Old version of wow is better still than current one

If the current game version was good, people will never play the VERY old version of it. Its this simple.

Wow lost its ways. Go back to the origins or watch it fail. DF is decent, but still not enough in the right direction. People started to play vanila instead of current version again. Queue times in DF are getting bigger. People are leaving. Its a shame show.

p.s. im also thinking about playing vanila instead of DF. And i really REALLY wanted DF to succed. Im loving the warcraft universe and I hate the fact that im literally forced to play the 2004 version of wow instead of the modern one.


No, it’s not. Old version of WoW sucks compared to the current one. There’s absolutely nothing to do, you raid and then when you’re done with the raid you might as well log off for the week and wait until reset.


You can spend time leveling new character?


Lvling is just about the most boring aspect of WoW.


Not to the people who like leveling :man_shrugging:


some people will always play old version but i’m not gonna give any reasons . don’t want to offend anyone. it has nothing to do with retail.

it does have anything to do with retail. Nobody would chose to play a 20 years old version of a game, if that actual one would have been good. Classic wow succed just because modern wow failed. And not just once.

As i said, df is decent. But as long as they dont revamp it (the whole game), using their old wow principles, it will eventually fail. People took enough. There’s a reason subscribtions dropped so hard after shadowlands. Even with dragonflight being better than shadowlands.


it is good. it’s just different. has its flaws but classic isn’t perfect either.

its a 20 years old game. Ofc its not perfect. All im saying is that people still chosing to play the old version of wow instead of the current ones proves how bad the actual one is. Im not saying classic is better than DF, im just saying its a direct insult to the DF that people are still chosing classic instead.

For a 20 years newer version, DF is still a fail expansion. But compared to the shadowlands, its a good expansion. Because at least its in the right direction. But imagine if blizzard actually improved the game in these 20 years instead of failing. How great the current version could look…


df can’t give the nostalgia they’re looking for. it’s harder, more complicated and focused more on endgame. two different games.


I disagree. Classic is there for you, so i dunno what you are waiting for. You don’t need our permission.


It’s called “preference.”

If I don’t see a pic of a murloc holding you at fish-point you’re lying :shushing_face:


What the current game needs is a tough world. Danger. This brings life to a game world, similar to Elden Ring and that’s what you have in vanilla/classic. The very same thing that pushes people to group up and face difficulty. It’s very nice.

Problem is, as the game expand, you had content that was almost impossible to do solo because nobody/not enough peeps would want to do it. That’s why they toned down outdoor difficulty. Some balance should be found tho.

Because right now it’s just steamroll-fest. However, outside of that, classic/vanilla is basically just a grindfest, with unecessary long chores as « go to point A to B/loot quest items that have low chance to drop from mobs ».
It’s just meh, very old fashioned game-design. I just started DF but they seem to go on the right direction, with more fun stuff like Trading Post, outdoor content.

Just focusing on dungeons & raids can get old real quick. We need fresh stuff.

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Well thats incorrect lol.

Ever heard of the word nostalgic?.

WoW has lost players and gained players over the years, a % of those were lost due to new design, and a % gained because of its new design.

Games 20 years old with a heap of history snd a heap of opinons.

I dont need to read past this line to know ur just attempting to gas light :joy: how you beleive thst makes sense is unknown.

No it proves the games different to what it used to be.

Different doesnt mean worse, lol it just means the gsme changed, when games change ofcourse a % of players will cause people to split in opinons.

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I’m considering going back to classic, but it’s not because I think classic is better, it’s because I’m almost done with the things I wanted to achieve this season. I like both versions but for me retail is the better game and classic is something I do when I’m waiting for new content in retail.

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Well i see a lot of people playing retail now.
WoW vanilla exists if you feel go there.
Why change retail to vanilla when there is vanilla out there now?

Nostalgia and rose tinted glasses make some people delusional :slight_smile:

But that’s fine, if you prefer classic, you go enjoy that. Personally i am not a fan… i did all the raids and what not in vanilla when it was relevant content back then, i have no interest in going back to do it again. Nvm the poor mindless 1 button class design and 1 mechanic per raid design they had.

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Exactly. That’s why there are so many retrogames with simulated CGA graphics nowadays.

You are wrong from the very beginning. Many people who now play on classic servers either:

  1. Didn’t play on retail for some time due to different life situations (families, hobbies, work, general lack of interest to games).


  1. Switched from retail to classic out of nostalgia. WoW was a huge milestone in their lives, defining their childhoods even. So, it’s not surprising they wanted to experience this feeling once again.

The ones who were screaming “retail ducks” are either back to retail or stopped playing at all.

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