Now when warriors in every shuffle, buff dk physical def?

Now when arms is on every game in solo shuffle means dk is even worse, we can’t do anything vs arms, zero physical def.

Frost dk disarm pillar 24/7 also means frost dk is dead now becouse arms every game.


Wow suddenly there is a counter to mongo spec that could eat every caster for breakfast


That kind of describes warrior too though…


Isn’t being somehow physical weak the only thing that keeps everyone from rolling unholy dk instead, consider how strong they are against casters?


I was legit confused if he was talking about Warrior.


Ye bro arms best counter for caster cleaves


Late news, DK was weak vs physical burst before they buffed arms.

You guys should watch DH and Assassin in SS, arms is only A tier and DK at best B tier after update.

And its not even because of arms and spellwarden nerf, those other classes mentioned just kill way faster with more mobility and semi-immortality vs everything.

Feels good together with low cr players like 2 healers put into much higher MMR pools, saw this many times now - assa just cherry pics them and shut them down in like 50 seconds more or less and there is nothing that could be done about that.

good game. :laughing:

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I just can’t se a way to play shuffle as frost dk atm, disarm 24/7 in pillar.

It’s arms 90% of all games.

I play 100% frost not really talking about unholy here they still op.

B, please. Arms basically counters everything now.

You can trinket disarm but yes you can’t do too much. Best thing you can do is spam chains and peel the arms away so he cannot play the game either, you are good at it

I’m pretty low on frost rn around 2.5 cr and i can confirm that no warrior knows how to disarm at this cr, maybe because most of them are 1200 players in previous expansions.

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Arnt you like top 20 with 2.5k cr? “Pretty low”, gtfo :smiley:

The devs at Blizzard keeps buffing specs for pve without nerfing them for pvp.

First shadow priests and now arms warriors and then something else, maybe hunters.

I have joined several bgs while leveling and it is now 50% arms warriors.

I dont know what to say. Ill propably be banned for this but the devs in charge for balance are completely balls. Arent they supposed to be engineers and stuffs? Doesnt that require intelligence? What do they teach in the US engineer program? Name the main ingredients in Whopper XL bacon and get a bachelor degree? Wth is that incompetence? You cant just buff a class in pve and not nerf it the same way for pvp, otherwise youll create a fotm… even a dog can understand that.


2.5 is like top 6 for frost ladder but i was talking about global ladder ;D

Well still, very good job done.

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Cant wait to see in in every tournament game then, oh wait maybe 3s? Oooh there are 10 2.4 plus warriors there. I guess solo shuffle is the best indicator xD oh wait drustvar actially shows 5 guys as arms above 2.4 on eu im 3s also only war in awc is blizo. I guess they should nerf hunters cuz there are more of them in high rated arena than fury and arms comibed. 9 bm hunters 2 mm 2 survi damn sorry bro.

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Arms is absolutely disgusting right now the only reson theres not tons of them at the top is they were only buffed wednesday there was none in the top 100 before that… i bet you thought warrior was balanced SL s1 too you seem like that sort of player :rofl:


There were like 12 warrior in top 300 while top while top 100 had 1 war who played with brewmaster. In NA there are more warriors compared to EU because meta is less caster cleave heavy and more zugzug. Fewer ele shamans and other casters =better time for warrior comps like turbo ret war tsg.

My best as frost was 2293 solo shuffle but i dropped now even to down 1700.

It’s becouse i am drunk i can easily get 2k tommorow but what is ur tip?

Don’t play dual wield XD