Not Invited

I’m Havoc DH with 602 RIO and 206.97 iLVL and have Collective Anguish.

Today I planned to spend the night doing some dungeons and make the best of the week as PF is easer and I need the trinkets.

I logged into wow at around 21:30 and now it’s 02:34 for that time I got invited into 3 M10 PF dungeons and in two of them the Tank left…

This is beyond sad as apparently I have reached the point in the game where I don’t have anything to do as no one wants DHs in their parties and for RAID is even harder due to the lack of single DPS.

Good job Blizz, I really hope Riot games to kick Perma Beta WoW from existence…


Are you saying that two tanks left the party because they saw a DH on it?

Do you expect anyone to believe that?

About the raid, yes Havoc single target damage is average, but DH is still mandatory for the magic debuff so you have more chances to get invited than other classes like Rogues for example, which bring literally nothing to the raid.

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No. Do not spread misinformation. Havoc ST damage is not average, it’s dog :poop: . We are bottom 3 in single target DPS, behind by 20% or more on some fights while also being a melee class who has to deal with more mechanics.

One is. Which is usually Vengeance.

Rogue brings way more DPS.

This is not misinformation, anyone can go to warcraftlogs and check the numbers by themselves.

Mythic bosses:

  • Rogue top dps 5.5k
  • Havoc top dps 5k

Hungering Destroyer

  • Rogue top dps 5.9k
  • Havoc top dps 5.6k

Sun King’s Salvation

  • Rogue top dps 7.7k
  • Havoc top dps 7.8k

And the list goes on, difference is minimal and changes from boss to boss but DH has the advantage of bringing raid debuff whilst Rogue brings nothing.

Ranged are more powerful than melees on this raid tier because of how melee unfriendly CN is, but that’s for every melee not just Havoc.

Also nobody mentions it but Havoc AoE is still very strong and it’s a solid pick for M+.

UH dks are doing just fine arent they melee? yeah i agree everything on this expansion so far has been more ranged friendly raiding and mythic + but there are still melees that are doing way better than us and the difference between UHdk and havoc is massive.

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Hello my demon hunter friend. I have the same problem but solution is simple. We have 2 ways of doing it.

First of all always check RIO of the oerson who invs you, even rest of party after you are in so you can leave before and dont waste their key ans your time. Second, its always the best to push your own key with checking ppl RIO before inv. And now the 2 ways. If you realy wanna play havoc, be patient, or find FOTM friend who you will be playing with so it will be easier to find party, but doing this alone is also possible just takes time. Secons solution is simply playing as tank. I never tanked before, but this expansion I decided to play whole class, not only 1 spec. As DH veng i had no trouble of doing all dungs on +9 as tank and 1 on +12 even tho i havent played tank before. Its simple, kite run and play FB build with legendary, take good classes with good score like rsham/boomy/mage and maybe hunter(?) so they will help you to slow enemies down and since they eat everything so fast you wont need to worry about tanking for too long. I realy recomend it :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course not, one of thanks left because he messed up twice and some of the people in the pug started insulting him. The other tank just said something in Russian and left.

My idea was that for the period of time that I mentioned in reality I was able to complete only one dungeon of the 3 in which I was invited.

The difference is that big part of Unholy’s damage comes from the pet which ignores mechanics and continues to deal damage, and also they can change talents to become a ranged hybrid so they aren’t affected by downtime like other melees.

This has no relation whatsoever with DH so why even mention it? That’s just normal PUG stuff that happens all the time (unfortunately).

I don’t have issue with being patient but the higher my ilvl goes the harder it gets to get invited and I don’t see a point in doing M8 to boost my RIO to 700 for example and don’t get any item whatsoever, as I don’t have an item that is below 200 and all my items, except the trinkets and weapons(weapons are 216 so I cannot change them via normal mythic anyways ) are BIS.

In terms of keys, this isn’t really a viable option as well as I don’t see the point in doing dungeons other then HoA, MoTS and PF (for the trinkets) as vault rewards are way more impactful then 200 ilvl vs 203ilvl / M8 vs M10

Yeah I have friends that play WoW, but I cannot rely on them all the time due to work and family. But at least I go Raiding with them when we can coordinate.

PvP is something that I don’t enjoy but I tried hard to reach 1400 rating to upgrade my conquest gear, didn’t worked out :slight_smile:

I will not change to a tank spec because I don’t enjoy the play stile, or better said I will not pay money to play something that I don’t want to.

And yeah, DHs have a good AoE/Cleave but all pug groups want 2 RDPS and one Melee, and when you have the choice between Unholy DK for example and DH, good luck getting the spot

My friends dont even want to play with me…they flat out told me they want vengeance not havoc.
I feel like sometimes my guild members are avoiding to play with me or putting me to weaker groups so they can time keys :frowning: Most of the guild melees that play are UHdk and rogue so yeah…me getting a spot in timing key is hard.

If your friends don’t want to play with you because you do 1k less dps than a Mage in a dungeon…


They are not your friends.

Because I don’t have limitless time and if you don’t see this as a problem, you must be a thick one

It is. Havoc is bottom 3 DPS wise, that’s not what ‘average’ means. So it is misinformation.

Vengeance does that. There is no reason to bring Havoc specifically.

If you look at M+ or Kael logs you will see this is also false. Havoc AoE is average AT BEST.

Pvp overall? Im not enjoying arenas too much but rbgs are rly ez to score rating. I started with “no exp no cr group daily win” or weekyl quest, then moved into “low cr grp” scored 1400 in one day, then 1400+ grps, 1600+ etc. Im on 1750 now and im palning to hit 1800 since i found good grp for doing this together but all of us were ransom pug ppl in 1st place. Spec tank play rbg its mostly flag def or fc job.

You must be either extremely naive or straight up stupid so I’ll make it clear for you.

First, nobody cares if you have time or not and this will never be taken into consideration for balacing purposes.

Second, the idiots quitting in PUGs have nothing to do with current Havoc state, idiots are idiots regardless of class, spec, age, etc.

Therefore there is no logic for your whinning post to be on DH section.

If you have little time and no friends to do content then work to solve that issue rather than blaming your spec, which honestly I’m pretty sure even if you were playing FOTM you’d be making this same whine post on a different class section.

Thats why i rerolled ww monk 170ilvl already… and my dh is 205

So waiting for more then 4 hours to get into 3 pugs is something that is within the bounds of normal/productive/fun time spend in the game…

I guess that all posts about the state of Havoc are from people that have played another game and Havoc DHs are accepted as easily as any class in the game…

And yeah, probably it’s a good idea to phone my friends and insists to log into WoW because I have free time at a certain period and they should drop everything and log so we can play together… Screw the baby it’s WoW time…

But yeah, every single post is bound to have one cancer person I guess

yea demon hunter are not very good in this expansion i don,t mind it too much but i do have to say that the difference of top dps and Demon Hunter is a little too big.

its a little disappointing too see a low ilvl out dps you haha so they should fix that.

1k less dps overall is a massive difference that can very, very easily make the difference between a timed key or a failed run purely because of the difference in DPS.

But considering your progress I can clearly understand your pov and why you believe 1k dps difference is negligeble.

Uhm… what do you mean by average?