On Disconnect Streaming Error in patch 10.0.7 (WOW51900322)

Greetings everyone,

I wanted to inform you that we are aware of the issue surrounding these streaming Errors and that developers are investigating in order to develop a fix.
They would like us to collect some data from people that are affected by this unfortunate issue.

So, anyone that is (unfortunately) suffering from this issue we would be grateful if you could provide the following information:

  • What version of Battle.net are you using (Beta or Standard)
  • The file Tact.log that you can find under …\World of Warcraft_retail_\Logs

The file should be collected right after you get the error, close the client and copy/paste it in a safe spot somewhere else as it gets wiped and overwritten once you launch the client again. You can upload the file on Pastebin and post the link in your reply under here. :slight_smile:

I am sorry that we have to add this request to an already inconvenient situation but a thank you in advance for your kind collaboration, hopefully the data will help in finding and resolving the cause of the issue, quickly.


Hey there,

fresh log right after crash with corrupt file error can be found here: https://pastebin.com/MmuAbHSW
Battle.net version is Standard (

Hey. Getting instantly disconnected while in Oribos on logging. In Dragon Isles every 1-5 minutes.

Battle.net version is standard.


b.net version - standard (
b.net update agent -

after installing 10.0.7 I am kicked out of the game on several characters on Dragon isle and in ironforge. I disabled all addons. It was the same yesterday Battle.net version is
Wow gives error wow51900323

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Signed in my account at my brothers house and works fine,

his b.net version is -
his b.net update agent -

i have beta version of bnet.

not sure how to find the update agent version though.

sometimes i disconnect because of disconnection, sometimes i disconnect because of the streaming error, so i ts not constant for me to be able to get the tact log mentioned.

I have sent logs and network trace of error
Bnet version
BNet update vers

I put all the Interface, WTF et Cache in Old.

Here, the disconnect happens as soon as i pop in the game, but if I don’t select my character instantly, it happens during character selection.

Battle.net version :

Thank you for your work !

Standard bnet -


Happening to me also, sometimes get away with 5-10 minutes of play time, sometimes instantly disconnect after character selection (loading screen). Thought it was happening only only my character in dragonflight zones/content, but now happening on all characters.

Fresh log after getting Disconnected & WOW51900322 error: https://pastebin.com/Ph2bbWnK

Battle Net Version is (

Well, the char on the ground in Valdraken doesnt logout! If a char is on the flight, it just logs out after a second. All the folders renaming and restart doesnt help. Will wait a week for a patch, aftewards I kill the abo.

Hey Cruyvvers,

The invalid span error logs look incredibly close to an error I’ve worked on in the past.

Either thisor check the AVFoundation/httpx plugin you’re using from QT’s SDK ( either native or Electron, not sure how you use it )

Bnet version

tact.log - Pastebin.com

Blizzard please it is already 3 days. I cant log in for more then 5 minutes. What took you so long? Loosing my patience.


I tried traveling to Ardenweald for finishing quests there. In Oribos and flying to Ardenweald the disconnects happen a lot more than in Dragon Isles. Like every 10 seconds.

Another thing is that in Ardenweald I see missing textures everywhere. Almost on every npc. I managed to play in Ardenweald for 10 minutes and got disconnected again.

Voici mon lien :

mes pilotes sont à jour en théorie :slight_smile:
Bonne journée à tous

I have a few texture issues too but it’s mainly character pane or when I open a vendor/ah if I’m on long enough to even do these things. Which is rare since I’m either on for 2 seconds or 2 minutes atm. Really frustrating. Especially with a new patch and new things to do

Still not working, can be in game for more then 5 minutes. https://pastebin.com/gxfnHP8b