Old Vanilla/TBC player looking for mature guild


Hey, I’ve recently jumped back into BFA after taking a break at the middle of Legion. I spent most of my time raiding in TBC/LK/Cata then skipped Pandaria but came back for Draenor and Legion so have lots of experience with the game.

Looking for a guild that takes part in a bit of everything but mainly looking for a maturer guild as I’m 30+

I’m currently Horde but spent the almost all of my time as Alliance so I’m happy to jump servers and faction swap.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Hey Iselore,

New Destination might just be a guild for you! We’re a heroic raiding guild with mostly mature players.

You can find more (a lot more!) about us in our recruitment post: [Silvermoon] <New Destination> Heroic raiding for people with jobs, lives and families

If you’re interested, feel free to add me on Bnet – Jusi#2127 and let’s chat! :slight_smile:



Thanks, I’ll be in touch later on this evening for a chat!



You sound like the sort of person we would be happy to ‘adopt’! I am Guild Master of Battle Scars, based on Twisting Nether. We’ve existed since 2017 (Nighthold progress) and have had a steady first wing Mythic progress until BfA.

Several people decided to take a break, so we’re attempting to revive our roster to get back to good old days and progress some more again without needing to pug. We’re a great, chill community with all kinds of people, but with a mature way of handling things. No toxicity. No raging. We do M+ together on off-days often, do old transmog runs… anything, as long as we’re having fun.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, we would be happy to have you. :slight_smile:

Battlenet: Joséphine#2827
Discord: Jo (Joséphines)#7387

(Beckmiester) #5

Hey there, please add me dude.



Hey buddy :slight_smile:

Check out our heroic group. We don’t raid often or much, but always looking for experienced players with same mindset :slight_smile: Give it a read if it sounds like something for you.