One character, one spec only

(Leafkettle) #21

Like I said, I think that maximal 15 of them are max level. The rest dumps around LV20-60.

I usually level them when a heritage armor is announced.

(Mukuro) #22

I have only this character at max level and I basically only play Blood spec.

(Punyelf) #23

I don’t to play other classes much. I level one of everything usually for achievement purposes.


Well okay if we count from level 1 then I am no better, as I am maxed out on chars.


And here I imagined 38 maxleveled chars in deacent gear. you should just have taken my praice lol

(Vankya) #26

Me, forst DK ( Afk transmog) , Ret pally ( wPvE) and fire mage. ( PvP/Raids)
My Ret pally is mainly used for World quest and rep farm.
So, I do have diversity in my playstyle. The only difference is, they are not of the same class.

(Lellína) #27

That is how I have pretty much always played… but I have an obsession with some specs and end up with multiples. For example I used to have 7 shadow priests :smiley: Also I need to have at least one character for each race.

(Dragonsworn) #28

You might be able to in 9.0 if the rumours come true about the factions relax.

(Dragonsworn) #29

I do it because it’s simpler to learn a spec as you level it, rather then go in head first at max lvl.

(Alexima) #30

I’m fine with gearing. Specially since all i need to do is to buy a full benthic set and buy a weapon and a bunch of trinkets and rings from AH.

But the problem is that who in their right minds, would spend one month per character, farming essences like condensed life force or memory of lucid dreams?

No thanks. Once was enough.

Not to mention the endless torment of AP level.

(Lepanto) #31

Mostly what I do TBH. There’s better, far better and a lot of them, players out there but I can’t really be good at all speccs so I focus on one per class.

I’ve also got one of each "main’ race chars. Still haven’t leveled my panda monk though, my only panda. Can’t get my head around BM tanking style to be honest.


Mains affliction with offspec destruction on my warlock


(Aylish) #33

I have a main and a main spec.

I used to have two specs I played(balance + resto), but I haven’t had time for it since S1. It’s somewhat frustrating, but I hope it will pass when the next expansion launches. It’s the Azerite gear and Essences that makes it too rough for me to swap spec. It becomes a hassle to juggle. I can play my other specs solo, but for I’m not doing progression content half ashed. Hence, Balance will be on the shelf until essences and azerite gear is gone.

As for the rest of my alts I can just forget playing them for anything other than leveling purposes. I am not doing the azerite/essence grind. It’s killing all interest I have in playing other characters. Wish the system was more like the last year of Legion, as I was able to catch up with almost no effort with any character I wanted to pick up, and be viable.

So yeah, as of right now I just have 1 character and 1 spec.


Same here. Got all classes up to level 120. And I just keep jumping around chars in hope of finding the perfect race/class-combo to at least fulfill my fantasy.

But they all feel lackluster.
Rogue/warlock is the only two I can barely enjoy

Sad, because I love the game

(Nexintus) #35

2 Rogues, play all 3 specs on each if i can but mostly assa/outlaw main and all 3 alt

(Leafkettle) #36

Haha, I have a goblin priest(ess) as well on EU-draenor with a Total RP profile where she heals only for money - and you should try out her services… because you won’t regret it! Maybe I’ll bring her over to AD in the near future.

(Cedrad) #37

Well I do try to keep my characters in one spec for the most part. On this Warlock I haven’t change a spec since Mists of Pandaria. The only exceptions are the classes that have tank spec but I chose dps spec and I have trouble soling certain thigns. Then I just change to tank and it’s much easier. I believe the spec is part of your character’s identity.

(Sinaaki) #38

This has been my main all the way, and i’ve been maining resto all the way. I do however swap to ele if needed, but i prefer going resto. But if i have to choose between going ele or bringing another char, i go ele. I dont really do alts.

(Ananda) #39

I used to have one of each class but now just have a lot of shadow priests. I mainly play this one but if I make a new character, it’ll be a shadow priest. When you get older it’s hard to remember a dozen different rotations so sticking to one enables me to carry on playing with some small degree of proficiency.


I do this too!