No news whatsoever?

All servers down and not a single post about it? I know we’re “just” Europe, but the least you can do is give your players some information. Do I need to find something else to do tonight, is it just gonna be a few minutes? Why are you not giving any information and leaving us all out in the cold?


who dropped their milk on the servers?

American servers seem to be down too, there is another thread about the servers here on EU forums where someone linked a tweet from a developer explaining the situation

Get used to it, it’s Blizzard. Nothing like the Blizzard we used to know, you know, the one that game a crap about their community, etc.

not even that, just no communication on the forums and a lame message on twitter blaming login servers while nearly all servers were down (and now all of them are), just shows how much the appreciate their coomunity

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Oh noes!

If you were to read or use the search feature, you’d see that something has already been mentioned about this situation.

But again … OH NOES!!!

you’re being too harsh, this is a very normal issue on an open beta

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only official update we have i think.

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no new is good news, lol :frowning:

retail is not open beta…

WoW got hammered by an infrastructure change with very unexpected results, we’re working to get everything back up asap.

The root of this one is an update to the teeny little service that bootstraps the VMs and delivers OS updates etc. Deployed fine in test, on Live, WoW did not approve and we locked up our file stores globally. We’re left with a lot of manual cleanup to get things moving again.

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oh well seems like raid night will be canselled and gametime will be spent with Larion intead

Same there:

Why are all the realms down with no explanation or announcement? - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

I like turtles!

US having same problems, its not “just” eu

don’t make bad assumptions about people you don’t know, that’s just rude

Oh noes!

Puss in Boots got drunk from it and spilled it :confused:

Imagine reading official statements on some paywall social network instead of the official forums.