Open Firemaw for players with level 70 characters on the server

So, he can create 49 new characters on Firemaw :wink:

You clearly have no clue what you are talking about.
Please stop this hyperbolic nonsense.

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It’s you having no clue here. The limit of characters per realm was lifted with the PvE => PvP transfer and the coming “consolidation” of realms. So if he has only Qwix on Firemaw and no ohter toons on other realms then yes he CAN create 49 new characters there.

As far as I can see realm limit is 12 characters and no going over it.

Irrelevant discussion, but they did announce the limit per realm is lifted, so you should be able to make 50 chars on one server now. Anyway, Qvix made a good point, it doesnt matter for the server population whether he’s playing on his warrior that is transfered vs the level 1 warrior he has to create and level up instead.

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I just made 16 on HW - so certainly more than 12. This discussion we had before, First they said 50 then 12, then 20, a guy here reached 25 before calling quits.

You are ever so right.
No matter if it is transferred characters or newly made, he can have Horde and Alliance both in the amount he likes, but only ever play one at a time.

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Oh dear, I have more than 12 on some realms. I must be hacking, oh wait, they changed it a few weeks ago. You need to keep up to date with the patch notes.

I fear it will be too late by the time they reopen Firemaw. Horde population on Firemaw is on constant decline and lately crossed below 40%.

To be fair the closing did horde dirty. No alliance would want to leave, and no horde is able to transfer in. Now the only opportunity is to stay at a pop below 40% or leave, and the trend seems to be leave for gehennas.

The second you go under 35% the death spiral is unstoppable before that it can recover

Found it:

And yes, I know we agreed it was a moot point, but still I like to be proven right when I am :innocent: :icecream:

The Firemaw is equivalent of Gehennas for Alliance. I suspect in the end Firemaw will be mega realm for Alliance and Gehennas for horde.

Keep firemaw closed…the numbers of gdkp spam is falling! Looking for players to join guilds has been a dream come true! My guild is FINALLY full and we are progressing multiple raids a week; even having to bench folks due to so many! Find another server to play, no need to add to our queue time…having zero queue has been amazing <3

Actually limit was lifted along with having only one faction characters on PvP realm on same account and PvE > PvP transfers. Try it out, we now can create up to 50 characters anywhere combined across all realms.

So, how much time till it will be locked too?

You are either trollling or didnt read anything from the thread at all. The people this would allow transfers for are already playing on Firemaw. It wont matter for your queue whether im playing a warlock or a warrior, im still only taking up one spot on the server at any one time. How is this hard to grasp?

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I’d like it to be unlocked, i already play there and have 4 chars there yet i cannot transfer my chars from other realms to firemaw where i already have characters and play, makes no sense at all…

I also would like to transfer my other char to Firemaw. I have main there but can not transfer my warrior which is on dead realm. As PvP player I basically do not have any other options than not to play the warrior and wait what will happen since there is no other realm where I would be able to play the Alliance warrior for PvP. Arena ladder is full of people from Firemaw basically can not play PvP seriously anywhere else…

Did you even read the OP? He wanted ppl that already have lvl 70 chars to be able to transfer their chars into Firemaw, not allow new players to transfer in.

I get that the “balance” on might get skewed since you can raid with multiple alts by this but it does nothing for the real faction balance if I have 1 or 10 lvl 70s on the same server.

I suppose they might not have the system in place to limit transfers to only players that already have max leveled chars but if that is the case they can just tell us.

I don’t even have any chars on firemaw so I have no Horse in the race but I have to agree with OP that there’s very little reason to limit transfers for existing players with alts on other realms into firemaw.
If you are afraid of ppl leveling new chars on dks and then transfer just have a check to make sure that the chars is at least X amount of months before transfer is open.