Open Transfers to Ashbringer NOW

Maybe if you don’t have anything constructive to add you should just not add anything.

I get you are not happy,

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By the way Balkmog do you still plan to update the numbers about server population?

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”Bug”, more like we want you to pay for transfer.

Just #open Firemaw, im tired of playing on a dead alliance server, friends of mine were so desperate to find groups they moved to other servers that are not restricted transfer wise.

Also #Save Ashbringer, Open transfers for both alliance/horde to Ashbringer from the Locked realms. Otherwise the server will just die.

Or at least let the last people on this server transfer to populated servers, # Open free transfers to populated servers or the new server Jin’'do, but blizzard probably waits and thinks the last players will pay 25 euros for transfers.

I on the other hand will wait till I can transfer to Firemaw, I guess most ashbringers agree they just want to be off this dead server and go to populated servers.

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I will continue to update as long as people still ask me to do so.

I am very interested to see numbers on launch day and then 2 weeks later.

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So that i can also express my perspective, i started a character on Ashbringer and i have no intention of going away.

I understand the impulse that people have to go to more populated servers, at the end of the day people seek the most popular realms and that is perfectly fine, personally i prefer to be able to play the game each time i log on or a new expansion than to be stuck in 3 hour queues or even longer.

I’m loving Ashbringer and i’m interested in staying here, according to data that has been provided people are coming here, even not as many as it would be convenient for some people here but people are coming here, but i can’t stop thinkin that the “bug” has appeared at a particular time…ironically a few days away from Wrath release.

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The bug has been in place since the server merge, it is the mail bug. It still isn’t fixed.

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Here you go.


My man Kaivax! :muscle:

We need some players over on Mirage raceway tho?

Don’t just fill up every other server and ignore us.

You have a full server …


Once the honeymoon phase wears off, we might not be, since it was pretty stale before prepatch.

So need to gather as many as possible to hope we have a playerbase a month or 2 into wotlk as well.

I get that, I hope you can get more players, but not at the expense of anyone else :slight_smile:

Whats about PATCHWERK???

All my characters (Horde) are on Firemaw, which apparently is dead now. Is Ashbringer any better for Horde currently?

so before release you stopped free tranfers to ashbringer from locked servers ?

I did a / who command search with a test character and the horde side population definitely was better than on Firemaw but still not optimal. I’d check again in the following days.

I have been playing on Ashbringer for a few days now, the population has been growing, the server does for sure feel more alive but don’t expect to have the same level of activity that Firemaw (at least on Alliance side) or other of those full/high pos servers have.

The server is building up again, people that say otherwise have no idea what they are talking about.

To give you an idea and this has been done by someone of the Ashbringer server, that person has been supplying data about numbers and on September 15th Ashbringer had 215 players on the Horde side and 310 on Alliance, yesterday September 25th Horde had 434 players and Alliance had 405, if you go here Save ashbringer - #195 by Balkmog-ashbringer and scoll down you will see the stats i mentioned.

So no matter how badly peoplew wish that Ashbringer was dead and gone, the server is building up again.

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Happy now, people? It’s one of the other FULL servers now. Transfers were opened from tons of realms, not only English ones even, and now it’s full. There are people who migrated to Ashbringer from megarealms because megarealms are not their cup of tea. I literally ran from one and now my safe haven with a medium population became full as well… I am extremely disappointed with this many players. Blizzard overdid it again.

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