Nvidia flickering is back!?

hey guys,

since a few weeks the flickering is back

wow tbc - only in terokkar forest
nvidia v 496.13
winver 21h1 build 19043.1288

ray tracing off

amd 9 5900x
rtx 3080 fe

if i enable directx 11 legacy instead of directx 12 its gone
any suggestions?

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Yes, enable DirectX 11 Legacy, until nVidia fix it, again.

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question is, did nvidia know about this problem? in driver releases are no notes about that

yes they are / were aware of it. It was ‘fixed’ right before 9.1, but the problem came back for me aswell recently (in both shadowlands and tbc)

This is not a solution btw, just a workaround. Going to DX11 legacy means you will have less performance.

If you’re worried about them not knowing then go to the nvidia forums and report it.

Nothing Blizzard can really do. It’s up to nvidia to make sure their drivers don’t break games. If it bothers you go tell nvidia you’re gonna buy an AMD GPU next time if this continues.

yeh I know it’s not blizz’s fault, it’s just nvidia slacking on a fix :frowning: the bug was gone for a while after the april build this year, but it came back unfortunately.

confirmed to be happening in shadowlands to me too. Map flickers aswell when you hover over certain areas

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It seem texture flicking on some objects thought out WoW regardless if I am DirectX 11 or 12.

DirectX 11 Video:

DirectX 12 Video:

Graphics Card: RTX 2070 Super
Graphics Card Driver: Nivida Version 496.13

Its a known nVidia issue, contact nVidia. Neither Blizzard, nor Activision own nVidia.

Just come back to WoW after about a 6 month break. Noticed I’ve got intermittent what looks like faint flickering every so often. However over certain quests on the map causes a little portion of it to flicker aswell. It’s not major.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I seem to only get it in Ardenweld

People with nVidia GPU’s and the latest nVidia drivers experience flickering/flashing in certain areas.

It is important to note, this is not a Blizzard problem, but an nVidia problem. It started with the release of new drivers, nVidia then fixed it, and then broke it again.

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Think I’ll be going with an AMD graphics card when I upgrade my pc. Always have bought Nvidia, This has persuaded me to switch.

The issue seems to still be there as of Version: 496.49

Okay lets raise the subscription costs to £300 a month, so Blizzard can buy nVidia, that way you actually will be blaming the correct people, instead of failing to blame nVidia.

I’m on these and have not seen the flickering for quite some time (I have seen it one previous 472.xx versions from time to time) Nvidia 3070. It is a complex issue, seems to hamper some people and not others. I run with RTX on fair (which did fix it for me in the past, however even if I turn it off currently I don’t have flickering.

People from the Nividia Forums say this is a blizzard issues. I have RTX off by default.

roll back to 471.11 version. one of the 3rd best and most stable drivers.

Don’t do this! There are so many security fixes in the drivers since then, you really don’t want to do this…

I noticed flickers today, can’t remember if I saw any before today. But I went to STV fishing oily blackmouth and the screen flickered so frequently. Anywhere else it seems to be fine, is it just some locations where the lighting is different ?