Overwolf & Blizzard Addon Policy

Not to put it down or anything but i feel like there are so many of those and this is something that wow up and ajour are also doing, it would be alot stronger if there was one community standard rather than a 100 different small projects also for the end user…

Im also of the opinion that its too early to jump the gun, Overwolfs PR so far has been terrible but there are still many discussions that need to happen over the next week or so and depending on the outcome, the landscape could look totally different in the future.

The creater of wowup even said notthing is set in stone, more discussions will happen next week and no cease and decist notices have been sent… These are important distictions and they often get lost within the pitchfork mobs. It was an initial idea and WoWup straight up said its a nonstarter for them but they arent being shut down or anything.

im not a huge fan of Overwolf either but People need to see the bigger picture, thats all i have to say.

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Or they are lying.

That wont do them any good either

I still wouldn’t trust them, they just say what ppl wanna hear to calm them down.


Quick update, I have a running preview of the addon website. At the same time, I’m starting to work on a desktop application to manage the addons.

Again, every kind of help is appreciated.


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That’s what i am thinking.
First they went directly to devs of other addon managers, but once that got public, they simply started to manage the PR problem.

This is what I’m thinking too. They seem completely oblivious to the risk that many many players will just refuse to use their app and the fact that this whole undertaking might be a complete failure.

I think Overwolf will have to work on convincing the playerbase to use their app. Concerns seem to be things like:-

  • Selling off data
  • Memory required
  • OW causing games to crash
  • App only minimising and running in background
  • Not standalone app and will require other OW software

I can see that some addon makers will be interested in using a platform as it may be able to give them some revenue. Very few people have patreon or subs to all the addons they use.

At present many of us seem adverse to even trying it. You can see this across social media and the forums. I guess we will have to wait and see what the final product is.

Blizzard should really have their own addon client built into battle.net and maybe even offer donations to addon creators, I wouldn’t mind them selling a pet or mount every so often to help top addon creators get paid some money for their work.


I think you could make a page turner at the bottom of the page, to make it more user friendly :grinning:

Good luck with the fight all, my sub died in 4 hours.

I will see you all come Shadowlands.


have we had any response of update about this situation from blizzard ?

they aren’t breaking the addon policy

just very scummily circumventing it and giving the playerbase of wow the middle finger


I have been sorting out addons very smoothly in Twitch. Is that option gone now?

Sorry for asking something that maybe is common knowledge, but I am totally not updated.

Overwolf bought curseforge from twitch, so yes.

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Are you sure about that :wink:


What does this even mean, it’s a known fact that overwolf bought curseforge.

NVM: i see it now

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Ok, sorry, I’m just on my first coffee

I’m not sure why you expect Blizzard to comment?

why would they not ? its bad PR it effects the player base’s personal information and security when using something that has been part of wow since it’s inception. it’s a no brainier that they should step in here and do something to protect their customers.