Not timing a M+

Why when the dungeon is clearly a lot out of time it is not giving any score? That in my opinion is just a bad design. I am already punished by:

  • downgrading the key
  • receiving a lower item level item

Why the system is just not changed to - if doing the key above hour the score will be as a timed key two levels lower. So If I don’t time a level 5 I get a score for a timed level 3. I really hate doing high level keys which are above hour and the key to not be counted at all.


Who cares about score

So, you’re saying you feel entitled to a reward you didn’t deserve, by failing a key, that already rewards you with focus and items?

Because the rating is used to indicate your success to other players. If they awarded severe failure with the rating. Itd become a misconception and untrusted.

You get gear + vault, i think thats enough safety in regards to rewards even jf failing

There are enough players with 2,5k+ rating who plays like boosted.
No kicks
Stands in all shiat
Pull other mobs

But yeah rating = skill LuL

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Dude it’s due to retarded fact blizztard made keys now actually pre-maid content.

If you have a party of friends you storm through them.

With randoms it’s almost impossible.

That’s how they fight RMT lol. Making dungeons more complex as if traders could care less.

Another mistake from blizztards - making endless mistakes since 2016.

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The system is right like this.
Why should you get points if you fail a key?
It does not make sense.
We should thank that they don’t take them away from us, if we fail the keys, like in pvp.

Just go 20 every day for 8h till it is cleared. Easy 2600 score. Such cool much wow

Yes I feel entitled to a completed dungeon to be counted. I don’t care if the point received is 1.
What I want to see is if I have completed a timed level 9 and now I complete a level 15 above the 1 hour that dungeon to be counted. It is 6 levels above of what my highest is.

I’d actually prefer a system in M+ like the one in PvP. Completion of dungeons and rating should be 2 separate things.

The rewards are another story which I don’t want to tackle as I am not quite happy about them. What I don’t like about the current scoring system is that if my highest timed level is 1 star timed level 9 and then I do not on time level 15 above 1 hour then it is not counted. Even though there is 6 level difference. That is just bad system.


That systems allows ur skill to be a better accessment of your ability.

That is a great system.

Fun doesnt exist. Without risk of failure. And thats what that is, the ability to fail.

Its more generous then the RIO addon itself awarded. Failing keys gave 0 RIO back then. If u push what ur after. Things will go back to that. And thats worse.

You cant make the system more forgiving then the addon by that much lol, if we go back to the addon, hardlocking to timed +20 keys to earn KSM etc etc will follow suit

Since this came in. We have it easier then ever when it comes to scores im sorry, but this is already too forgiving in its currebt situation.

Rio gave score for any run out of time though.

It is the new blizzard score that stops giving points after 40% over the timer.

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As @Tsjoh said before the implementation of Blizzard’s score RIO gave points for not timing a M+. So it is Blizzard who screwed it.
I disagree with you about the level difficulty. A good way to punish the player but make him learn and feel he accomplished something is the way FromSoftware does it with Soul games. It is just good game play.
In M+ I feel screwed for wasting my time for doing a 1hour run. This is the way to lose faster your player base rather than make them want to play WoW.

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Yes and the class balance is pure trash. It’s the worst since all expansions. Even the differences between specs of a class are night and day.
Some classes are pumping so much more (AOE)DPS then others.

Especially the burst is a big problem. The ramp up is different between classes.

CoS second boss is a joke with heavy melee burst classes. If you go in there with three non burst aoe build classes the imps will eat you alive.

This season is the hardest, most unfun ever.


They didn’t “screw it”. They made a conscious decision not to award abject failure. One I agree with. We mis-timed a key by so much today we didn’t get score. Thats on the group and thats fine by me.


Sadly all the people I know think different from Blizzard including me

  • The key holder is already being punished by getting his key depleted.
  • Everyone in the group gets less items
  • Lower ilvl for not doing the key on time
  • And to put the chery on the top the key is not even counted as done if it is to much out of time.

So yea. People will feel screwed for investing their time for finishing the level. The old RIO system was great because it rewarded me for finishing the dungeon. So I had the incentive to try finishing the level.
I really like how FromSoftware do it. They reward failure because once I overcome the challenge the feeling of satisfaction is enormous. In M+ I just feel screwed one way or another if I don’t time it.

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So you want to be awarded by failing the assignment?
Imagine this in argument in dark souls
“I want the boss items without having to kill the boss because its too hard”

While punishing people heavily for standing in avoidable damage… and harder if they die and are rezzed. We can have all of that, I am all for it. Oh the tears.
“QQ why is my dmg -30% when I die?”

Not to mention that higher m+ are the equivalent of savage Trials in FF. 1-2 People dying means failure for the whole group. There is only victory or death, no pity points.
Its a total different gaming style. Orange and apple.
FF doesnt gift you anything for free, you have to work for it, like you should.

I want my effort to be counted. It worked like this with old RIO before Blizzard implemented their scoring system.
I don’t care about higher keys above level 20. I was always playing in the level 20 bracket for the portals and always getting them. I am still not there as of now but it will happen.
When the dungeon is to hard and I know my group can’t do it I will lower the key. That already happened once with Azure vaults. So I know my group limit. But I hate it when we are able to finish the level but it is not counted.

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If you finish the key, you still get loot, valor and its counted towards your weekly key. If below 40% Overtime you still get score.

Timing it is a bonus.

20 are more like 23 or something like that in SL, I heard(not a fact, just what I heard).
So we will take a bit longer to do them. But like you said, eventually we will reach that.

Thats good, not many are self concious enough to understand when its not gonna happen. Thats a good mentality.

Like I said. 40% and below is still counted. Example from my experience:
Timed with 2 min remaining 197 Points, not timed 5 min overtime 181 points.
I believe it was a 15 or 16 key end of december.
The difference was under 20 points. I went from 181 to 197. Same height, just not overtime.

Make him want to play WoW by “sop” points on a run he lost? Seriously? People leave for other reasons, not because they don’t get points… Let’s make this game as easy as possible so the casuals don’t leave. :woman_facepalming: