No low ranked soldiers lore figures?


Ugly??? Now that hurt. I was just going to tell you how much I like your new hairstyle but now I won’t :rage:


Sorry dude, trolls are ugly (if it makes you feel any better, you’re much better than the alpha trolls. They were yikes). Appreciate the compliment.

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To be honest, Aditu’s character is prettier then yours. Better a troll then a yeti.


Oh go back to the ashes with your smurf friends.

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Arctur dating in Boralus.


I think there several characters to appreciate that are sidekicks.

Flynn Fairwind, Thomas Zelling has a quite dramatic story,I personally even like Ted and Marius going about their business killing demons everywhere.

But if ur talking even less “powered” individuals I guess… then it kinda makes sense how its hard to find such characters since they end up dying more often than not.

For good or bad the nameless heroes of the Horde and Alliance are the ones dying so Jaina can have a dramatic entrance on her new ship lol


It’s not her fault if the Alliance troops at Lordaeron were stupid and didn’t bring any form of protection against the blight.

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Hmm, I’d go with Sky Admiral Rodgers, I like her, good solid character, good reason to hate the Horde. I like Flynn Fairwind, I mean who is he? Really, -who- is he? what is he for? What does he do? He just seems to be like that dodgy geezer down the pub who can get you cheap Rolex’s and always turns up at band gigs as a roadie or just a ‘friend of the band’ If he was in our world he’d be one of those guys going “Yeah, Sympathy for the Devil, by the Stones, the ‘Whoo Whoo’ bit? Yeah I was one of those people” He’s larger than life, without being some sort of ninjamatic murder monkey.

Scout Captain Elsia was a nice one during 5.2 or 5.3, Popped up out of nowhere, and had a bit of character behind her, I think she is knocking around in BfA as well somewhere.

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But…you are a gnome? - Keshaan yes but he is a ‘fun’ character so to speak, you’ll never see him appear to a novel or a cinematic.
Thank you all for your replies and pointers, there are characters like Taylor whom I liked very much even though these days he is a…who knows. With the new Stormwind infantry WICKED armor i’d love to see a normal dude - with no magic or favored by the gods - climbing the ranks and getting some development! Thanks again - down with the gnomes.


Not anymore I am afraid. MoP was the last time she appeared.

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For the Horde, Nazgrim springs to mind really…in case someone missed it, the first time we actually encounter him is in the Grizzly Hills.
In Conquest Hold he’s stationed as a sergeant under Conqueror Krenna.
Later on we meet him again as we move into and through Vash’jir. Under the title of Legionaire.
And in Mists of Pandaria it’s Nazgrim who leads the Horde’s expedition force as one of Hellscream’s Generals.

Up untill his death in the Siege of Orgrimmar, where he’s practically the Warchief’s righthand man.
This was actually an awesome character, with a sad ending.


Delaryn,Ferryn,Saranha,Cordressa,Sira,Cordana, and many others that I recall, however those characters usually end up dying(Corrupted) very soon for the sake of the plot or maybe because they are Night Elves.


Probably because they were nelfs.

And you know how we do things in the Horde!! When we want nelfs in the Horde we dont create a “Give the Horde Nelfs MEGATHREAD”

We kill them. And we raise them :joy:


Yeah, when the Alliance wants to go on the offensive they simple raid a newly introduced ‘‘powerful race’’ kill their king and annihilate their fleet, making them a burden on the Horde.


Now that I think about it, Horde never opens megathread to demand races. Not even for Ogres or forest trolls. Only the Alliance does that. Talking about entitlement :wink:

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It’s not laughable at all. Fresh character may be far more entertaining than old established one because - shocker - they can bring some fresh air.

Established characters aren’t always good by default. If you get underwhelming /irritaiting development over the years then no matter how many years that particular character sticked around but is insufferavle then he wont be liked and people will flock to less established ones and relatable ones. It’s not a rocket science.

Look at Thrall - he started as well liked and respected warchief and look where he is now -people can’t stomach him anymore. By your logic he should be loved because he is established. Some people still regard him a lot but his development was a huge let down after huge let down.

Jaina may be liked because she is established and has a fancy model and flashy spells but there is plenty of valid criticism regarding her ridiculous development.

I also happen to like more newer character or reintroduced characters because they ususally get reasonable spotlight.

You may hate Flynn for being joke character but I also enjoyed him more and would take him over Anduin and Elsa any day.

Same goes for Zekhan - he is new, he is noob but I want to see his character journey. I want to see to what kind of fighter he grows up to be.

Bottom line is -it’s a matter of opinion and taste. You love Anduin, good for you. But don’t expect others to share this opinion and you should be ready to be challenged over it when they give their reasons why they dislike him.

And I see no problem with liking Talanji. Because she doesn’t have god-like powers. She is linked to wild gods but these powers aren’t hers. That is the beauty of bargain and that is the power fantasy that I enjoy - nothing is fot free.

And lastly - hippo ballerina calling my beautiful Aditu ugly. Now that is rich!


Thank you for writing an essay about why a random mook with 0 backstory is allegedly more popular than one of the most complex characters in Warcraft with one of the most developed backstories that spans two decades.

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Who is that “most complex character” you speak of? Majority of wow characters are quite shallow.


Zekhan, obviously. A character who has no personality and no backstory aside from “generic underdog whose dad died” is clearly a very complex character. Bob the Footman for High King when?


Daelinna have a point. Zerkhan have no personality except of this “heart of the horde” cliche. He started to follow Saurfang like the biggest fanboy but that’s about it.