Outlaw spec bonuses

I feel like S3 has to be baseline for Outlaw along with some tweaks on ambush damage, 40k crits are way too low when you’re in full gear.

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Doesn’t take much effort to find out what you main / alt really. Was less of an assumption and more of an educated guess.

I base it in the fact that you simple haven’t played the M+ game (which is the only game that matters if you ain’t Mythic raiding - which you ain’t) on a high enough level on your rogue or on any of your other characters apparently, to have formed a valid, serious or impactful opinion. So you’ll have to forgive me if i take yours with a grain of salt. Especially when you barge in here with such audacity

Also bold of you to assume you that you can request people to “stop talking to you” as if I’m obliged to do that.

What is the point of making this post though? Like what does this add to the discussion?

You can bash him all you want but that doesn’t change the fact that he is right about the season 3 set bonus and what it does for the spec.

The season 2 setbonus 2set did next to nothing for us and the 4set is just a fancy dps enchant baked into a tierset so I’m not entirely sure what point you’re even trying to make

Ilyon is right though.

Nice argument you have there.

Ultimately it doesn’t change the fact that i am still right.

Seriously, just stop talking.

Also, i’m pretty good at what i do, and i’m not ashamed to say it, did you think that searching up my character like a stalker would mean that now i suddenly shut up because you “exposed” me?

Get out of here you child.

Go practice your intellectual skills a little more, maybe then you would have something to show other than your skills as a gamer you pseudo intellectual.

The only issue with this set is that it solves a problem that’s in the spec, in other words, this set was designed to complete the spec rather than improve it.

So going back to s1 or 2 would be even more insane of a choice knowing this, and your 3k io score isn’t gonna change the reality.

And what you do is clearly posting on WoWforums and not playing the game nearly as much. Seen from your 3485 posts where you have deliberately been trolling on almost every spec’s forum, claiming you are right and know what’s best.

With statements like:

Also I’m pondering… in a crazy, and wild world, if there was some way for one to support his/her claims of superiority, above-averageness and extreme knowledge, some sort of tangible proof, something more than the blatant statement of “I’m good cause i say so”

Or could we possible be in the presence of a newfound hidden prodigy… i wonder?

Nice argument you’re got there.

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