Oh the joy of new AH

I on the other hand enjoy paying 300g per flask instead of 800g. I also dumped all my flasks prior to the merge because the price change was obvious.

It depends on what you sell I suppose, the items I used to sell for gold (gems and enchants) are now reduced by 50-75%. So its hardly worth making them any more. Too much time for almost no profit. But they do sell very fast, if they sell.

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Sinvyr going for 6g a piece down from 20+ felt kinda awful as I only make hold via gathering
Thank the lord I farmed for a month before this hit

For me, playing much the AH (no, not with TSM. Just buying, crafting, selling), the actual state of prices just make me stop crafting anything. It just does not make sense to craft an enchant and then have a profit of 2-5 gold. Just do the math. Its not worth the time. Its even less with food.
I am curious where this is going. Especially for DF where they announced to “bring back meanings to profession”

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…and the AH is unavailable again.


It’s good for everyone, whose main gameplay doesn’t revolve around making gold

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Scoff all you want. Watch this space.

Its Bobby’s world, be blessed you are allowed to live in it, now go buy dem tokens.

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The taxman ensuring they still get their cut… :male_detective:

On one hand, as someone who is not a hardcore Auction House player, I think they needed to rein in the cancelling style of play so someone could:

  • experience the nice feeling of selling an occasional item once in a while.

  • Afford to buy items needed to access content they want to do.

On the other hand, I am suspicious of longer term motives, that may reduce gold making in game (or limit it to boosters in elite content) thus restricting the options of how players can afford to pay to access the game.

The game is expensive enough, given that we need to purchase all new content and a subscription to ‘rent’ everything. :moneybag:

If the sub lapses - the player is back on the same footing as someone who has never played it.


Sorry for asking but WHAT stupid stuff did they buy for you to earn so much? :sparkling_heart:

That item is no longer available
That item is no longer available
That item is no longer available
That item is no longer available

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Yeah, some sort of cool-down for re-listing would be nice.


I would just like to know who is selling crafted items for cheaper than mats price?

And also some vendor items are cheaper on the AH than from vendors xD

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Price remained the same for Twisting Nether :man_shrugging:.
Same with pots etc, just the enchants got crazy cheap lmao. Celestial Guidance from 1.5k to 30g :joy:

I made 284.762g yesterday on selling crafting mats.

I don’t see the problem.

Getting a irl job and paying it that way?


But the tokens peeps have a job…
It’s called World of Boostcraft :melting_face:.

it went up on my realm from basically 5g to the 30g, lmao. weird how that is.

Yeah, in all honesty, WoW isn’t that expensive for a game, even if you put in £40 a month. “Free to play games” on mobile requires 10 times that a month to progress in a proper way.

(Looking at you, ad for LETS PLAY RAI-)

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