Ogre as allied race for Classic Plus

Just thinking about it makes my mouth watery: imagine controlling a badass ogre warrior or warlock. They have been part of the game since the start, not some vulpera or panda BS! This is your last chance Blizz, make it happen!


I’m fine with that, dirty horde can get ogres while alliance will get nagas! :star_struck:

You have a point with them being part of the lore since the beginning but… hell no, not in Classic. Do something like that to Classic, and it’s just not Classic anymore… keep new (old) races to retail, if anything

If I remember right, the option of adding Ogres was discussed back in the day, they scrapped it because due to their sheer size they wouldn’t fit with the old architecture (they wouldn’t pass through doors, things like that)

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No :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost as cool as troll female :stuck_out_tongue:

They can be playable in classic+ if blizz wants to add them. Dont forget the brackenwall village ogres. Maybe ogres can be added as a new race with the need of doing brackenwall quests to unlock them ?

You’re missing the point, new content to an older game version poses issues both tech- and lore-wise (you need a fully staffed team for new dungeons and content, and make way too many adjustments to the lore to fit in a race that only was there in a “supporting role” all along).

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Got your point. What if they like have a fledged team that adds it with a opening cinematic for the race and a little bit of lore (This is already in classic lore) :
“After years of being allied with the thrall’s horde , ogres of brackenwall decided to fully support the horde and joined their ranks in the mighty horde capital , orgrimmar , embarking their honor and motives , carrying themselves to future.”
I think at this point this is way way way more understandable than kekwlands lore. Classic+ have so much potential lore-wise and gameplay-wise.
Maybe like caverns of time in classic with a new raid designed like Battle of Dazar Alor from bfa “Conquest of stormwind” or that battle at blackrock mountain about humans vs the first orcish horde

Orges would have been good to add in mop instead of monks imo. Always hated monks. They shouldn’t come to classic though.

Monk is a class, Ogre is a race. You dont know what you are talking about.

… I know exactly that I’m talking about. What is your problem? I don’t like the monk class and I don’t feel it added any value to the game, however the orge race probably would have been way more popular than the entire monk class.

Yeah those ogres from Dustwallow have big potential to become allies of hordie. And then maybe add worgens to alliance.

Based on what you managed to spew out:
Don’t think, it doesn’t benefit anone. Play retail and suggest it there.

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By all means, you don’t juxtapose content like that. When you add a new race, you’re also supposed to add content that’s relevant to it and its lore - maybe write new lore altogether. Not to mention the balance changes it implies. No, definitely, new races belong to new expansions, not older iterations. Personally though, I’m pretty sure they already considered Ogre as a playable race down the line, and they discarded them for a whole series of reasons. During TBC era Metzen himself said he’d have liked to make them playable someday, together with Nagas and more, and they were even mockingly announced as such for a April Fool’s joke… but that’s it.

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