Now the horde is pure crap

I hope we stick with the council and the leaders elect amongst themselves the most suitable Warchief for the foe the horde is fighting. Similar to the Dictator in the Roman Republic or a Herizogo in early medieval Saxony.

they all go mad and we kill them too FOR THE ALLIANCE

I just realised as I was writing it, ‘hang on, who would want to be Warchief?’, as it seems they’re all doomed in one way or another :joy:

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Actually Blizz taimed the NE in Vanilla so they fit better in the human alliance. Instead of tribal, righteous warriors who love nature they become cliché Cityelves. Burning down Teldrassil was the first step fixing them.

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Player character should become warchief, when he dies he can just run to his corpse and resurrect.

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Is that a question or a statement? MVPs do indeed post in green. Staff post in blue. Everyone else posts in glorious white.

This blue post explains the MVP Program

Haha :rofl: :clap:

I don’t think anyone is demanding equal deaths on the Alliance as if there is some balance in doing that. Or at least not until you mentioned it. Unless I missed something.

It’s a topic about how many leaders the Horde have lost and what do we have left.

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Just give us Baine as warchief already!

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I totally would support him if he wouldn’t be best buddy of Anduin.

At least for me, the description of cityelves it’s more fitting for a BE not NE. As you said, NE are tribal nature fanboys.
In my opinion NE have more things in common (culturally) with Tauren rather than Humans.

PS: I’m not a HE fan, I don’t even care about them to be honest. Saying this just in case.

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No thank you


I mean, Baine effectively “is” Warchief now, because they sure as fel don’t like to portray the council as, well… a council.

But why not? :o

Transitioning from a Warchief to a Council is actually not a bad step. A Warchief was needed while survival was the ultimate goal of the Horde, as it was through bouts of conquest. Now its a time of relative peace, or at least “not-war” and such a figurehead is not needed.

Furthermore, a council-led faction builds more distinction between the Horde and Alliance, with the monarch-led faction in opposition. The diversity of the Horde is all about diseperate groups coming together.

That all being said, I do agree that the Horde has been taking gut-punch after gut-punch regarding its Hero roster. We’ve lost Cairne, Garrosh, Vol’jin and Saurfang, while Baine is written as an Alliance-cuck and Thrall is a hermit. Sylvanas is now an antagonist with Gallywix actually following her.

So the Horde has lost eight characters in the same space that the Alliance lost one; Varian. Am I missing any?

This isn’t a dig against balancing what happens between each Faction, but you can’t just go murdering all the fan-favorite characters on one side and then call it good writing.


How can he be Warchief and Manduin’s love interest? Conflict of interest!

More like can we please execute Baine already?

I think we need someone to unite the two sides, Baine was clearly part of the lets be traitors with the Alliance. It needs someone who didn’t take part in the divide. Someone who can unite the two sides of the Horde. The Loyalists and the Saurfang supporters. Baine is not the right candidate.

Edit - I wrote ‘unite the two sides’ too many times. but my brain doesn’t want to work to reword it.


This is what I initially wanted to say. Much better explanation. Nobody demands to kill one horde/one ally character. This will be retarded but the only times where Alliance died is when Varyan and Tyrion died.

At the moment all the leaders of the Alliance are alive and right there: Anduin, Jaina, Genn, Malfurion, now when Aleria is back, Tyralion, Velen, Kathgar the leader of Kirin Thor, and many many others.

The only loss for this expansion for the alliance is High Thinker and he is only frozen. Muradin is as well alive.

We during the course lost Garrosh, Carne, Vol Jin, Varok, Rasta, now Sylvanas and many many others. Good story telling requires for both factions to suffer. In this “war” the alliance actually havent lost anything. They won in all fields.

Baine is crap. Better Trade Prince Galy than Baine.


These are the consequences of terrible writing or biased writing, call it how you wish.

The Horde lost :

  • Cairne
  • Vol’jin
  • Garrosh
  • Thrall ( he is alive but this isn’t Thrall )
  • Sylvanas

The backbone of what made the Horde what it was is gone in favour of characters like Baine and Zappy boy.

It’s quite sad to see what terrible writing can do to well established and core characters of the warcraft franchise. The Horde is indeed a shadow of what it once was.

They are pushing this Red Alliance theme upon them and it’s one of the worst things that has happened to the faction.


Actually Blizz protecting you via Baine and Thrall card in order to enable you to get away with your genocidal act Burning of Teldrassil. Writers are protecting you via such stupid stuff, normally we must exterminate orcish bloodline from the earth before an armistice, that is how it must be but they can’t make their favourite faction suffer right…