No, we don't want RDF! We really don't want that 🤯

The number 1 argument against classic was that we didn’t have a Random Dungeon Finder.

I must admit that back in 2016 or whenever this was I did NOT expect that Classic would be released at all to begin with but then to see people argue FOR the RDF like it’s normal and see them have the AUDACITY to claim that the majority want it. I did not expect that. I really did not expect that.

(Notice the cheering)

“That really speaks to the CORE social dynamic.”

Then lets look on the design pillar of WOTLK Classic:

The first and most important design pillar is: Nurture and Protect Social Experiences.

No, you guys asking for RDF is not in the majority. And even if you where, it goes against the CORE social dynamic of Classic, including WOTLK Classic. And now that Classic officially is #SomeChanges you have no argument what so ever for RDF. Not even in Cata Classic if that would happen.


People asking for RDF are the majority because the people in support of this change are few and far between, you’re delusional if you think otherwise. I’m not saying I even care about the RDF, it will have little effect on me but what people want is to play the games as they were.

Wrath introduced dual spec and random dungeon finder, if you don’t have those things during the lifespan of WOTLKC it’s not the same game. No social experience is being protected in Classic anyway, Blizzard has been extremely hands off while everything turned into a massive pile of turd with server populations, faction balance, RMT/botting etc.

Blizzard only care about these things in the promotional and development period up to the release of the game, after which point they don’t give a shi te.


‘I’m right, and even if I wasn’t, I still am.’



I gues we’ll have wait untill the release of Icc to get RDF then, if it has to be exacly as it were.

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Well theres this little problem … its called blizzard …

No Dungeon Finder – Players rediscovering Wrath of the Lich King Classic won’t find the Looking for Dungeon feature originally added in Patch 3.3.5.

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Hes right…
i add everyone at real id, discord and sometimes fb. I always talk during the dungeon and everyone talks back. People dont talk in lfd ever!

Oh, weird dream…
You linked stupid explanations why they choose to skip rdf.

Ye ppl cant always find the dungeon. Ye well everyone uses addons and icons @map these days showing where every single dungeon is.

They talk about how epic it is to form a group and go to a dungeon together. Well reality is that the majority is jumping in dalaran and asking for summons.

With all respect ofc but the Warmane server has rdf and is popular as hell. Simply because the expansion is 14y old and everyone has seen it.


You have no clue. No one does. Although I am confident you are in the wrong.
Wait and see…

Nothing more to add really.


Yes we do and you can read the reasoning for it in one of the many threads about this topic with 300 replies.
There you can see a lot of great arguments for the RDF and all your arguments against it refuted many many times.
But this probably won’t keep you from your witch hunt. Because in your mind it’s perfectly clear, that the RDF killed the social aspect and the population in WoW and not:

  • The fact that the game was already 5 years old when WotLK was released and people already knew all the mechanics inside out, so they didn’t need to communicate anymore.
  • People getting tired of playing the same game for years.
  • Information about the game becoming more and more easily available on the internet. So again there was less reason to communicate with others to solve problems.
  • A general change in society and internet culture, where communication moved out of the game and third party tools became more and more important to communicate with other players.
  • WoW having been played by almost every person that was interested in subscription MMORPGs already. Which didn’t leave many new players to join and compensate the fluctuation you’ve always had, even since the first days of WoW.
  • The hurdle to start for new players becoming bigger and bigger with every expansion. Which led again to less players compensating fluctuation. Which again led to fewer players in general and those players that still were around, mostly played the game for years already and knew everything about the game and could find out the things they didn’t know on the internet, thus not needing to communicate at all.
  • The general playerbase getting older, having more responsibilities and therefore less time to play.
  • The emerging of new MMORPGs, that allowed the players to have a feeling of discovery again.

The only way to recreate the kind of experience you want is by travelling in the past and erase your memories. Only then you can be a newbie again and play with other newbies. Then you will have to figure the game out with others, because you can’t find information on the internet and the only source for information are other players. And discord doesn’t exist yet, so most of the communication is ingame.


You have literally, LITERALLY zero evidence of this.

All we have are some random polls on forums which are only populated by people angry about changes. Even then it’s tiny numbers in support of adding RDF in.

You don’t speak for the majority, you don’t even speak for a minority. You only speak for yourself. Don’t put words in the mouths of people who play a game that you don’t.


Blizzard will roll what they decided while players will make sure to crash and derange the provided party finder so that so it’s not working as expected and definitely not as RDF would and for example excluding specific players due to their gear or whatever :wink:


Who are “we”?

To be honest, those forums are populated by all kinds of gamers. wow fans of all sorts for one.

And to be fair, those polls held quite a huge majority for RDF. Not a minor support.

I do wish Blizzard would have sent out an official poll though. I am just that confident there would be a huge majority for RDF.


This is what someone says when they don’t accept the evidence. The evidence is in all the forum topics, the youtube videos, the discord discussions, the reddit discussions. Almost everywhere you look it is people ASKING for RDF to be put in the game.

The posts in favour of Blizzard changes, absolute minority, where are they? And we all know that the general playerbase prefers convenience, that’s why there was a huge mage level boosting business model and people literally pulling out mastercard for warglaives while not having a regular raiding guild and while having green parses with the best gear in the game.

People want convenience to the extent they will even pay for it. You want to know what the “average” everyday non forum player is doing? They are paying for boosts, buying gold and buying gear.


“we” is just op trying to make his opinion sound more credible, by implying, that the general community of Classic thinks like he does or just trying to troll by triggering everyone with a different opinion by speaking for them.


No one I personally know is like “if only we had RDF in classic wotlk” :man_shrugging:

If I ask them, they’re like “meh, I don’t care”.

Thats called ignorance. Of course there are arguments for RDF. Any poll also said that more people are for RDF than against. Even if these polls are dismissed because the outcome is not to ones liking, it is an unproven claim that a majority of players would prefer wotlk without RDF. So making changes in wotlk for an unknown number of players, that dont like wotlk to begin with, is highly questionable.

When Blizzard talked about “classic” back in a time, when no classic expansions were available, they were talking about specifically vanilla wow. Of course a vanilla design is different from a wotlk design. If we wanted wotlk to be close to vanilla design, wotlk would have to be reworked completely, namely class design, dungeon design, catchup mechanics and nearly every feature included. More or less anything that is changed in wotlk doesnt make sense in vanilla. Its like they are different games that are meant to be played differently. Wotlk cannot have the same social bounding as vanilla by design. That not adding RDF will have a significant positive influence on the social activities of players is an assumption, thats based on the optional crossrealm aspect. Blizzard themselves dont understand that, just like they didnt get the players back in the day. Its incompetence.


Must be a very big sample size since you play on zandalar tribe with what? 10 players?


Obviously the players he chats with are his premade group members and guild mates, he does dungeons with. Its exactly the players, who do not need RDF to begin with. Its not designed for them, so its expected they wont need it and therefore wont care for its implementation. Why should he talk to random players about these things?


Aha, good one, we’re actually more around 50-60 active players.

I’ve been playing since 2005, I think I know more than just 10 people. :sweat_smile:

But it’s all irrelevant, no one here actually has a significant sample size. We’re just sharing our experiences. And everyone I know doesn’t even mention RDF.


And this is true for most people that argument against the RDF. They don’t gain anything by it’s removal but they also don’t lose anything by it’s removal, so they argument against it.

They are just not affected but still see themselves as “protectors of the classic spirit” and therefore get their pitch fork and torches and go on a witch hunt.