, though, but he does have his own manga.

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Fair point, he is however ‘‘special’’ so to speak…he is a death knight, I was referring to something similar to Tyrathan or maybe a mere named footman with no particular rank, to see him evolve through the story like we see with so many others.


Wyrmbane and Shaw are candidates. Wyrmbane used to be just a knight, which isn’t really that impressive, and rose up to become leader of the 7th Legion. Shaw was a friend of VanCleef and a rogue, which means that he was pretty average too before becoming the leader of the SI:7. I’m also inclined to say Rogers, who came from Southshore, a small fishing village. So she can’t have been THAT important before becoming Sky Admiral. However she does not appear in BfA.

Obviously they are not mere soldiers, because Blizzard isn’t just going to pick a random footman and for some reason develop him as a main character.

Though again, after the introduction of the random troll Zekhan, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next leader of the Alliance is random footman Joe.


I fully subscribe to that.
God-like heroes are boring, it’s much more fun to interact with normal, more relatable people. I think that’s why characters like Zekhan or Flynn are so popular.


Your argument doesn’t make sense. Anduin and Jaina would belong in the “OP heroes” category, and yet they are a lot more popular than Zekhan and Flynn (who is just a comic relief character who appears sporadically in the Alliance questlines in BfA).


Are they now?
But I wasn’t making an argument, only expressing personal preferences which I hope you will allow :slight_smile:


The story has long moved to the level of facing gods and archdemons. Normal people should hust run and hide, really.

But I guess John J. Ramb… erm, Keeshan is someone who you meet as a normal Corporal and who becomes some kind of special operative. And we follow Admiral Taylor’s career for a while… though I’m not sure if we met him before he was Captain…

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I would say that Taylor might be the most fitting person. He started in Cataclysm as a captain and tagged along during the Vashj’ir missions. In Mists of Pandaria he got a promotion and became Admiral and lead the Alliance forces in the Jade Forest in the beginning. Nothing happened afterwards. Nope. He wasn’t totally wasted in a side quest which didn’t lead anywhere because ‘muh faction balance’. Nope. Never happened. He has retired from the military.

The equivalent on the Horde side is Nazgrim who started out as a lowly sergeant in Wrath of the Lich King and by the end of MoP he became the commander of Orgrimmar responsible for the defense of the outer city.


A lot of people love them, on this forum as well.

I allow you to vent yourself. And you will allow me to make disagreement for some of your arguments public.


Never met the people here. Saw more who complains about them and want to see them dead.


A lot of people may love them, but I haven’t met them yet. Then again, I’m rather new to this forum.


I love to meet these people and find out why they like elsa and holybones.


I met a fair amount of people over to the general forum, especially back when BfA was released and Anduin fully turned into Manduin.

As for @Adítu. The idea that minor characters created in BfA like Zekhan and Flynn are more popular than a well-developed character estabilished all the way back in Warcraft III (20 years ago) is laughable.


I don’t see any reason that he grows up if we know that both factions would still fight in the next expansions. Why we can’t just have the target to exterminate them for once to make the things more realistic?

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Not here, no.


I have seen several threads praising Anduin (some opened by myself!) that got a fairly large amount of upvotes (if we consider the fact that this is a dead forum). The search bar is at the right corner of the top bar of the forum Aditu, near the avatar of your ugly troll.


If you say so.
But I haven’t seen Anduin or Jaina win many popularity contests lately.
As for Horde side, I’m not saying Zekhan should be warchief only because he’s an enjoyable and relatable character. We have Talanji for that. Hmmm. In fact, when I think of it, all our Troll characters are awesome. Can’t complain really.

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You should see Arctur calling Anduin a weakling traitor every now and then. Fun times!


What popularity contests?

(don’t tell me the popularity contests of some random forum in which 400 people at max participated)

So wait, you find god-like heroes boring, and yet like Talanji, an empress who also happens to share a bond with the God of Death?