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should i worry about money in this game ? or just do dailies and get 1.5k gold everyday

That reall depends on what content you want to play and if you farm for yourself. I found you dont really need that much of gold for leveling apart from repairs and flying (not sure how flying was changed recently). If you going to raid and do mythic+ you will need consumables and the materials for your legendary. So if you dont plan on farming your materials and level professions you surely need some gold to buy stuff of the auction house. If you intend to make gold with the auction house, tr getting to it soonish, since usually prices drop the further the expansion.

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Just do what you want to do, gold will come in eventually. Some things might take longer since you can’t just buy them on the AH, but it’s not that hard to get some gold.
If you don’t enjoy goldmaking, don’t let all your gametime go to doing that.

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As others have said here, just play how you want and the gold will come in naturally. Just keep enough to cover repair costs! :smiley:

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Yeah, all good replies.

  • The only gold you actually NEED is for repairs, and you will cover that easily.

  • You will make about 1800 a day from your daily Callings, and other World Quests, which is plenty for repairs and any small expenses. Note, you can sometimes also pick up an extra thousand or two from Legion and BfA World Quests.

  • If you pick up and level Herbalism, and either Skinning or Mining, you can make a little constant gold as you travel around doing your dailies.

  • You CAN farm gold from old dungeons and raids. Solo them, and vendor what drops. The effectiveness of this was crushed in Shadowlands compared to what it used to be :cry:, but if you feel the need for a few tens of thousands for bigger bags, vendor mount, that sort of thing, you can do it. This guide is out of date, but it is still close if you divide the amount of gold by 3. So, for example, doing Highmaul on all four difficulties used to drop about 4500; now it will be about 1500. Updated: WoW Gold Farming for New Players, NO AH Needed!

  • MAKE A BANKER. A Banker is a level 1-ish character you make that sits by the bank and Auction House at all times. Make a Human, run him to Stormwind, send him enough gold for a couple of cheap bags. Get the Auctionator addon, and send him anything you have to sell. You are Kyrian, and one of the built in conduits somewhere is the ability for materials to drop automatically. These won’t make you rich, but it’s an extra few hundred a day on the Auction House. Along with your herbs, and skins or ores ofc.

This is more than enough for most people just playing. If you want more because you are getting into serious raiding or just because, you will want to learn to play the Auction House - buy low, sell high. That is easier said than done, because there are skilled goblins already there, but if standing in the city for hours looking for opportunities in the thousands of items being traded is your thing, and you’re smart about it, you can get filthy rich. Most people don’t, but it can be done. Check out the Reddit Woweconomy for people talking about goldmaking as a pastime in WoW.

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