Official SOM2 / Fresh EU Realms Discord Server

Below you can find the links to the 2 official SOM2 EU PvE and PvP Realm Discord Servers.

SOM2 EU PvP Realm Discord:

SOM2 EU PvE Realm Discord:


Was there any news I missed or something?

It’s a waiting room for something that may or may not happen.


I see. Wtb SoM TBC please!


I wonder how long it will be until the “links” expire?

btw use preformatted text </> to give the full inks.

I actually think Era SoM2 will happen, TBC SoM, not so much.

I think so as well, i see a SoM 2 coming, don’t know when, maybe this summer but yet again I’m not worried, I know that once the “hype” dies out, many will come back to current Era.

Thanks for this. It’s indeed a waiting room. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links. Joined both. Can’t wait for more news about SOM.

Wishlist SOM2:

  • No bots

What do you all want to see in SoM2?


I don’t think you guys know what official means. Unless Blizzard is directly involved, it’s unofficial.

Also these discords are always a cringe fest, especially the PvP realm ones. Just edgelords making terrible memes and usually inexperienced mods on a power trip.


I manage a 400k Discord server and many WoW Classic Discord servers. It’s in good hands. :slight_smile:

Anyways SOM2 when?
I have the feeling that Ulduar 25 Hard modes is too hard for casual guilds / dad guilds. And at the other side of the spectrum we have the hardcore guilds clearing 3-5 times a week Uld25HM with all 1 shots.
Both of these groups are actually bored and are starting to quit, this will result in a subscription dip in the next 2 weeks of around 50% I am guessing.
In other words, Blizzard will have to throw something at us to keep us playing. Ulduar nerfs will still let the hardcore players quit. So, SOM2 it is. :slight_smile:


Is there any way for blizzard to monetize som2

If yes, we will see it.
If no, we are more profitable on Wotlk Classic

Just keeping the subs active is already a win I think?
And maybe some nice cosmetic deal again. They will think about something and people always buy it anyways. No matter what they bring on the market, people have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and buy stuff.

I’m ready for whatever they throw at us though. I’ll also buy it without hesitating. :slight_smile:

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SOM2 when?

No one knows. We are not even sure if it’s ever going to happen.

It does not even need to be SOM2. Just something fresh. Classic+ would be the best for me personally with Wrath class balance.

The problem is that the community is so diverse and the authentic experience is different for a lot of people. Some people just want Blizzard fresh, some people want SOM2, some people want TBC fresh, WOTLK fresh, Classic+, TBC+, Wrath+, etc.

And the private server community has those answers because for everyone there is probably a server out there that is actually what they are looking for. Except for new Blizzard content.

I would need either SOM2 or Classic+ to actually continue playing the game.
The current state of the game in Wrath is disgusting, they really show their true colors by not caring 1 copper about their in-game environment. All the bots are just going crazy, months and months after reporting they are still there just farming gold. And of course there is the toxic and sick player base that is buying gold and spent it in GDKPs. Although those people are now bored as well since they have acquired most of their gear and cleared 9/9 HM with Yogg0 and Algalon included in a GDKP.

Blizzard: Release Classic again, but better with GM’s now.
Thank you.

about 10 people per server with empty threads

sure sounds official

The server is slowing filling up; yes.
But did you ever see a WoW Discord server going from 0 members to 10000 overnight? :slight_smile:

Blizzard did not announce the realms yet. But nevertheless, better gather the community early to get to know each other. You don’t have to join, it’s there for those who want to and actually chat a bit already.

Well the “S” in SoM is “season” , which implies that there will be another one. Some Season of something. lets hope it comes soon and i hope it will be about PVP, not about raids

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S in SOM could also imply that the experience is of fixed duration compared to Era which is indefinite.