One character, one spec only

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Who else plays this way? I think it makes the game far more enjoyable and encourages to play different races as well.

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You play as different races on one character?


I used to play all my class spec’s… But then came BFA. Now I play one class, in one spec… and I get bored. At the same time, I don’t want to go through the hazzle gearing up alts either. So for me it means more logged out time than it ever has before :frowning:


I only play DH, i really do not like other classes but i cant change race without changing factions xD

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“What? Haven’t you ever played Holy?”

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Nope. I tried it and I didn’t like it. No big deal. I try to focus on single spec on single character, too. For me it’s a lot less hassle that way. Ignorance is a bliss.


I do this as well…

I’ve dabbled a bit into other specs, but for the most part I make a character and stick with a spec for that character.


I was like this with my mage.
In BFA I’ve been all over the place though, and honestly it’s ruined this expansion for me because I feel like I’ve not made much progress.
Mostly because no class really feels that great.

In starting to connected with warlock and DK though.


Warlock only have demology all other speccs are lies.

As for druid.
Druid is the master of all trade.
Ofcourse i am not going to limet myself.

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It’s very important to have a main - a character you ultimately identify with and which others know you by. If you don’t have that, you’re going to find yourself bored very, very quickly.


I dont play only 1 char, atm i play 2, of which this guy is my main, but i never respec, i strictly play holy on this toon

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I have for most specs one character (atm at 38 toons) but I had to lie if every one of them is fun. Enhancement is fun but Elemental too much based on procs, for example. But having so many different characters allowed me to level ~15 of them to max level and to get to know the specs.


Are you saying there is more specs than Shadow on my Priest ? :thinking:


:open_mouth: How can you play that many :exploding_head: I have like …4 and I feel all :woozy_face: trying to gear them up


You don’t gear them all up… Just the ones you want to PvP/raid/m+ with…


But still… 38. I am bowing in respect lol


For me Demo is only garbage spec : )
I do enjoy soo much playing affliction with current talent spec. For PvE
And destro is fun for M+ with insane cleave.


Same. I have 36 toons (one per spec) split 18 Alliance and 18 Horde. Of those eight are level 1 and only three are 120. There’s also a bank alt on each faction and a lonely extra DH who’s sole purpose is to sit outside whichever instance I’m currently farming :smiley:

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This is a much more positive reaction than what I get when I say I have 45 characters :sweat_smile:

For me it depends on the class. Hunters I have no problem with changing specs, paladin the same, they are basically all the same, just with different weapons. But when the core changes, for example from holy magic to void, or affliction to destro, it makes less sense to me. That is learning a new type of magic out of nowhere. So magic characters always have one spec.


I’m currently at 7 at 120 .
My main at 120 is BM hunter only
the others tend to be 1 spec my rogue has only ever been Outlaw since Outlaw was created in Legion
My horde Paladin was my first character who used to be human ever created in wow is Ret.
Priest Shadow and my DK is usually blood except in islands then she’s unholy.

only my mage and my Demon Hunter plays all specs levelling my mage she was fire then I hit a slog point class mount grind swapped to frost and now she’s Arcane.

My DH is usually Tank spec as she usually survives longer however I’ve never group tanked her and it annoyed another DH because I wasn’t tanking the Island *me thinking you have the same spec you tank telling me to go pull *he rage quit the island so I havoc her usually in islands and accept death more often.