Onyxia is broken

Onyxia is completely broken and quite a task to kill. She was rather doable last week so something has broken its mechanics during the last few days.

  • Threat keeps resetting for tanks
  • She isn’t breathing during aerial phase

Any suggestions? Her aggro seems to be completely random and ignores all mathematics.


Didn’t people say Onyxia is EASY because…some pro streamers did it ?!

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Lmao some pro streamer


We have killed her several times without problems. Right now it’s ignoring mechanics on several pulls though.


Yeah, they said everything is easy about Classic even though they, themselves haven’t done any of the content, but experiencing the game vicariously through others is popular in 2019 it seems.


Edited my “pro streamers” to much the…case! :slight_smile:

Several times? Layering abuse?


Split raids.

…right :wink:


Maybe she was broken before and now she got fixed, but I am sure it should not be of problem , if you can kill Rag with quest greens I am sure you can kill Ony with whites, tanking with mage.

Ragnaros can be tanked, Onyxia can not.

or maybe because the content is done and it is easy? just because you barely can finish lfr doesnt mean other also play in on this level

not like there was a beta test… they really cant get anythign right anymore

ony has a 4-5d lockout and people are 60 since first week whats your point ?

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I was hoping that at least someone will notice my sarcasm , ohh well! :joy:

The point isn’t if the content is easy or not, or if it’s done or not, it’s that the people who’re claiming it’s easy (because they watched APES) haven’t done it themselves.

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Did all the content can confirm its ez

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Yeah the content is super easy, no one has said otherwise, not sure why it’s being brought up in the first place.

I agree that onyxia is behaving weirdly though, the aggro in phase 3 just feels really off.

well you dont need to do it to notice that its very easy tho. i did it multiple times now and the only difficulty was to find enough attuned players in the first ids. doesnt even matter if 3/4 of the raid dies to breath. and these raids were far away from apes level of gameplay

It does get a bit tricky when you 20 man it though cuz you will have more threat issues at p3 transition. Less rdps = more threat generated by each rdps during p2