Old Veteran looking for a guild

Hey I’ve been playing the game since 2004 / 05

I’ve decided after quitting at the start of Shadowlands to come back and prep for dragonflight as I feel its a brand new fresh of air… I do have a level 60 priest called Cicilla on argent dawn but will be discontinuing that character in favour for this one as it was my first proper main.

I’m currently looking for a guild that is offering both Mythic dungeons and raiding within a heroic setting and willing to go through mythic also, I’ve got loads of old ahead of the curves and used to be a hardcore raider back in the past and I’d really like to relight that flame.

I’d prefferably like to main Priest Holy / Disc, I don’t have a prefernce on either spec as I’ve used them both since the burning crusade, I’m also in the works of leveling all other 11 characters from 50 to 60 within the 2 week exp boost period in prep for Dragonflight also for both secondary proffesions and also for variety if needed.

Thanks again if you get in touch happy halloween :ghost:

Hello friend!
Come check out Primevals, I think we’re just the guild you are looking for! [H] Primevals - Draenor | 7/8HC | AoTC Focused Guild LF Ranged DPS To Enter Mythic Soon! - #3 by Ódus-argent-dawn

Hello! I don’t know if we fit your every wish or need but we are a newer guild who are slowly building a raid team, we would love to have a chat with you if you think we fit your times/days and goals!

Instead of spamming your thread with our recruitment post I rather put a link to it! If you have any questions feel free to add any of us! Hope you find the guild you’re looking for! - Xiwin.

Hey there if you haven’t found your home yet i might have just the right place, we’re a mythic raiding guild that used to clear mythic raids in the past. if you’re interested Hit me up on b-tag Anizha#1522 :slight_smile:

Hi, there mate, if you didn’t find a guild yet, let’s chat! :slight_smile: