No more character customization in Shadowlands

Apparently the “breadth of character customizations that we did add we felt was pretty good”

Those unfortunate enough to know me have been subjected to rants about the absolutely embarrassing half-baked state of the current customization more than once. Not only are there Vanilla-era hairstyles STILL missing the hair texture for the scalp, leading to a completely disconnected hair model sitting on a flat scalp, but some of the new hairstyle / color combos have this same issue:

For whatever reason, eye options with one blind eye are limited to 2-3 colors per eye with no customization. There’s literally no reason to not let players freely pick the color of their character’s remaining eye

Humans, per gender, were given more eyebrow options than some races have customization options in total, and that’s not even counting the runt of the litter like Nightborne with their 2 different faces and 3 hairstyles. Speaking of which:


Human hair colors that are supposedly the same will vary wildly depending on which race’s hairstyle you’re using. These are all the same black:

Beards and mustaches have glaringly obvious texture differences that don’t match at all:

After advertising their brand spanking new customization with things like independently adjustable eye colors, Blizzard locked facial scars to specific faces—and at least half of them to faces smiling like they’ve been given an overdose of opioids for their wounds from the last expansion. On top of that, the only scars that the stock (Caucasian) skins get are the mental scars of seeing the monstrosities of the random character generator

This is a wild ride from “we liked the feedback we got on the new options so we’ll add more in future patches” to “we’re not adding any anymore” and I want off of it NOW

What this is is a god damn travesty


Is Blizzard trying to lose their player base? Cause this is the ticket too it.


They’re liars, promising they’d do more seeing at how many people enjoyed it.

Funny how in the question’s answer they talk about how much everyone loved it and how much hype it caused. “…so we’re not doing it again this expansion.”


Why is it… people like us with zero cash in our banks, can make edit and/or better custimizations by simply using photoshop and other editing programmes?

You know what I mean, we’ve seen people on Twitter, Reddit even DeviantArt make fantastic edits and what could be a new line of character customizations.


This is a legitimate punch in the gut. Customization has been very well received and a large chunk of everyone has been looking forward to what could be more. Finding out they’re done just shatters a large chunk of the interest I have for the rest of this expansion.

Customization might not be as crucial as raids or pvp or anything, but it’s still a important feature of the game. It shouldn’t be neglected and left half-finished.


When I raised concerns over some races (core races, so they didn’t even get the reassurance of getting more later like allied races did) getting disproportionately few new customization options, I got mocked for it on social media, as people seemed confident more would come promptly and in volume. To give an example, female humans now have more faces than female pandaren have options total.

As it turns out, I am vindicated… but I honestly really wish I wasn’t.

At this point I just want the next expansion, please.


female humans have more eyebrow options than nightborne male characters total


Yeah. A month ago I would have told you ‘hey, at least Blizzard said the allied races’ turn will come, whereas the core races were supposed to just have had theirs’.

Turns out you’ll never have your turn, and because you’re not a void elf you aren’t treated as a serious race. Fun times.


… Excuse me while I go drown in my own salt and tears. A big draw for me was the promise that we’d be getting customization added throughout the expansion.

F for my Nightborne homies especially.


Seriously. What they did to the Nightborne was criminal. Their model, at least the male, deserves a full rework. And they won’t even slap on a new coat of paint.

I can’t help but draw parallels with the model of modern WoW in general, where only the newest stuff gets attention, and after that it gets more and more neglected even when it shouldn’t be.


“Wow, the players really liked this expansion feature!”

“… Let’s never do it again!”

A bit hyperbolic, but a day in the life of Blizzard basically.


I’ve heard a lot of people claiming humans didn’t get enough customization options, because “most are just the new skin tones”. The new faces are actually identical between all three “ethnicities”, changing only in the eyes, nose and lips - they aren’t “new” faces. On top of that, they received the second most new hair options, beard options, eyebrow options… will human RPers ever be happy?

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I mean, I can’t blame them. Humans have an absurd amount of options compared to other races… And yet, compared to the industry standard, they aren’t so absurd after all.

Humans shouldn’t be a priority now but I still get why they’d want more.


after how much they screamed about the park district (ignoring the huge swaths of greenery added on the other side of the city)?

Really missing BfA right about now.


I just said that to my best friend.

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Legit. BFA had issues and in my opinion an expansion should strive to be better than that. But compared to this? I spent most of BFA doing clean WQ sweeps everyday. Meanwhile now I haven’t bothered to log on for more than RP for like two months…

I think a big part of it was that BFA had fantastic environments and themes that fit the setting perfectly whereas it’s hard to be as engaged in whatever SL is trying to be.


YES! I hate having to fly back and forth from zone to zone for pitiful anima amounts. I… I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but… I MISS MAGNI! :sob:

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I have many things to complain about but I think theme is my biggest issue with SL. It hardly feels like WoW anymore. BFA had this almost Wrath-esque aesthetic (but in HD) that just meshed in perfectly with existing ideas of what the world should be like.

Drustvar and Boralus made me want to RP there. SL just feels like some other MMO entirely.


Will there be a sum up for the Q&A posted anywhere? I’m getting remarkably confused telling what is what