oldschool darksorrow players`

(Jenc) #241
Nice nostalgia reading this post.
Awsome server in vanilla! I remember all of you! GG still hanging in on the server. I left ship... Maybe I shouldn't have. >.<

(Pallise) #242
So is this where all the old men hang out then?

And lol at 2010 being "old school"

(Jenc) #243
What else are we to do?
Old and soon to die, our time is over ! =)

(Ómnium) #244
Hey folks. I'm a WoW old timer. Been out of the game for 4/5 years and hoping to reach out to some people who I may have played with/been acquainted with over the many years I played this. To jog your memory (and mine), my main was a druid - Omnium. I started in late vanilla where I briefly raided with Surface Tension. From there I joined Ambassadors of Pain (most fun I ever had). From there I joined Lorekeepers when Lorebringer was captain of the ship. We were hitting several brick walls trying to attune to MH and BT so I was given the opportunity to join Illusion who were just behind Ninjapartio at the time. Kicked some !@# with those guys then due to becoming casual, I re-joined LK to help with their first Illidan kill. With the next expansion, I remained with LK then with change in leadership and other inter-guild politics I left to join CR. Been there ever since really.

Looking for some nostalgia again so If you shared any fond memories with me, please add me or message me in game. I could use all the help I can get reacquainting myself with all these changes.


(Aditusunlock) #245
Hi, I'm in the same spot as Omni, returning after 5 years and getting to know the game again :)

It appears the realm is quite dead, at least on Horde side, I only encounter others in the major cities, and they are from other shards... Any social / levelling guild looking for one more? :P

(Safce) #246
Anyone from Downtime still lurking about on the server?

(Gnomlin) #247
Just a random hello from a friendly gnome. Been raiding with Endless Night, Phoenix Rising and few other guilds back in the time.
Hope you guys are still alive

(Balchoth) #248
Wtb Ruin or Last Hope :(

(Gnomecuddler) #249
08/11/2017 06:54Posted by Balchoth
Wtb Ruin or Last Hope :(

Balchoth <3

(Vexxy) #250

Good to see so many old names here! Some of you may remember me. definitely know your guilds though! Still playing on the server. It’d be good to play with the veterans again. Those were the good old days...


(Stumpjump) #251

Any old illusion / unkown immunity pepole still playing?

/ Steffe

(Faqall) #252
Fallen from grace?

(Happytimés) #253
12/06/2017 00:50Posted by Jenc
What else are we to do?
Old and soon to die, our time is over ! =)

Hey Jenc.

I used to play with you in vanilla when you where GM of Unknown Immunity.
Are you going to play Classic when its released? It would be fun to recreate the old guild.

Royal - NE Rogue

(Babaroga) #254
Barba from BloodRapture here. I am also back after long vacation.

(Jiunec) #255
09/08/2016 21:10Posted by Anise

Still salty because we in RUIN beat ya to realm first Rag, kekeke

(Olizandri) #256
25/04/2018 02:11Posted by Jiunec
09/08/2016 21:10Posted by Anise

Still salty because we in RUIN beat ya to realm first Rag, kekeke

In the time we were busy crushing RUINs team in every single bg before getting raids ready and pve stomping you too of course ;)
But then the main RUIN became something else somewhere else after all.....

(Smoxx) #257
Anyone from the Swedish guild Kosmonauterna or EternaI Ownage in vanilla still around?
Or maybe Chuck and boogieman inc?
Maybe the remade Restless in wotlk?

(Bunx) #258
Hello, Keff/Tjabo here.

Any chance for osirius, chilodux, weedo, dozz (m0ron) being around? Or why not nagoor, tinktank, musslanper and the rest of noctum

(Active) #259
Cool seeing all these old names.
And Alistor, if you read this, I'm still mad about you getting Quel'Serrar first 13 years ago.

(Fiskerr) #260