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I have just returned to the game after a long while. I know the following subject has been discussed a thousand times already, but I have not yet seen the answers to my questions…

  • How is it best to experience old content?
  • Do you have a character where you’ve completed all zones/expansions/content, or choose to roll a new character to do the expansion/zones instead of going back with that one character and one-hit everything?

I know this game is all about the end-game content, and that I come with the wrong mindset, but I’ve missed so much content and lore, and really want to experience it right.

My problem is that I struggle to make one decision:

  • I have always dreamed to have that one character with all maps fully explored, all quests, dungeons and raids done, all content finished and seen. If I do that, it will either be boring and not the right way to experience the content, if I one-shot everything, or I can cap my experience, but then doing 10k quests and all the content with only one character, without gaining level, xp, new gear and everything being a constant, would also be really boring.

  • The other option would be for me to either create a character for each expansion, cap it an before max lvl and finish all the content in that expansion with it, and at the end uncap it and go through the raids and stuff of that expansion one-shotting everything. Or forget about capping and roll multiple characters for each expansion, moving to the next character when I’d max level. This is the way I would normally go, this would probably the most fun. But the idea of having that one protagonist, that one character that has everything, that’s what I also want…

What do you guys think that I should do?

I gave you my answer three years ago:

You understand the options aswell as anyone can who hasn’t actually experienced it.

Sorry, only you can choose for yourself.

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Oh, did I ask that 3 years ago? LOL!
Times change.
Wanted to see how people experience the old content today.

The question people come here asking that I dread is: “What class/spec should I play?”

I can tell them facts, how efficient each class is in various contexts, roughly how much each spec is played, how a spec is doing this patch, what the gameplay is generally like.

But I can’t tell them what they will enjoy. Can’t do it. I know what I enjoy. I can’t know what they enjoy. Neither can they, really, since they won’t know until they try it.

Your question is similar. For me the answer is: one character per expansion. By a mile.

But only you can decide for you. There’s nothing more anyone can tell you that you don’t already know.

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If you dread a question, don’t answer it. I also struggled with choosing a class, and I struggle finding my playstyle in this game. I don’t think it is such a big deal if someone wants to ask the same question, or one similar, 3 years later after coming (again) back to the game.
Still, thanks for the answer. I know in the end it comes to me choosing how I want to experience the old content, but still wanted to see some thoughts and opinions on the matter.

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