Orc Heritage Questline and Rewards

Hi there at Blizzard,

thank you very much for the new Orc heritage Questline! I enjoyed it very much, so much fun, lore and a very nice point bringing familiar faces from all of WoW’s history back together.

One thing I disliked was the toy reward (Clanbanner) beeing capped to only be used by Orcs, not Mag’har Orcs too. This seem to go against Thralls idea of a Om’gora as a fest for all Orcs (even halfbreed like Garona, Mok’Nathal etc) and Mag’har Orcs can be seen in the cutscene, so why limit it to only be used by Orc race ingame ? Especially since RPing a Dragonmaw Orc is quite hard cuz the real look (flame eyes and grey skin) is only available as Mag’har customisation.

I would really much appreciate the toy-reward (Clanbanner) beeing changed to be used by Orcs AND Mag’har Orcs ingame, witch would optimize a so far great all arround expericene.



You confuse the Maghar Orcs with everyone else.
They come from a different timeline. Shaped by uniquely different events.

The immigrants from Draenor have a bloody history. They shed their amount and bled as well. So the splintered Orc clans are coming together. Trying to forge a new beginning of sorts. It also allows regular Orcs to select a clan from the major ones that have survived.
Since the RageRoar Clan was not present.

It created more of an continuation. The son and daughter of Thrall. Not to mention for long term players. Knows why Thrall is unable to teach his son of the Orcish customs as he was raised by Humans.

Not everything should be “inclusive” the history of the Azeroth Orcs is their history. The Maghar still has dreams of trying to retake alternate Draenor from High Exarch Yrel.
Heritage armour is meaningless to other races. Allied races are their own race.

It would be like expecting the Dark Iron Dwarves to share in the customs of the BronzeBeards. Technically still Dwarves but are not the same peoples.

I don’t really care about lore reasons here, but clan banners should be available for all orcs.

It’s stupid i can’t use frostwolf banner on my mag’har warrior or blackrock banner ony mag’har orc that is using blackrock skin color etc.

I loved the quest as well, fantastic trip down memory lane!

I would have liked to see a robed version of the armour as well though. Humans got one. Thinking something a bit like the shaman unit in war3, you know a bit more leather and wolf like for all the Shamans out there!

Anyone knows why there isn’t a Burning Blade flag, or in fact why this clan wasn’t there at all? Are they all dead in the canon? Considering we had our shattered hand and bleeding hollow (not AU Draenor) clans the seemed odd to me!


Allied races are not the same.
Current reality vs Alternate reality. Immigrants vs Alternate reality Immigrants.
The current reality Orcs are at least 30 years ahead of the Maghar Orcs.

You’re trying to justify a limitation with some weird lore reasons.

Orc is an orc, they wear clan banners, mag’har orcs can still represent these said clans by wearing their banners in battle.

It’s very simple, really.

Maghar Orcs are not the same as the Orcs that first came through the dark portal.
You are trying to make a Square Block fit through a Circle hole.

They are not the same. If they made Orc Heritage armour non exclusive to Orcs then they might as well make BilgeWater Goblins Heritage Armour wearable by Tauren.
It will completely destroy the purpose of Heritage Armour in the first place.
Zandalari Trolls are very different from the DarkSpear but are still Trolls.

Already gave you the example of Dark Iron Dwarves wearing BronzeBeard Dwarves heritage armour or vice versa.

And i gave you an example, how easy and simple would it be to make this banner toy available for Mag’har orcs too.

I guess that you’re just one of those people that won’t allow fun things in this game and that’s why we often end up with limitations when it comes to opening more customization options for players.

I can already see how your next answer will look like, so it’s pointless to continue our discussion.

OP - like i said before, im with you on that, hopefully they open it up for AU orcs too or add their own version.

I think there’s too much fuss being made around a toy effect that only lasts for 10 minutes.
It’s a caviar Blizzard gave to the Orc heritage quest line.
Facts are: playable Orcs and Mag’Har Orcs came from different universes.
Even though it can be argued that Green Orcs were brown at some point in time, facts are: they don’t have the same racials and the same heritage armor nor they share the same place where they came from.
Orcs came from Draenor, while Mag’ har Orcs came from AU Draenor.
Grommash Hellscream for example had a different ending, when compared to the AU Grommash Hellscream.

Now if this was some sort of item that could be equipped like a backpack, that would be a much different story. But than, it could be argued, which clan does your Orc belongs to ?
AU or the real one ?
For example when discussing about the death of Cenarius at the hands of the Warsong clan, a player can argue: that wasn’t my clan as they were never there (AU clan).



People like you are why we can’t have nice things.
Willing to spoil things for everyone.

Heritage armour and the stuff that comes with it should be racially exclusive. The difference is in the name Maghar = Uncorrupted. The Green Skin Orcs their history changed once they drank the blood of Mannaroth. A history that the former Horde Warchief altered by stopping them from making that choice.

Garrosh Hellscream met a version of his father Gromash not his actual father.
Uncorrupted Orcs are not Green Skin Orcs. Regardless of their shared clan names. They are very different peoples.
Accept it.
I understand that some people can not be reasoned with. But maybe others can look past the: waah waah waah! I want it! I want it! I want it!
Green skin Orc Heritage Armour is for the Green Skin Orcs. Not the Maghar.

You are totally right, Mag’har Orcs and Azeroth Orcs come from totally different timelines and shouldn’t be mixed up. And Mag’har got there Heritage armour where i’m totally fine with so Orcs can stick to the new one.
But perhaps you missed the point of the new story with a new kind of rite Drek’thar/Thrall/Aggara created: An Om’gora reuniting ALL Orcs and people of Orcisch decent and rewifing the orcisch clan and OPEN them up to former unaffiliated people. So it would be totally fine for Mag’har Orcs to reuinte with the Azeroth Blackrock or Warsong Orcs (and so far represent the new Clan with the banner). And even join Clans that were not present in there timeline such as Dragonmaw.

@ Gorbathust:
Burning Blade was merely shattered but there are 3 ppl at the fest representing it who are still with the Horde: Lantresor (half Orc/Ogre) and two warlocks.
There are toys ingame so far witch give u a burning blade banner similar to the mentioned toy reward

push: Toy beeing changed to be used by Mag’har Orcs too



Jesus, you’re so boring with your narrow way of thinking.

All you do is repeating yourself, it’s really pathetic by now - WE GET IT, you’re fine with gatekeeping, go away and play your dwarves, i will keep enjoying dark iron weapons on my orc.

@Razgarror, this person won’t understand that and what happened in that questline since they didn’t probably even played it, they will write another boring paragraph about the same story thing, that everyone knows about and it isn’t really a part of this discussion.
Clan banner toy shouldn’t be exclusive or it should at least unlock two version of it for mag’har orcs too.

But probably nothing will change and maybe we will get a different mag’har clan banners toy in 10 years, but we have to thank people Like “Moltensage” for that.

Cheers Razgarror
and before moltensage responds - i don’t really care, go hit lvl 70 or something. :rofl: bye

The forum is known for having cry babies. Too bad the game can’t be completely changed to fit your sensibilities.

Green Skins and Uncorrupted Orcs are not the same as someone else explained to you. The Maghar Orc have their own clans traditions and customs. They just have to return and try to retake alternate Draenor from High Exarch Yrel and her forces.

More waah waah waah it seems.
But I am talking through you to those that can be reasoned with.
Accepting or rejecting the choice to drink the blood of Mannaroth is what sets them apart. Green Skins Orcs were treated as weird by other Orcs. Regardless of their assistance. Also there is the fact that the Green Skin Orcs killed the Maghar Orcs parents and or ancestors that were a part of the Iron Horde.

Lore actually matters.
You will be asking for Alliance Heritage armour and banners on Horde races next.
Had to edit your response twice huh?

This is incorrect. The Dragonmaw Orcs DID actually join the Horde. They were fighting the Wildhammer Dwarves. They fought for Garrosh Hellscream in the siege of Orgrimmar and their Warlord Zaela followed Garrosh through the dark portal. But some remnants must not have joined.

Om’gora was reuniting the Orcs from the current timeline and not the Orcs of the alternate timeline. That General Nazgrim attended this Omgora is strange since the Knights of the Ebon Blade are supposed to be neutral.

you still dont get the point ^^

  1. there were no dragonmaw orcs in AU Draenor.
  2. Nevertheless Mag’har come from a different timeline und the connection broke up at the end of the unlocking Quest so it is nearly impossible to get back there and fight the lightforged that remainde there

@ Hellscreamm
I very much appreciate your support! We will get the Banner up.
Lok’tar ogar

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In the main universe, the rylaks of Gorgrond were tamed and ridden by an orcish clan referred to as the Nelghor-shomash (“Cry of the Beasts”), later known as the Dragonmaw clan.
The Dragomaw fondly referred to their rylak mounts as nelghor, or “loyal beasts”.
When the clan later ventured to Azeroth and encountered dragons, it would apply the term nelghor to them as well, and all orcs would eventually refer to dragons as nelghor.
The name of the Dragonmaw clan never changed, but its meaning surely did
AU Draenor probably had its own version of Nelghor-shomash :thinking:

Also from WoWWiki, passage a little later:

… This matter caused issues for the developers during the development of Warlords of Draenor, as the Dragonmaw’s clan identity could not yet have existed. The Dragonmaw, therefore, do not appear on the alternate Draenor and are the only Iron Horde clan to not have an alternate equivalent.

On the alternate Draenor

  • There are several orcs using the new Dragonmaw model (with gray skin and glowing golden eyes) on the alternate Draenor, including some of the (although the mission description speaks about the Blackrock orcs). It is unknown whether these orcs are intended to represent the Dragonmaw, are simply a case of model re-usage, or are a mere developer mistake.
  • The existence of the clan may be hinted at in the appearance of [Fel Overseer Mudlump], the alternate version of Chief Overseer Mudlump.
  • Non-targetable dead orcs using the Dragonmaw model are seen in the [Slagworks]of the Blackrock Foundry.

No AU-Draenor Dragonmaw Orcs so far …

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i don’t understand the big fuss
the Horde and the Azeroth Orcs took the Mag’har’s in
like what’s stopping them from joining the Azeroth frostwolf or warsong clan right now ?

let these people have their banner LOL


Quest line was amazing, they done a great job with that one for sure!

Now only if the armour didn’t leave me looking naked on here…lol


they are not the same people.
there are other Goblin trade cartels than Bilgewater. So for non Bilgewater Goblins to wear Bilgewater heritage armour won’t make sense.
Heritage armour should be kept racially exclusive.

You can’t reason with a sociopath called Moltensage, that person is a IRL warrior of everything lore that keeps repeating basic lore things for no reason, fun is a sacred word in that world.

They still thinks that banner toy = heritage armor set, i just find that person responses a comedy entertainment at this point.
I can run in a yeti onesie in this game while wielding ashbringer, and it’s alright because it’s fun.

@Moltensage, i edit messages because my english is not perfect, even if i would wrote everything in gibberish you would still not understand, and repeat the same words over and over.
You’re just very pathetic at this point and i feel sorry for you to be THAT serious about these kind of things and disallowing people even suggesting something that would increase their fun while not locking you away from that, by making small changes to cosmetic toy, pathetic.

I edited this part - With that i really end my part of that discussion, you can continue and repeat yourself over and over i don’t care, if you ever take this wooden stick out of your back side, maybe having a discussion with you won’t be pointless.

@Razgarror i suggest you the same, it’s pointless and waste of time, just ignore that person and have fun.