No more RNG loot ! thats it Enough

Bosses will not drop loot anymore ! they drop currency you use currency to buy what ever you want im tired of killing 10 heroic bosses and getting 0 loot happens all the time , and before anyone mentions it the Dinar system does not cut it ! its to slow and to little reward

simple solution ! as i explained it above nomore rng / bosses drops currency = shop = the item you want = happiness = increase of playerbase . anything other than this formula is just annoying and tilting … put an end to it here blizzard please i get it you guys want us to play your game 24/7 like we got no life you can still do that make it 1 loot a week but atleast make it what we want !! guaranteed loot ,


RNG in loot is a staple

But I am sure many would welcome some measure of bad luck protection so that they always feel that they are progressing into getting something instead of just running on an infinite treadmill.

For example if someone has killed the lich king on 25man heroic like 100 times on a character (which is as many weeks as 2 years worth of resets mind you), they deserve a mercy.

If you were to petition to remove RNG stats from loot then I would be with you OP but I think that random drops from bosses is such a core pillar of the game that removing it would be too detrimental to the overall game.

A return to loot tables and being able to target the bits we want is better than bosses dropping a token which we then go to some random NPC to exchange for gear if you ask me.

(random drops from bosses is such a core pillar of the game that removing it would be too detrimental to the overall game. ) see thats the problem right there … that Mind Set just because its been in a game for so long dosnt mean removing it should be bad , and even if ! change is always bad at start but this is what has to be done … randomly generated loots are not fun not fair and not stable we need to have something to hold on rather than constantly not looting after a kill or looting the garbage neck that we never gonna use …

they dont want you to play 24/7. they want you to play regularly in moderate amount week after week for whole tiers.

they have been doing that for past 17 years.

gear is meant as a tool which slowly over course ofm onths make you more powerfull and allows you to kill stuf

people is some people (me included) play this game for way to long no longer find fun in pgoress itself.

maybe wow is just runing for way to long and its time to wrap it up and indeed work on wow 2.0 while leaving wow 1.0 as internet museum .

Some RNG is fine, but reducing loot drops from bosses just because of that stupid vault is not. The vault should be a bonus, something extra, not the primary way of gearing your character.

Whole dinar thing is a solution to a problem they created themselves. PvE loot should come from bosses, it should be that simple.


I strongly believe that a boss dropping a token so that I could and choose exactly which piece I want will kill the game for me. I like the uncertainty of not knowing what will drop and whether or not it will be an upgrade for me without there doesn’t seem to be much point in playing.

so why do you play wow ? if your that addicted to rng and random stuff just live real life and hit casinos … seriously if your that desperate for random stuff you shouldnt be playing video games atleast not ones like this to be honest , try blackjack or smth ,

the whole point im trying to make is that Gearing being slow is not a problem items dropping in random sequence is the problem geting something you already have and it will remain useless ! thats a problem not being rewarded for achieving something just because rng gets in the way

Because I enjoy WoW and WoW has always had the random loot drops from bosses that you quite clearly don’t enjoy. Plus liking the fact that I don’t know what piece is going to drop from a boss in a computer game doesn’t mean that I am either addicted to RNG nor does it mean that I would want it in real life, that’s just absurd.

I mean I could ask you exactly the same question as you don’t seem to like one of the key functions of how loot has always worked in WoW.

i never minded or made a post about loot back in bfa , cause it worked perfectly you had some coins each week and you had 2 different boxes of gear and raids would drop alot more item than they do , look i dont enjoy the casual side of the game …

now maybe your one of those casual lfr type of players that just wanders around and has fun doing it but to me since 2008 which is when i started playing the game the loot has always been a problem ! except BFA ! cause it was easy to obtain

i just dont like wasting my time farming a raid that i dont even want to do every week for that 1 item cause i need it for a different content or farming 2000000 runs of a +15 to get a trinket or smth … its always a headache for me plus i dont like randomly generated stuff im an anti rng person because again as i described it its unfair and it usually rewards the wrong side

As I said, we need a measure of “bad luck protection”.

Pure RNG is a min-maxer’s /collectors nightmare

Bonus roll tokens should be an option in the vault.

Let us trade those Attendant’s Token of Merit for bonus roll coins so we can target specific bosses that we need an item from.

So if the vault don’t offer us something we need we can use it to get an extra chance at a boss instead.

More rng to fix rng?
that sounds counterintuitive

Do you not enjoy casinolands? … clearly its the best expansion ever … you reap what you sow

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I had a pair of boots in 20 heroic bosses, just keep going.

i had 0 loot from 10 heroic bosses of castle nathria fated , 2 normal loots none used and i farmed about more than 40 +15 uppers for eye of command so far havent got it yet , and you know what the best part about it all ? if it was up to me i wouldnt even go near any of those contents … this has to change its not fun

all i will be doing in DF is crafting anyway :rofl:

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good for you mate ,

In part I agree with you because in Shadowlands I find that loot has been so scarce… I don’t think any expansions prior to Shadowlands have been this bad for loot drops, not that I remember anyway.

I kill 10 bosses per week and sometimes get nothing but other times I might get 2 or 3 items and it feels really demotivating, but I feel that bosses dropping no loot and just a currency would be too radical.

Hopefully in DF it’s not this way.

I have often thought that they have made loot drops rarer in Shadowlands because we have more options in the vault and are able to farm mythic keys but for sure I don’t remember raid bosses being so stingy with their loot drops before!

They will never do it.

Ffxiv do use this method, but thats because gearing was never the staple of the game. Its a rpg with mmo features tied to it which means its created to sustain long breaks, and people who just play 1 month of every patch.

WoW does not have the story quality nor the open world resources such as ffxiv to support such a model, so it simply will never take place.

People would gear in under a month and start taking 6 month breaks killing players access to progression inbetween.

While i agree there needs to be a back up to the situation regarding long periods without loot this is too drastic.

A major problem with WoW is it has a habit too go too far down one side i.e BFA loot to SL loot. BFA was over the top loot pouring from ur ears and SL has been a frustration to obtain BiS pieces.

We need a middle ground, where u feel ur time is valued, but not so far gear becomes pointless after 3 weeks of a patch