oldschool darksorrow players`

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Hehe,old school from 2010.. I started the day the server opened.. Were in Stormlords,Danish Brigade and in the end RUIN,which lasted only like 6-8 weeks or so,as we all migrated to Magtheridon..I still remember some fun times in AQ40 with my 2 fellow mages at the time Quantz and Kinslayer. I stopped raiding halfway through naxx40 as it had taken a toll all the farming and getting ready to raid on Maghteridon,so a friend and i migrated back to DS. Eventually we settled as alliance on Bloodhoof,and this Deadhead is a boost as my original horde mage migrated to CoA after the collapse and death of DS..

Man i had a LOT of good times on DS,especially pvping against FC,i hated Anise back then!!!! The bane of every alone mage in the world :-D

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I'm not a frequent player anymore, haven't been since wotlk. The game just isn't what it used to be and sadly I don't think it will turn around either.

I miss you good old vanilla/tbc Darksorrow. :(

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Howdy :)

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04/03/2018 05:57Posted by Stumpjump

Any old illusion / unkown immunity pepole still playing?

/ Steffe

Hi m8s,

Andreoder here, SPriest.

I remember you Steffe. I think we played in Vanilla and Wotlk ( guild "Outcast"?)

Anyone from "Destinys Path" here from the early days?

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What's up fellas.
Great time looking through all these posts (still remembering what guilds and race/class some of them played aswell!)

Anybody recognizes either Fetko (Vanilla Tauren Warrior) or Blorbie (TBC Tauren Druid), played in several guilds both swedish and international ones.


Jesus mother and mary…some of the names in here. I’m disappointing they’re max level too :stuck_out_tongue:


Made my undead female rogue (Skuggan) at darksorrow server launch. Also played undead female priest (Gud).
Anyone excited about classic wow servers?


Started on Darksorrow in vanilla. Played as a Gnome Mage named Johniboi. Played in the guilds: Lords of Azeroth, Crybaby, Norwegian Vikings and Karskdrekkarlaget. Been on and off for every expansion and on many servers since. But nothing can compare too Darksorrow back then! Still have some characters there :slight_smile:


Hello old friends! :slight_smile:

Raventhorn (orc warrior with Sulfuras) from RUIN here! Been 17at the time game released :wink: now married and with kids but still playing. Not as much as back then, but still active!

Any RUIN boys gonna play classic again?

P.S. Is my alliance BFF Legende still playing somewhere? Still got our picture from infront of UC <3 Severance & Corrupted Ash showoff

Also many hugs to Paara, Gnome, Anise, Oliz, Flerp, Kobayashi, Phanta (freakin’ druid powerhouse) and more that I didn’t remember typing out :slight_smile:

I played with some shaman called Anise later in TBC in Nihilum as a holy paladin (also with ex-RUIN boys Quantz and Mupp) but not sure it was the real Anise or some wannabe :slight_smile:


I used to play on darksorrow back in the days :slight_smile:


I used to play here from ~2005~2010. In TBC and LK on a Horde Paladin called Hallio. Nice seeing all the old names here :slight_smile:


Hello old friend. Fancy seeing you here :smiley:


Hello all!

Kazandra - Human Mage, played in the illusion guild back in the days up to the first expansion.
Started on Darksorrow the day it released.

Returning to the game for classic :slight_smile:


So, where are all the good players at?


Hey, used to be in Risen and Ambassadors of Pain. Remember all the old guilds, Lorekeepers, Flying Circus, Ninjapartio, Illusion, CT, Eternal Ownage and all the others, plus our Horde counter parts: Last Hope, Replica, Fallen from Grace and Muffin Militia + many more.

Can see a few recognisable names in this thread too, be good to catch up with you all, especially old guildies and Wellmaddy if you see this ha!


Holy hell! Played back in 2005 as well in Ramp! Played a rogue named Ling (and a shadowpriest at the very end/start of TBC I dont even recall the name of…)


Hello to you too Northener! The Danish Brigade, now there is a memory!

I really have the urge to play again, but time constraints and family life is going to really make WoW difficult these days. Even an hour a day will be hard to maintain! Anyone else has plans for minimal play? Would be great for a 5 man team to play once a while!


Elayne < illusion > says hi!



Please tell me you are making a come back for classic?

Also send Barash my love!