Normal flying in dragonflight only 310% speed?

Jesus man just use the gd dynamic flying if “they’re the same but dynamic is better”.

And that is an allegation.
All I said was true. If you were one the top elite farmers that’s not my concern and I don’t care.
I’ll tell you that we were happy with little. Now you’re just entitled.

I don’t think asking for a little more speed is utterly extreme. Not when you take into account that they made these zones HUGE to account for the high speeds of dragonriding.

I’m not advocating that static flying should have the same speed as dynamic flying; of course not.
But upping the 310% to maybe something like 500%, would be nice.

Anyone tried flying up as high as you can with Traditional Flying and then switching to a Dragon mid air and seeing how far you can fly then?

But if you made static flying more faster , nearly as Dynamic Flight people woud use that again because you have the comfort of normal flying and nearly the same speed as Dynamic Flying without the aspect of the active use/gameplay.
That woud ultimately kill Dynamic Flight if clthat is without the tradeoff available, 400% woud be enough to saq that difference is good enough favour static flying

How is 500% nearly the same as 900% though?
That’s still nearly double the amount (instead of three times as fast as it is now).

This expansion is about the same size as Northrend. It’s now added 50% more though, but the travel times for the underground zones are unchanged since the travel time to it and Ohn’aran Plains are about the same from anywhere.

It’s really not that huge. It’s smaller than BfA.

You got along just fine with 310% with larger zones than the ones in Dragon Flight.

Delete both, and make new flying which would be something in between two, and call it a day.

So did people when dragonriding wasn’t a thing.
So that’s not much of an argument.

Dragonriding should go down to 500% then?

The whole reason behind the pathfinder achievement is for people with motion sickness and other complications that come from flying so fast on a dragonflying mount. If you want to only dragonfly, then only dragonfly. Dont bring down anyone who cannot handle that kind of situation where they are physically sick from playing a computer game. Maybe i should wish that on you just so you understand not everyone is the same


It should be as it was added. It’s a different type of travel by flight, not an excuse to change the other existing systems that nobody had an issue with before dynamic flying.

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Well, that’s a silly stance. Things changed and it’s completely fine to want things rebalanced with the new situation in mind.

I am all fine with changes, but then at least make it options. I want my nice normal flying like it is now.

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But it is balanced. You get the old flying. We get dragonriding. Both sides win.

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Who remembers Burning Crusade when your first flying mount was slower than your epic ground mount (in the air).

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Its fine. For long distances dragonflying is better. But if you just need to fly up a cliff or do some quest in a small area then normal flying is much better


Because what you are asking for is wrong and not needed. Normal flying is fine as it is. It doesn’t need any increase in the speed because it has many other things which dynamic riding doesn’t.

Flying is better for:

  • short distance flight and gathering professions
  • Precision landing
  • afk mid air and from point A to B
  • closed places (Orgrimmar tunel)
  • people with motion sickness, lag and other problems

You want a little increase and at the same point set the bar at 500%??? That is everything else but not little. Small increase is to 330%. That is small.
I am against for any form of speed increase to normal flying because it doesn’t have the disadvantages of the dynamic flying.

People not being able to use Dynamic flying and preferring to use normal flying is ok. But wanting more? Hell NO!

The rebalance for the bigger zones is called dynamic flying. The same can be said for a flight from Moonglade to Silithus. I’d do it with Dynamic flying, because it is made for long distance flights. If I want to afk the same distance I’d use normal flying or Flight paths. I use flight paths often as I am lazy.
If I was to gather flowers or ore, gather chests from trees or fly from the Orgrimmar tunel to the AH i’d use normal flying.

It’s not.

How would you fix the imbalance between ground mounts and flying then?

They should make ground mounts go at least 2700% speed to offset the fact that flying can just go over all obstacles. Otherwise it’s unfair.