Not even 2 million subs, people leaving in masses

Its because of those tierlists, rankings

for example pvp community:

whoever is worst healerspecc in arena cannot find player to play with at daytime (people without friends)

those people quit, some reroll

by having unbalanced game pvp community shrunk since bfa

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haha yeah season 1 shadowlands arena = holy paladin top tier, could never go oom and had strongest healing power with instant heals, add a bubble on that. it was clownfieesta even famous comps as rogue/mage/priest worked better with rogue/mage/paladin

I believe its the same in mythic+ community not anyone has every class or wants to change spec, if blizzard decides to nerf anyone dead every expansion they might cut themself

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yeah bro, and now they changing conduits legendarys and people have to swap over and farm again :S its awful

a already broken system is no being even worse its insane haha

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Maybe they do see things getting gradually worse but is just a matter of cashing up for as long as possible. Its a nasty case scenario but entirely possible.

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yeah everything is pointing towards that right now

wasnt bald streamer away from wow ?

so hes back now leeching on wow again .

what a shocker that it took them like 2 weeks to return to wow leeching to please their simps :joy:


yeah its kinda scuffed move to be back streaming wow , more drama will come and he will just be pissed off again, so get your popcorns ready

hes stream is on low numbers when streaming wow tho

How can uvsay its not pay 2 win, get your head out off Blizzards A** , u sheep of a Blind cow

Pvp real money into Tokens into boost => best gear, best gear WIN over player u normaly would lose


Idk when people get pve boost all day, they win f nothing BUT it makes a Achivment for all player more worthless like Ahead of the curve, But with PvP u fack up someone else fun for the game

Its because we are not the target audience anymore

the new target audience wants solo island expeditions and void elf haircolors

you could fix the game so they have a european playerbase, money and working places

but they just doom it man but made sure pvp player atleast still buy shadowlands (pvp merchant bait)

im feeling bad for those blizzard employes, forum guardians and blasters because they just have to transfer us their end and our end, their end of money and our end of fun and giving money

with loosing pvp playerbase you had the extra of the base that gave money to develop so they dont have to use old content, can pay employes


yeah its just cheap market schemes and baiting. that they are so arrogant and think they can continue like this will be the end of wow

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who thinks about WoW and Blizzard as much as you do, it’s almost creepy

they might get in some last race changes but the new audience isnt there you know

kids that game into wod and play since then will never understand

You want screens tonight when I’m home from work from my old account before WoD? Or are you gonna ignore this one since I actually have proof

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its a game with tactical fighting you should expect the audience to think :o

yeah if u played during bad expansions im sure ure happy with shadowlands

Why u get upset over people liking the game ? if u dont like the game dont play it and dont care if others like it

You mean like the content creators you linked are shilling for other companies because they can make more money off of playing those games currently? You know it’s basically youtubers jobs to shill for money right.

I’d rather not take ‘numbers’ advice from websites that basically look into subreddit activity and show games that have been dead and closed for a while as having active players thanks.


I like Bellular but his numbers are sketchy at best, and I honesty take everything he does with a pinch of salt, it’s a business he runs.

Also for numbers… who the hell cares.

Once I get KSM ill go resub to a game thats 20 years old to play on a server that has a primetime population of around 60 People.

Because… fun?