Open Transfers to Ashbringer NOW

Please! This is beyond ridiculous! Our small pvp server was growing slowly again. Nice community, active wpvp and actual faction balance.
Why on earth are u closing all transfers for so long??? It’s not even 4 days to Wrath Release and there is no communication whatsoever on when FCTs will be available again. I also have no clue why u would lock alliance transfers… we are very close to 50/50
Just open free transfers from the megaservers again and give our Server a chance to live. It’s a haven for all the people actually interested in pvp and faction balance :pray:


Omg yes!!! Bump this!
We are all stuck and waiting for transfers to open again to join u guys :grimacing:

Yes, but it’s mostly nonsense threads about russians and body types while this gets ignored :roll_eyes:

Was that free transfer from where?

I second this. We moved our guild and all characters to this server the night before the bug happened. The server was steadily growing from day to day with visible increase in guilds and activity. Any ETA-s?

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It was free transfers from the megaservers. I think Firemaw and Gehennas… maybe another one aswell

What about merging it with Jin’do? I think it would be good.

“Free Transfers to Mograine and Ashbringer are temporarily closed while we address a bug with those specific routes.”

They say they are addessing a bug in this issue, so while there is no reason for us to trust blizzard, is there really a need to open a flaming topic for this?

Why not?
“Indie” (multi-billions) company Blizzard can’t solve that bug in 24 hours or so? Please.
They don’t care and we can all see it so yeah, some noise on the forums is warranted.

Honestly, yes! First of all: this requires a lot more attention than all those russian whining and lgbt threads
And secondly they closed those transfers without prior notification, ripping guilds and groups apart and are taking almost a week now without any communication. The launch is only a few days away, so many people are not going to risk waiting any longer and maybe having a bad wrath start in their server. So they will transfer elsewhere instead, which might end up killing our server (Ashbringer).
So, yes many times yes! This requires attention


Funny to see how US servers are open to Transfers again and us on EU realms get completely neglected again. Same old story… they screw us over and over again yet we keep giving them our €
Man, if i weren’t so addicted to this game i would have gone a while ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s pretty simple, there is a serious bug, and they are trying to fix it before launch, so just chill, I am sure they are working as fast as they can. It has been 4 days, that isn’t a week.

It is annoying, especially as the server was growing so nicely, but Ashbringer is resilient and has been since March so just wait it out. Ideally, alliance server transfers will also be opened at the same time.

Also - you will get 0 reaction about Ashbringer from Blizzard on this forum. They simply do not care. Support tickets or tweeting the game devs are your only option.

Greetings Balkmog.

First of all i wanted to thank you for the amazing work that you have been doing with updating the server numbers daily, giving us a clear view about how things are doing in Ashbringer.
I can understand that some people above aren’t that hopeful for Ashbringer and that’s ok but please take a look at @Balkmog 's data he clearly is and does a better job to update numbers than and we should say that the latest update on that “super” website was on 14 September.

So if can understand correctly Ashbringer has been growing on both sides it’s going towards 1 faction as well?

We had a population of @ 1000 alliance and 600 Horde before the HW transfer oops mistake’ by Blizzard. This transfer was never meant to happen and there is no official post saying ‘Ashbringers, you need to use this window’. So a few of us stayed, because when you have 5+ characters each at cap, its a pain to transfer and we had not been told to unlike Razorgore previously.

This took the figures right down to @ 200 alliance and 50-60 Horde until the pre-patch. Since then the numbers are slowly rising, the bug issue has not helped, but it is our hope that the server will grow into a 1-2k per faction balanced PvP server. Obviously, for this to happen, alliance transfers to Ashbringer need to be enabled as well as Horde.

We currently sit on average around 300 players per faction most evenings during prime time. We suspect this will grow depending on 1/ queue times at launch and 2/ lag on busy servers.

Realistically, 500-700 players per faction give you a working AH and decent pugs.

So if you want a server that isn’t packed, and has decent communities for both factions then consider Ashbringer.


So now daily Ashbringers hasaround 300 players for Alliance and 300 for the Horde? If so things seem to be improving.
I wonder about the Auction House is there any activity there or has it improved in any way with more activity and players being able to both buy and sell resources there?

I don’t know if World PvP is a thing or not in Ashbringer but it would be awesome to see some of it.
I know that Bg’s and Arenas we will be queued with people from other servers but i wonder how fast or not it takes to jump into a battleground or arena?

BG’s are under 1 min, Arena was 1min, World PvP is active. AH is working ish, could be better.

Bgs & Arena are continent wide, not server wide. Also, what world pvp when theres less than 300 players in prime times 1-70lvl? And on top of that, theres btw 5000-7000 auctions, had to spam chat for 2 hrs to get LW enchant and some basic gems… dont know what you are talking about.

Had 6 fights in the last 2 days just flying around and another 5 at towers, World PvP is there, you just have to accept it for what it is and be looking for it. Your experiences are very different from mine. And the figures show there are more than 300 players in prime times now.

Is it still low pop? Yes, no doubt. But the numbers are going up slowly, despite transfers being locked.

the conversation should end here…

The conversation could also end by saying that i would take 6 fights in 2 days than to the amazing fights one should experience in servers like Earthshaker, Firemaw and Gehennas for example.
We know that you aren’t happy with how things are in Ashbringer but things, even if slow, seem to be getting better, if that still doesn’t satisfy you have an easy way out.