No more Russians?

3 days now and not met one Russian (ie Cyrillic letters) side in pvp. Did they finally separate them or is it just a blip?

They are still in the pool and that’s good.
That you didn’t run into them lately was by coincidence.
there’s 0 qualitative difference between a Russian player and any other European player…


It’s curious when you see Larkus’ resemblance to young Putin when he was a member of the KGB.


Screw Larkus, not because he’s Russian but because he queue syncs and camps GYs.

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What’s wrong with queue syncing? I can’t see it prohibited in the ToS, could you perhaps point it out?

Why don’t you read it up in the discussions about queue sync premades why people might dislike it?

That abuses the system, only play synchronized premades, nothing with 5 friends, all from the same kingdom and with more than 1000 honor levels.

I know why people don’t like it. Now, is queue syncing against the ToS or not? If so, please point it out to me. If not, stop moaning, ThEyRe NoT bReAkInG tHe RuLeS.

Cool, can you show me where in the ToS it’s prohibited then please?

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I didn’t say prohibited, I said that it abuses the synchronized ones.

Not against the rules :white_check_mark:
No problem :white_check_mark:
Not bannable :white_check_mark:
Stop whinging :white_check_mark:

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


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It’s in a grey area. It’s clearly not the intended way to play epic bgs since otherwise the restriction for 5 players that queue syncers circumvent wouldn’t exist in the first place and we see what happens when the 5 man rule gets circumvented.

No, you don’t get banned for it. Yes, it’s lame. Yes, it should be abolished. Yes, this is my opinion and that of many others.
Unlike playing in small groups, which is the intended way to enjoy casual bg content together.
If you think small groups should be abolished too, that’s your opinion.
I would prefer to nerf the power of groups and allow them to play together instead.
Those who want to stomp randoms for easy wins would be deterred, those who want to chill with their friends wouldn’t care.

Premade raids are but a minor annoyance to me.
I don’t cry about them on the forums, only explain why the game would be better off without them.

I have yet to see you in RBGs this season btw, where are you?
Maybe brag less about how great you are when you stomp plebs in timewalking gear solo (or with the help of a 5 stack premade in your team lol) and play the actual big boy bracket, eh?


No problem, he says…you just have to laugh.

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No it’s not. It’s either prohibited or it isn’t. Which one is it?

So is it an issue if I queue sync a solo shuffle with my friend until we get a lobby together?

Oh beautiful!:

‘Is playing premade random battlegrounds every day of your life against the rules?’:

‘Is playing premade random battlegrounds every day of your life extremely lame?’:

‘Is it a wide spread opinion that premade random battleground players are some of the cringiest people in the entire game?’

Too busy writing essays atm.

  1. I don’t play random battlegrounds anymore, they’re a gigantic waste of time.
  2. Are RBG’s an ‘actual big boy bracket’ since you’ve got a healer with a 42% win rate?
  3. I haven’t seen you in solo shuffle yet, where are you? Oh wait you’re too low to get grouped with R1 players. Unforch.

It’s not, it’s fun to enjoy a chill game with your friends. Many players do it, you should try it.
Oh wait, didn’t Delenis say something along the lines that you used to be in a community and got kicked out, because you were being a toxic prick to other community members I presume? :smiley:
Ever since then you are on a personal vendetta against group players and it’s hilarious. :joy:

Is it a widespread opinion that you are a gigantic cringelord?
-Yes, 6 people on this forum have liked this post by Xinesha here. :rofl:


No, very few people here actually agree with your take about small groups.
Players can differentiate between an intended feature that allows friends to enjoy a game together and abusing the system, which is why the majority is fine with groups and not fine with synced raids. Do you actually feel clever with your

The fact that you can’t draw this easy distinction unlike most players shows me that you aren’t as clever as you think you are.

Bro, you’re too busy writing excuses why you don’t show up in RBGs already. Is it because nobody wants a shadow priest? I took 2.4 in SL S1 as MW when it was F tier in a meta full of affliction warlocks before peaceweaver was a thing and you blew yourself up every time you pressed your own revival. What’s your excuse?

Cool, play some rated bgs then. :smiley:

Yes, if you want to prove your worth as a bg player, you go play some RBGs.
You don’t play random bgs at 4AM with a 5 stack premade in your team and brag about how great you are because you just beat someone who wasn’t aware that you were in the round. :grinning:

Btw, alts are a thing. I use this character for low rated rbgs with weaker players. I push on my other monk when we get a really strong team together and my stats are good.


Yeah, I actually play RBGs whenever I have the opportunity. It’s just an organizational effort and you can’t spontaneously do it whenever you want. If I have one or two friends, we queue up for epic bgs, brawls and random bgs instead and enter whatever opens first.

I was grouped with R1 players quite frequently the last few seasons? Wanna see some screenshots? :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, you are an arena player who does a few bgs on the side and I am a bg player who does some arena on the side, but the difference between you and me is that you claim to be a great bg player when you haven’t proven dick in BGs yet beyond your 2.2 from years ago. Maybe it is time to show how great you are in BGs? All I see at the moment is a narcissistic braggart.

I do. In rated content. Where you can improve as a player. Where there are unique rewards.

I didn’t get kicked out, I left since some random Hunter went crying to Pndor about me and she publicly ‘warned’ me before I cringed so hard I just straight up left.

Always have been. Never liked them, generally.

Not against the rules, therefore no problem. It’s harmful for you to call it ‘abusing the system’ when there’s no punishment for it. ‘Abuse’ of something is usually met with a consequence.

RBGS are of 0 appeal to me and of 0 appeal to the majority of the player base outside of the weekly honor quest, since, like YOU just admitted: organisational effort. Solo queue RBGs however are a different story, and when they’re out, I promise you I will be streets ahead of you there, too :slight_smile:

My excuse was that in S1 I was too busy obtaining my degree to care about WoW. I then came back, am studying for my Masters rn and have managed another 2 glads extending my tally to 6 as well as a r1 title, meanwhile all you managed was Duelists whilst playing one of the strongest healers in the game with a negative win rate and sit on a high horse over your rating you got in a giga inflated season that you’ve not even come close to replicating. What’s your excuse for that? Wait wait let me guess: 'that’s all I wanted :cry: :cry: ’ . Funny how that applies to you but not to me. Ha.

Will do when there’s more than hmmmm, 0 groups listed, never mind any good ones.

That really stings you, huh? Wasn’t even a 5 stack btw, you’re just not a very good player, and neither is your friend.

If you think 19-12 at 1700 rating is ‘good stats’, then your team isn’t as ‘really strong’ as you think it is.

Correction, you SPAMMED arenas. You had 800+ rounds on ONE character, that’s not just ‘on the side’, that’s a genuine effort.

Never claimed to be a great BG player, in fact I find RBGs extremely boring, just like you are.

Told me to not talk to you til I got legend last season (rofl), then got it with ease. Then it was ‘get glad this season’, got it with ease. Then it was ‘get r1’, got it with ease (on 2 Priests btw) finishing as the highest SP in EU.

Your jealousy is stinking bro, put that bottle down.

Show me the rated PvP with objectives bracket that you can queue up for with a small group of friends and not a full 10 stack premade and I will gladly play it. In fact, I would prefer it if random BGs had some sort of mmr.

As if you have to censor Pandora’s name, everyone knows who she is.
And why did the hunter complain about you? Because you lack basic social skills and randomly insult community members?

Your crusade is highly entertaining to read.

Good point. Blizzard should enforce the rules that they made properly and make it so that the 5 man rule can’t be so easily circumvented.

You truly can’t shut up about your arena achievements, can you?
RBGs are a different game entirely. You don’t show up because you are a chicken. I can hardly wait to see you in solo RBGs.

And you wonder why people who want to play bgs with their friends frequently play casual bgs instead?

No man, I’m just rolling on the floor laughing at you that you really thought this would prove that you are the greater BG player. Every alliance player on this forum has defeated me and I have defeated them. None of them would even think of writing something like “AHA I defeated you once in a casual bg and that proves I am better than you.”
Everyone making a post like you did when you defeated me in kotmogu would die of embarrassment, but you lack self-awareness, which is hilarious.

If your opponents are almost exclusively glads and heroes on 2.2 plus mmr, 19-12 isn’t bad. Why don’t you prove that you can do better?

Have you forgotten that we healers can get into rounds instantly and bang out 25 rounds in an hour? Spread out over a season that lasted half a year, that’s not much. I saw a post on the PvP reddit a month ago. Some players have played 8000 rounds in season 3.

Speaking of the PvP reddit, I read a post there from a shadow priest. He bragged about how he got 2400 in SS on an alt with a low number of games and that the people who ask for inflation are super bad. He got downvoted into oblivion rather quickly. That was somewhere in February I think. When I saw that post, I immediately thought of you. The SP alts, the narcissism, the bragging. All your signature. I had a good laugh at that one too.

I told you this because a season duelist who claims to be SOOO much better than another season duelist is a little bit ridiculous. Cool that you could make it. I am still waiting for Veetea, hero of the Alliance. :smiley:

I am not jealous at your arena achievements, you deserve them. GJ.
I just find your demeanor silly and make fun of your crusade against group players. I also want to see how well you can do in RBGs.

Because the Hunter was a leech so got called out for it.


So you would also advocate for punishments for play that try to get each other in a solo queue match? It isn’t a rule, it’s a function, and if you think it’s a rule, show me the punishment for that rule being broken.

You asked me a question, I answered.

So I don’t show up to no voice LFG RBGs ‘because I’m a chicken’, yet your very few games played every season is excused by the ‘organizational effort’ because ‘you can’t spontaneously do it whenever you want’. Lmao, the double standards are crazy.

I didn’t, I just found it funny how bad you and your friend actually are.

Screenshots please? You offered them earlier, let’s see them now.

Organizational effort, can’t just play spontaneously when I want t… oh wait, I forgot that only applies to you. My bad!

Well, I ended up as a season r1, so yeah, i am SOOO much better.

You will. When solo queue comes out. And then I blitz (haha, get it?) you there, too. I wonder if you’ll blame playing the game drunk out of your mind for all of the losses you have (yet again).

Enjoy your High Warlord from your giga inflated season though man, the fact you didn’t even get a Hero for it and haven’t been able to replicate or come close to that rating ever since speaks volumes.

Your straw men are crazy. Who said no voice groups? Join a high rated group with voice that needs a good dps. I’m sure they would take the greatest SP in all of Europe.


We face some tough competition on this rating. You wouldn’t win more than 61% either. If you think you would, be my guest and prove it.

Says who? They apply to you also. Finally, you acknowledge the validity of these arguments.
It would just be nice if you found the time to play a round of RBGs every now and then.

Speaking of which, where’s your checkpvp profile or your armory?

Anyway, I hope to see you in RBGs soon, and don’t chicken out.

Several have already done so on this forum. But let’s go

As I often say in ally raid chat:

They bypass game mechanics and synchronize queueing to get an unfair advantage.

Then about Blizzard’s In-Game Code of Conduct (Google it!)

According to Blizz Code of Conduct:“…engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.”


I use addon BattlegroundEnemies for targeting. I report the most notorious syncers for Gameplay Sabotage, Blocking Team Progress.

I don’t mention all details in raid chat but if you follow the link “report them” on the CoC site, you can read that

  1. Select the most appropriate option

As my message to Blizz when reporting I use:

This player is in a sync premade, and according to CoC “……engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.”

I also warn others do to what I do. I only use throw away chars and I am hidden while doing it, the sync premades cannot target me on BattlegroundEnemies, so they cannot mass report me for “language” (which they do with people they don’t like).

My warning:

If you report, don’t talk about it in raid chat. Don’t let them know who you are.

One last quote from CoC-site

Acceptable behavior is determined by player reports and Blizzard’s decision, and violating these guidelines will result in account and gameplay restrictions.

let me help you with that :slight_smile:

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