Oneshot rogues

Yes I get that balancing is hard, yes I get that some specs will be better then others.

But for the love of god, could you at least remove/nerf to the ground HIGHLY toxic oneshots without counterplay?

Yesterday I lost 2 out of 5 games agaisnt double rogue by *** disappearing in oneshot.

My healer ragequit and is thinking of canceling sub. GJ blizz.


I think it’s probably due to some changes in 9.0.5 but some of the classes got some weird one shot at the moment. I’d say alot of tweaking is needed to fix this. Rogue one shots for sure are a problem but it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

I had the exact same happening to me yesterday. Double Sub / Sub/Convoke and Sub+Mage. I get deleted in 0,6 seconds while sitting in Defensive Stance as Warrior trinket Kidney Press Defensives but already dead while pressing…

Same on Shaman. Kidney trinket Astralshift -> DEAD

If that does not work, because they mess their opener up, they just cc kite and run till they have cds rdy. This gameplay is 50 IQ proof…

My Healerfriend also wrote after the 3rd time, he is seriously thinking about quitting WoW, I think this since 3 weeks too.

These random “half Globals” in wich you just drop dead are idiotic as f***


You die in 0,6 sec vs mage/rogue? Clip and share it, please.

ffs afli/holy is the most toxic comp

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Reread my whole comment, and reread the Topics Title.

For Rogue mage Dagger in the dark, if the meteor also hits you, its also under a second.

the 0,6 was Rogue Rogue.

I often get deleted inside 0,7-0,8 seconds. This can be done by a single DPS like Ret or DH in 2s.

Yesterday an assassin Almost killed me while he was IN A STUN.
Put up dots Press Vendetta, my Healer stuns him I drop from 100% with a small HoT on me to under 20 %. My healer and myself had been quite baffled… And no I do not have Shadowplay on my old rig.

Checking Hardware already since a year, the sortage + Scalpers + Miners are real…


shaman is the hardest target except paly for oneshot rogue

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I don’t need to re-read nor do I need to read the title. You claim you are getting deleted often in under 1 sec. I can extra mark and quote it if you want.
So since it happens so often to you, could you just clip some and share it?

But guuuyysss it’s fast paced meta, isn’t this the best???/

Who seriously thought things like master assasin or dagger in the dark are good ideas?

Even so, looking at the pve data without the gimmicky stuff, rogue as a whole is fairly far below average.

Sub damage outside of dance windows is worse than some specs’ afk autoattacks, outlaw having pvp talents that dont even work on top of the atrocious damage and paper-thin healthpool and sin needing buffs every week for 3 moths to become viable again.

Something went seriously wrong in the design of the SL rogue, and they just left it like that

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This happens when your PvP Game Design team is non existent…

But how does the community always react in Beta?

MUH BETA WAIT TILL RELEASE, Blizzard will change a lot till then… LMAO
I had a break for couple of years, but some things did not change in 15 years.

Here from my comment, that you do not need to reread:

And no I do not have Shadowplay on my old rig.
Checking Hardware already since a year, the sortage + Scalpers + Miners are real…

You can simply watch some streamers who play 2s…

I was watching a Glad Priest doing viewer 2s with an Assassin rogue.

The Rogue in Stream shredded people in a blink solo (while the Streamer CCd the other target)

Priest wanted to help dps the killtarget, but wait… target already dead! Multiple games in a row.

Streamer just goes:
Dude, I really hope Blizzard hotfixes this, but I take those wins anyways laughs

No :nerd_face:

Dude… you have very hard time to express yourself… do you notice that?
What are you trying to say? That you are not playing right now or what does this mean?:

If you are not playing, how does this make sense? You literally said:

But if you are still playing… what is the point?

Honestly idc about streamers tbh. I play the game myself and check what’s going on :slight_smile:

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NVIDIA SHADOWPLAY or other software to record. And no, I am not playing, I am not even at home…

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So why do you say it then? lol…
Selling streamers experiences as your own?

I am not sure if you are a troll or serious. I told you my personal experience. That had happen in the last 3 days.

You want “proof”. I said I dont have recording software, my old rig is not good to handle all sorts of stuff and I have not much Harddrive space left.

I also told you simply go watch streamers and you will see it yourself.

You come here in this thread and seriously tell us these things do not happen.

And then you say “nah I dont watch streams”. Well if you never checked your own combatlog at 1800 I cant help you. I played with some druids too, and they all have the same experience and are mad because THIS CRAP DOES HAPPEN.

What is wrong with you is my question. You denying facts, not me making up things…


Actually I am not sure if you are trolling…

Like I really can’t tell if you are just trolling, bsing or if it’s just a language barrier.
Nobody said you have to record anything right now, obviously. Therefore, you are saying that, means you have issues to understand what I am saying or you perfectly understood what I meant and you are not playing the game anymore.
So what is it?

Ahhh… you mean suddenly when you have to back up your talk, nothing works? Just use SquadOV and if you are playing on such a toaster which can’t even handle that, use your smartphone rofl who cares…

I told you that I don’t need to watch streamers, I am playing the game myself lol…
But I actually did watch some treams. Tren and Minpojke been fighting Tony for like 1 hour or something, I stopped watching after 2 matches. This is how much is going on high cr, nobody plays it and unfortunately I don’t know any low cr streamers. This experience must be somewhere sub 1,6k, probably even sub 1,4k, so the question would be: how do these people not get higher than 1,6k, why do I not see them even to I play almost every day?

You tell me it happens and the moment you have to back it up (since it’s your every day experience), your entire hardware is so bad that you can’t record?

Ehm? What? I don’t even meet double rogues, what does it have to do with combat log???
The closest that comes to one shot and rogues what happened to me in the past few days was this:

Mad one shot… meeting like 1-2 rogues every few days and it’s not even double rogue.

Interesting how you claim something, call it a fact and your entire hardware is too sh*t the moment you have to back it up. Ok.

Use google donkey there are lot of videos on YT.


Obviously he is.

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So you tell me to find some highlights on youtube because barely anyone is getting one shot in game, including myself? Interesting.
Holy priests can one shot too, I found a compilation of it as well. You know how many times that happened to me in ~3k games? One single time. But I am sure you’ll find way more vids on youtube :slight_smile:

Help me out quick, what are the people called who have no own experience or simply can’t back it up meanwhile “state facts” with “he said/she said” and “watch the vid” awww…
At least link the vid and cry about the vid but don’t act like that’s an everyday thing because it’s not.
Can link you tons of vids about cannibals but are you going to argue we all need individual police protection? lol get real.