One character, one spec only

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I was fury warrior for ages until I changed to enhancement shaman which I liked more, I try out other specs but I just end up back on enhancement.


Always have - I like my characters to have their own identities


I do I do I do (yes it is a complete sentence you garbage forum restriction whatever just let me post this!)

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i mostly play 1 spec per character, mainly because i have a specific fantasy for every character.
my hunter is MM
my priest is shadow
my pally is ret
maybe for some characters i’ll experiment a bit in the beginning of an expansion, but soon i’ll choose a spec and i’ll stick to it.
tried arms on my war, but in the end stuck with fury
same on my druid: tried feral, but ended up sticking with guardian.

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I used to only play one spec for one char… But that was when it was such a hassle to visit the trainer every time I wanted to change spec.

When I entered Legion and tried to get the second weapon from the class hall, I decided after 7 failures as a resto druid that it could be a good thing if I tried some of the other specs as I lvl up :sweat_smile:

So I started to change spec every time I lvl up, and I think it is fun to have that change in between :smile:


Switched few times to mm Great spec but my only problem and reason i dont play mm is : Aimed shot cast time takes to long it the strongest skill of mm
But by the time you cast it you’re dead most of the time

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I dont even play DH because he only has two Speccs. I respecc like every 30 minutes, otherwise I get bored.

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