Nominate PvP representatives to community council

The state of community council is absolute joke rn.

We demand to nominate new members to community council coming from pure PvP background.

At this moment there is literally no person in this group which is speaking for PvP aspect of the game. How you gonna listen to the feedback of players (which you declare you always do and have it in mind hehe) if you have nobody to tell you what feedback is?

You gonna council mythic pluser about new features which surely are coming to PvP ?

Make a pool, open recruitment honestly I dont even know how you choose this people but make it happen.


My suggestion is Elahri, he is good at finding problems

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I think rakar would be the truest representation of the pvp community.

Shame he doesn’t understand them though. If someone got drunk and drove a car through a wall, he’d blame the car or the wall.

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The council is made up of people who apply. If you feel PvP is under represented then more PvP orientanted players need to apply to be on it.

The applications for the 2023 Council closed in January so you’ll have to wait for the next round. These are announced on the forums and picked up by new sites like Wowhead etc.

Wtf is community council? It is just a game lol.

The community council? That still exists?

Where is Rakar, last time as far as remember I he got ingame ban for toxicity, if he was using an alt on forums we would know that from his hideous grammar and spelling. Where is he?


Yes, extremely intelligent and clever individuals of the forum share their opinions and give feedback to Blizzard.

whats a community council?

You can see it in action here:-

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