Official DragonFang Discord

Greetings Classic Community,

For the players already in DragonFang and the ones who are thinking about transfering, here’s the link for the Official Discord:



Wish there was an official Dragonfang forum on here.


That would be very good too! Don’t forget to tell all your friends about this discord.

seem friendly enough to get info from and welcoming :smiley: even for an ally :open_mouth:

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Allies are the most welcoming and friendly you will ever find! Why don’t you join our realm and discord and see by yourself :slight_smile:

Just a curious question, what if another random part of the community puts up a discord server and calls it the ‘official’ Dragonfang discord?

Good question. Every other discord server has the same problem. This post was made to send a message to everyone in the community, first handed that this is the official discord server. The other servers that may appear, will not be looked as official. Atleast in theory.

It’s not official at is it?

You saying it is doesn’t make it so.

At least someone made a discord to grow the community. Gehennas isn’t official either but most people use the same one. Good luck with it.

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In a way maybe.

Truly ‘official’ would have to be if it was hosted by Blizzard themselves though, I believe.

Nice bunch, numbers are slowly growing ^^

At the very least it’s the first Discord that I’ve seen made for Dragonfang. Seems like its growing too which is good news

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It sure is! Both the realm and the discord are growing at a very fast rate! We started 2 days ago with only a few members and now we’re on the 100+ member area!

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