Not wow topic! New world! Wat happened?!

I just started playing new world and I don’t see anyone in that game…
Can anyone enlightened me, what’s going on with new world?! The hype game?! The one that did kill wow or other MMOs?!

Just what happened?!!!


Seems that I’ve depleted my flag actions for the day!

But you should (also) ask this on the New World forum.

I had high hopes for NW myself but I also still believe in Santa Claus :slight_smile:


I mean, I did hear some ppl say or from internet that it’s lost some players but when I started to play the game. Not a single player is there…

It looks abandoned!!!

Not that this topic is relevant to the wow forums at all, but are we surprised that another “wow killer” end up dying before even getting traction?

WOW will never be killed by any other MMO. End of story. I’m reading there’s a new “wow killer” every 2 years, yet they come and go and here we are.


Turns out walking around and gathering stuff isn’t a content


Is your video card still alive ?


Sorry to hear that.
At least you’re playing “for free” :stuck_out_tongue:

When (or if?) they ever get the graphic bugs and glitches fixed, I might invest a couple of months in NW


Yeah…it is! I saw 1 or 2 ppl around and before I could say hi, they logged out from game.:cry:

I bought the game for about 22€ and it’s installed, but I haven’t played it because I’m scared.

My GPU is old as hell (Gtx 980) but even so, it deserves a more honorable death than that :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah! So that’s one of the reasons ppl aren’t there in game.

Oh! True…
But NW is Similar to WoW classic…imo
The weapon skills, gathering, etc reminds me so much like the good old WoW classic era…


A lot of people are so resentful towards Blizzard that they were hoping that New World would make WoW crash and burn.

Never played New World, but anyone who thought there would be enough content in a new game in comparison to a game that’s been out for over a decade is a bit naive!


New World has many dead servers. This happened when they opened server transfers, and population conglomerated in the top populated servers.

The other reason for the many dead servers is Amazon opening many new servers to accommodate the initial population, even when they knew it was going to drop off. It always does in every MMO. I’d say the ~100k concurrent players is the game’s actual population that will remain, and it has servers to accommodate ten times that.

Patch 1.1 was kind of a disaster - many hidden changes that annoyed the community, then there was the free gold cap give away which hurt the game. Basically, on top of everything else, people are losing faith in Amazon’s ability to manage an MMO. It’s really a mess, even if the game is good.

I’d advise you to go on the Asgard or Helheim servers, because despite all the game’s issues… it’s still ripe fun to play around in the open world, do quests, explore, hunt, farm professions, etc. Just the leveling is totally worth the asking price. If you’re on a dead server, don’t worry much - they will be merged at some point soon.


The years have passed, many years, almost 20 and people still fall for it.
A new game arrives, hyped by those that made it and the press, that brings nothing new to the table, except for a new “look” et voila, people flock to it as the new super duper game, only to crash and burn in a short period of time.

Deja vu over and over again.
How people still fall for it, its behiond me…

So, whats the new game that will bring nothing to the table that people will flock into?


Well there goes half of WoW “content” then.


I mean, it is, but it’s really stupid to force people to farm level 1 mats to craft level 60 gear.

Plus is not really what you do in NW that is wrong, is just that is recycled 20393393 times. 1 WoW zone has more lore and diversity than the entire NW game.


Killed? It killed itself.

Amazon happened.

NW was released as a buggy mess full of exploits and game breaking issues, and everytime the Devs fixed one they introduced another issue along the way.

  • You have gold dups founds every few days.
  • Every update brough along major issues.
  • You could not play the end-game for about a month because the Devs seemingly didn’t test the game & you couldn’t get the required item.
  • You could send code in the chat and either outright make people crash, fill their screen with images, play sounds or simply manipulate quest rewards.
  • Despite there being “No automated bans” according to Amazon you can spam report someone and earn him a 24h ban, with the support taking more than a day to even treat your tickets meaning you won’t have any option but wait.
  • The progression is terrible and they stealth nerf it with the last update so that new players struggle even more than before
  • AOE spam could create massive lags and be abused by players so the Devs made them useless. But you could still cause lags weeks after the “fix”, it just killed most aoe builds.
  • By fixing a completely unrelated issue they broke the auction house, leading to tons of gold and items disappearing from the game. They were restored later on but still.
  • They recently decided to give players back the gold they lost due to an issue which caused them to be taxed twice for their houses. But they smh failed something that easy and gave players on the EU severs almost the gold cap or about 100 times what they should get. This led to delays for the update and a roll back of the EU realms.

And the list goes on and on.

I’m sure the Devs are trying as hard as they can to salvage the game but honestly I lost any hope and will to play the game around the AH bug.

The game looks amazing and has one of the best world generation tech I’ve ever seen. But it doesn’t make up for all its flaws.

It’s understandable if WoW has spaghetti code and can’t increase the size of the base bag for example. New World has no excuse if it happens at launch.


i believe many stopped playing cos of bugs and exploits its a great game its just going to take a while to get of the ground just like ff14 and eso


How can you kill that does not have life :face_with_monocle:

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I wanted to try it at least but i’m not risking my 3090 on that game