No World Quests showing (Dragonflight)


I have just unlocked adventure mode on my alt, and cannot see any world quests at all on my map and cannot start any. Any ideas?

Same here, I can go everywhere, have full dragon riding and can go all dungeons UT I don’t see any World Quests.

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same here thursday dinged 70, WQ unlocked. I did all WQ same day and then no more WQ my map is empty :frowning:

EDIT: i mean i dont have any WQ on main character. i didn’t start any ALT yet

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I have exactly the same problem, no new world quests


Same here. My main is bugged, I have WQs on my alts, but my main has 0 WQs on the map.


Same here on my main. I did all WQs the first day I got to 70. That was 3 days ago and no new have spawned yet. The map is completely empty.


I have the same problem on main character. Completed all qorld quests two days ago and i still have no new world quests. This expansion was released way too early. It is full of bugs… like the ilvl…

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I stopped playing for a bit, my daughter was messing around on a low level character and once I logged back on my main the quests were there. so much I loot I would’ve missed…

I’m sad to say, but I got no WQs today. It seems the issue is still there.

same here any solutions?

Same problem here. I had no WQ’s on my main after doing initial ones on reaching 70, then nothing for two days until around 5pm Friday they suddenly appeared - I did them, and since then I’ve had one pet battle quest but no other dallies or world quests.
Disabled all addons and still nothing.

fifth day no WQ spawn on my main. Only battle pet quest Eye of the Stormling show today and yesterday one PVP quest in azure span. Other zones are empty all time. Done main quest line and all side quests

I don’t see any World Quests after changing my faction :confused:

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? I read somewhere that WQ’s are only added twice weekly.

Maybe this one?

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Having no World Quests as well on my main. My alt has some but my main didn’t get them in 2 days… kinda hard to farm renown when there are no world quests.

Edit: this is not a bug. they changed the timer on WQ’s. they appear wednesdays 9am and saturday 9pm.


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You forgot to read the fine print . Edit: Blizzard has reverted this decision in a later post.

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